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Nope, Michael Christian was wrong again.

Sounding a lot like anon there, Gene.

Will Gary Ablett have to face the MRO over this hit?

Exactly right. This is simple impoliteness. It should be called as such.

Just say his name right, BT

Everybody universally concluding that someone is being rude isn’t always groupthink. Often it just means that someone is being rude.

Let’s not butt out. Let’s say what we think. Taylor certainly has no problem exercising his freedom of speech so I say we exercise ours.

Just say his name right, BT

That’s why it should be low and not medium.

It’s a bad act, Gene.

Will Gary Ablett have to face the MRO over this hit?

Frankly that would be an astonishing decision considering he hit him at pace and knocked him to the ground. Low impact, but definitely no less than that.

He’s surely getting suspended this time.

Will Gary Ablett have to face the MRO over this hit?

Nah, he’s allright.

Mass confusion as Suns and Dees twice stop play assuming there'd be a free

First one probably a free kick, second one definitely a free kick. Can only assume the umpire was unsighted for the second.

Mass confusion as Suns and Dees twice stop play assuming there'd be a free

Great call by the umpire. 100% correct.

Dane Rampe's strange sledge for umpire after controversial decision

I don’t think there’s a relationship between sprinting to the contest and Ross Lyon.

The league of no characters

40% right now on the BOM website.

Strange things happen in wet footy. In particular it’s often hard for a team to really put a gap on the scoreboard if they get control in general play, which frankly is likely to happen for the Pies at some point or other.

Star Magpie Beams out of Blues clash

I think footy players are just kind of boring people, really. I’m not very interested in what they have to say or how they celebrate, whether it’s Mark Jackson, Adam Goodes or Ryan Lester.

I am however very interested in making sure there is space for more dynamic athletic types in the league, similar in that sense to Allen Jakovich or Warwick Capper. I think the focus is too much on stamina and fitness, and it weeds out mercurial, exciting players at junior levels, and trains them to be predictable and one-paced.

I say we make games shorter so players don’t have to run as far, and stop changing the rules to try and make scoring easier. The harder scoring is, the greater relative benefit for exciting players who can score in unconventional ways.

The league of no characters

Unlikely I know, but on a slightly wet day I’d love to see Carlton really take it up to Collingwood and get their supporters into the game.

Star Magpie Beams out of Blues clash

Yeah, I think it’s generally a good rule of thumb to try and give less weight to a team’s most recent performance. But if we simply say that last week was the Dogs’ best performance, then their best is better than the Lions’ best from what we’ve seen.

And I don’t think Brisbane’s form has been all that great either. No matter how great the home ground advantage is, when one team is playing in conditions very different to the other conditions they’ve been playing in, it’ll be hard to put out their best footy.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 8

I’m surprised to see two people going with Brisbane. The Dogs’ form last week was irresistible, and the cold and windy conditions in Ballarat will be unlike anything the Lions have played in this season.

I’d tip the Power in the Showdown, but it’ll be a thrilling game, I think.

I’m not convinced the Tigers have totally blown away their poor record interstate, so I’d back the Dockers at home.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 8

It’s a flat out lie told in order to get a reaction.

What a nasty presence anon is on this forum.

Boo-merang: Why booing will always return

I don’t really agree with the decision, but I’m having a hard time articulating why exactly.

It seems like the contact with the elbow was almost incidental. It was the initial contact with the hand that was intentional, and that probably wasn’t a reportable incident.

I guess he shouldn’t have jumped up, but it doesn’t feel like something that should have resulted in a suspension.

Ablett cops one-game ban for striking Shiel

Very well explained by Chamberlain.

This is a great example of how umpires can do their job perfectly and still cop it from the players.

'You are f---ing kidding!': Furious Tom Hawkins goes off at unmoved Razor Ray

The second one is probably a free kick, the first probably isn’t, and the third definitely isn’t.

Thank God the commentators aren’t umpiring. There’d be eighty free kicks paid each game.

Commentators aghast as umpires somehow miss 3 blatant Crows frees within minutes

I’m looking forward to it, yeah. I enjoy watching Carlton play and I reckon that’s an intriguing matchup.

I note it’s the only match this round where the panel are evenly split.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 7

Geez Sunday looks a great day of footy.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 7

Maybe there are two of us, FT. Sure there were mistakes, but oddly enough some of the big calls that are attracting controversy are examples of great decisions that the umpires got spot on in the moment.

The Jack Crisp non-HTB was a great example. Intuitively the players were expecting a free kick, and the appalling Brian Taylor went spare about it, but there’s no doubt that Crisp disposed of the ball correctly.

I think the problem as much as anything is that the footy media and the public are getting worse at spotting the difference between good and bad umpiring.

The AFL landscape after Round 6

It’s typically only the big Victorian clubs who get certain matchups on certain days locked away each season.

If Good Friday footy becomes a big drawcard, my suspicion is North would be shouldered out after a few years and replaced with someone like Hawthorn or Carlton.

It's time to make a call on Good Friday Football

Are you trying to make me embarrassed about blogging games occasionally?

That’s an interesting strategy.

I’m reasonably proud of my contributions to this site. I’ll certainly take mine over yours.

Shame on anyone who's cheered a champion

What, was that an attempt at an insult?

Seriously, just don’t spread lies on the internet. At the very least own up when you’re called on it.

Shame on anyone who's cheered a champion

Steve Hocking has not suggested a ban on booing. This article is a childish response based on a lie.

Incredibly, some commenters seem to have been sucked in by this. I guess there is a rather large overlap between those who boo at sporting events and those unable to tell truth from fiction.

Shame on anyone who's cheered a champion