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Thanks for the correction, AD. Silly mistake by me.

It’s not injury, and his numbers in the NEAFL have been good enough. There’s probably something specific he needs to work on that’s stopping him from getting in the team. Maybe defensive run, taking certain options with the ball; something that’s hard to see from the outside.

Bolters, sliders, and everything in between: a conversation about the 2019 AFL draft

I’m surprised by Marnie’s suggestion that Brisbane have too many inside midfielders. To me that’s their biggest area of need, particularly among young players.

I don’t think it’s a good strategy to assume that Smith and C Lyons will meet their needs in that area, when neither have had a career game so far.

Bolters, sliders, and everything in between: a conversation about the 2019 AFL draft

Two picks in the PSD, and both were cases where the player knocked back a contract offer to go to a rival club, effectively making themselves free agents.

It is definitely time to abolish the PSD. I really don’t know why we let the farce drag on this long.

Martin and four others find new AFL homes in 2019 preseason and rookie drafts

Good to see Ben Keays get a chance at the Crows.

But when so many of the rookie selections are players that have already been on an AFL list, I wonder if we need to rethink the rookie list altogether. Or at least call it something different.

Martin and four others find new AFL homes in 2019 preseason and rookie drafts

Honestly, who knows? I think they’re a mid table team, but clearly they have the capacity to be very good or very bad.

Making amends: Steven May and the Dees are ready for 2020

I agree with Marnie that they need a re-set.

On the whole Scott did really well to get what he did out of the list he had. But he didn’t really put the investment into young players that some other clubs did over the same period of time, and now the output of the Roos squad is weighted towards older players. Out of their B&F top 10 in 2019, just one player – Trent Dumont – is under 27 years of age.

Dumont will probably continue to be a good midfielder. They’ve got some games into Davies Uniacke, Thomas and Simpkin. But they still have a lot of work to do to bring the next generation of North players up to the level of the older generation, let alone beyond. They need a long term plan.

I’m not convinced Rhyce Shaw was the right call. He’s only been around as an assistant four years, and I think they need someone capable of seeing further into the future than that. Hopefully he grows with the playing group.

North Melbourne, your time is now

Once again, I don’t see how that makes any difference.

Let’s assume Adelaide would have been mean-spirited enough to bid on Mead with pick 28, forcing Port to use pick 29, even though the Crows didn’t really want him.

Now they won’t bother, and someone will bid around the mid 30s, allowing Port to match with picks 52 and 55. Port haven’t lost anything, but they haven’t gained anything.

And for the record, I doubt clubs bid on players unless they genuinely want them more than anyone else available. The risk is greater than the reward.

Port make a 2019 draft Power play in pick-swap with Brisbane

But they’d have got mead anyway with 29. It’s 16 for a possible top 10 pick, and even that’s assuming its certain mead gets a between 19 and 28.

Port make a 2019 draft Power play in pick-swap with Brisbane

You’d think Port could have coaxed the Lions into giving up something, given they are so generously trading 29 for picks Brisbane couldn’t have used anyway.

Port make a 2019 draft Power play in pick-swap with Brisbane

This seems like a bone-headed deal for Port. If they are looking to trade into this year’s top ten, surely their future first rounder would have been at least as useful as pick 16.

Given Port get nothing in the swap of 29 for later picks, but Brisbane get a lot, it seems as though it was the Lions that needed to be incentivised into that swap of first rounders.

Which is hard to understand. Even if it’s a compromised draft in 2020, the Power can’t possibly be so confident this far out that they’ll finish high enough to make this worthwhile.

Port make a 2019 draft Power play in pick-swap with Brisbane

Yeah, at some point there’ll have to be some belt tightening.

Probably not for a while. Sport just becomes more and more important for Pay TV operators. But one day the model of using it as a loss leader to sell other content is going to stop making economic sense, and that point the value of AFL rights will collapse.

Are Collingwood paying overs to keep Brodie Grundy?

I was also going to nominate the Port game.

The games and moments that defined the 2019 AFL season

Over something that doesn’t affect him at all.

You’d think it’d be us Fitzroy fans who’d really get emotional about this.

Paul D doesn’t have a genuine grievance or even a point to make. He’s just trying to shout down those that do.

Tigers, Pies and Cats to hog the limelight as AFL unveils 2020 fixture

Brisbane do have full control of their branding. But every administration at every club will face a backlash if they’re seen to be disrespectful to their team’s heritage. Particularly if it’s an administration that’s obviously incompetent.

Really, it’s amazing Bowers and Kelly held on as long as they did. It wasn’t even the logo that did them in, but the review they themselves initiated.

Tigers, Pies and Cats to hog the limelight as AFL unveils 2020 fixture

Paul doesn’t have a point. It’s just baseless anger towards a group he’s not a part of. Nobody is suggesting Brisbane based fans have to give up anything at all.

In fact, no one has to give anything up. Sydney get 6 games in Melbourne. GWS get 7. Clearly it’s possible to honour the merger agreement.

I think what you meant, Stirling, is that the Bears asked for fewer list concessions than North did. I don’t think they were offered anything by the AFL and knocked it back.

But I don’t think it’s relevant. Brisbane got an enormous amount from the merger, including a lot of passionate, paid up fans, such as myself. Fitzroy got very little in the merger agreement, and gave up their club in return. Paul is completely unfair to proclaim we are being overly demanding in wanting the meagre guarantees we were offered to be retained.

Tigers, Pies and Cats to hog the limelight as AFL unveils 2020 fixture

I wonder if Richmond’s winning run over Brisbane is the longest in the league.
Anybody know?
The Suns have never beaten the Crows but I think Richmond’s run over the Lions might have started even before Gold Coast entered the comp.
EDIT: It is.
I kind of wish I hadn’t bothered looking now.

Five AFL games you cannot miss in 2020

And far out. Check out my avatar.

You’re really going to lecture a Fitzroy supporter about not being any good and getting minimal help from the AFL?

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

Nonsense. Richmond had none of the built-in disadvantages the Suns have to deal with. The only thing holding them back was themselves.
Of course, they still got priority picks in Deledio and Rance as extra compensation for their self-inflicted failure.

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

I think some observers might be reading too much into Martin being dropped late in the year. Almost certainly the coaching staff knew he was determined to leave at that point and didn’t see much point in continuing to play him. He started the year very well and he’s well inside the Suns’ best 22 players.

But to answer the question in the headline – No. We do not want the Suns to succeed. We don’t even want them to be mediocre. We want them to continue to prop up the ladder, so we can keep raiding them for talented players for cents on the dollar.

I don’t see how else you could explain the complaining about the draft concessions they got – and it should be a first step rather than a last chance – because no one would seriously suggest they will make the Suns a dominant force with an unfair advantage over the other 17 teams.

What they need is a commitment over a decade at least. Draft picks, extra cap space, and assistance getting them the best staff possible.

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

Quite an extensive write up, Josh. Well done.

On worst losses of the decade, for me the clear number one was in fact the first loss of the decade – round 5 2010 away to Melbourne, who might have been the reigning wooden spooners or something like that. After four straight wins to start the Lions’ year the wheels came off in an extraordinary way; they only won seven of the next forty games from that point on.

Really the story of the decade has been about off field issues. The ruinous terms of Michael Bowers as CEO and Tony Kelly as chairman finally came to an end in late 2010, and the club has spent the following nine years dealing with the damage. Finally the club appears to have stable, competent leadership, and the issues around facilities, player retention and staffing are getting resolved.

The decade that was: Brisbane Lions

I understand that you’re only here to annoy others, but to state the obvious fans and customers women as a gender have contributed a lot more than has been remitted back to them.
I notice how eager you are to tell others to shut up on the basis they haven’t contributed anything. Perhaps you should apply that principle to yourself.

AFL one step closer to AFLW collective bargaining deal

The article is about sacrificing pragmatism for emotion, but I don’t think there really is a hard distinction between those two. Betts’ recruitment to Carlton might be the fulfilment of a fairytale, but it also makes practical sense, as it brings an experienced leader into a forwardline currently dominated by kids.

Arguably the least pragmatic, most emotional decision of the entire trade period was made by the Saint – the team Marnie holds up as the best example of pragmatism – when they traded Steven for next to nothing. Of course they’re determined to replace departing players with quality talent. That’s a meaningless comment.

I’m not sure what the tangent about Jack Martin had to do with the article, but I agree with the writer that the Suns shouldn’t be expected to next to nothing for a valuable player. Arguably this was an emotional decision on the Suns’ part, refusing to be obviously exploited by the Blues. Arguably this was a practical decision, as they had to be conscious of being bullied in future trade negotiations.

Are AFL fairytales standing in the way of success?

$700k seems to be the figure bandied about the most.

It’s a young list, and they haven’t had a lot of big name recruits in recent years, and . They can probably frontload it pretty heavily, especially now they’ve missed out on Papley.

As Tom M says above, you’ve got to use the space somehow. This is as good a way as any.

Stephen Silvagni has failed Carlton

And now Robertson has been delisted.

So there we go.

AFL Trades 2019 report card: Every club graded

It wasn’t a criticism of Carlton, Macca.

Dons’ delicate Daniher dance