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I think you are probably correct KenW. You would have to think that Luke would only get a game in the Dragons NRL team when the 80 minute McInnes was out injured / suspended. Keeping a youngster from ever developing under this scenario would be cruel. Twilighter Luke fits the bill, if he comes cheap enough, just for such replacement duties.

Dragons confirm Issac Luke signing for 2020

The biggest question mark is what is going on between his ears. Sort that out, and the positional play in defence will be no issue.

Latrell wants to play fullback: Robinson

Why ? Is he a freebe ?
Luke has offered little for a few years now. Surely the Dragons have some young hookers coming through to back up the 80 minute McInnes ?

Dragons confirm Issac Luke signing for 2020

A decent spine wouldn’t go astray either !
It looks a pretty risky move for both Mitchell & the Tigers for mine. And if the Tigers thought they had some high maintenance issues with another centre in Moses Suli, they have seen nothing yet !

Why Wests Tigers could be the perfect fit for Latrell Mitchell

No surprise this one. Manly officially secure the dual contracts that should be the platform for Sea Eagle success over the next decade.

Manly lock away Trbojevic brothers on long-term deals

Like the young Australian cricketers having a spell , a few of these footballers need to do the same for mental health reasons. For a start they should get rid of their Iphones and Instagram accounts !

The NRL players under the pump in 2020

Plus he is an injury crock these days ! Enthusiasm can only deliver you so much.

The NRL players under the pump in 2020

I’d be starting Cleary & Burton in the halves. Luai in the centres or off the bench for mine.

Barrett the 'fix it man' for Panthers' floundering attack

The worst contract value ever, but totally predictable as Foran already had the history of being an injury crock ? The Club management needs another clean out for that decision.

Luckless Foran to miss 2020 with shoulder problem

Poor bugger can’t take a trick. He best take up the Luge !

Luckless Foran to miss 2020 with shoulder problem

Whilst we can all get enthused about the expansion of, and interest in, the Rugby League game in the Pacific Islands, it is still a limited market in terms of expansion of the game. It has little commercial value to investors or administrators outside of providing the resource of players for the game in general. For serious expansion of the game to take place, the commercial markets of Europe and North America need to be tapped. We need more of the likes of Aussie billionaire David Argyle ( major shareholder of the Toronto Wolfpack) , who believes in the game, and believes he can make a serious quid out of expanding the game into North America. He can introduce marketing strategies like spending millions on a SBW contract to attract more talent and fan support to the Club and game, after getting this team into the English Super League. He plans to market the game further into North America. No one will spend that sort of money on a player to promote the Fijian or Samoan competitions ? There are just not the commercial returns. Argyle has the deep pockets and early enthusiasm to expand the game in the North , but only time will tell if he has the template right . He could easily move his cash onto a Rugby expansion option ( his own originally played sport), if the RL thing does not pan out. It already has a better International base. For the RL game to really expand it needs plenty of cash, it needs Toronto to succeed and for Argyle and others to see the commercial benefits of investing further into the North American and European markets.

International rugby league is making it harder for the whiners - but they find a way

I am well over the ongoing slagging off of Mary as a coach. My only criticism of him would be if he has been totally responsible for that highly overrated Dragons roster ? Or whether others are responsible there and should be copping the criticism ? We keep hearing how good a roster they have ( all those rep players) to be struggling so badly, but I don’t rate them anywhere near what most people do, particularly in terms of attitude towards the game. I’m a disappointed Panthers fan, and they too had a very poor year, but if I look at that St George roster there is only player I would take into my team if given the opportunity , their one constant performer, their skipper McInnes. I see no others in that roster who offer anything better than what the Panthers already have ( and we have no decent outside backs) , which says plenty if another team who couldn’t make the 8 last season can’t use this “great Dragons roster”.

How long can the Dragons give McGregor to turn it around?

The Chiefs have one of the best Offences in the NFL and potentially the best Quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, but their Defence is awful and their Special teams, as we see here , are becoming laughable. They are quickly sinking their season after a good 4-0 start.

Incredible last-second field goal block saves game

Exactly ! Before we had the television , radio was the key media channel for such sporting events. But nowadays, events like the Olympics are extensively covered by television and online facilities. Radio is a very minor form of coverage and even this is generally catered for by commercial channels, if a demand is really there. The ABC is just having another whinge for more tax payer dollars. If they really wanted to cover the Olympics by radio , they could find some cutbacks for a few weeks across their myriad of TV , radio and On-line channels.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

I boxed 5 in the Cup trifecta as I do each year ( with Vow& Declare, Il Paradiso, Prince of Arran , Finche & Mustajeer) It looked like being yet another near miss for most of the way down the straight, with Master of Reality hanging in the mix. So, I was really pleased with my good fortune when cowboy Dettori struck yet again to get me the big win. But like most years, you need a lot of things to fall into place to get a result. This year I had the great ride of Craig Williams ( upside down pattern for that horse) , I needed Dettori to stop Il Paradiso & so be relegated to 4th , I needed the top weighted back markers to over estimate the pace that they thought the Aiden O’brien crew might have put on, so they were all too far back, and I needed the rail bias on that day that only a few twigged to. If we ran that Cup again a few times, there would surely be many different results. On the day, the brave move by Williams won the day, Il Paradiso was stiff, Prince of Arran was brave and the connections of Master of Reality must be filthy !
As for today’s Oakes , I fancy Miami Bound too. And I find it hard to see any outside the top 4 horses filling the places.

Vow And Declare might have won his last race, plus Oaks Day tips

He’s a cowboy who shouldn’t be allowed to ride in fields of more than 4 horses !

Melbourne Cup 2019: Winners and losers

Even missing the start by 6 lengths, with out the interference, Il Paradiso still would have won by a length going away ! A brilliant ride by Williams on Vow & Declare, and another ordinary Dettori effort, just ensured the Aussie horse home.

2019 Melbourne Cup highlights: Vow and Declare brings the Cup back to Australia in classic race

Thanks for the summary Matt.
I think it might be a year for a local trainer . Danny O’Brien was stiff with Master O’Reilly ( the year Viewed beat him to a gap and went onto win in 2008 ). He has another chance this year with bottom weight No. 23 Vow & Declare, if Craig Williams can just keep him out of trouble to the top of the straight. Also , Chris Waller is ready for a Cup win and No. 11 Finche, who has been aimed at this , looks to get the run of the race from barrier 4. Of the overseas contingent, that 1.3 length placing to Stradivarious in the Lonsdale Cup Gp2 ( 3250m) at York in August, indicates the other O’Brien ( Aidan) with No. 20 Il Paradiso, who likes the sting out of the track, has just the right credentials here with 52.5 kg. And Prince of Arran doesn’t run a bad race in Australia.

1. 23 Vow & Declare
2. 11. Finche
3. 20 Il Paradiso
4. 12 . Prince of Arran

Melbourne Cup 2019 preview and top tips

True. But who else do they have ? For mine, Cook & Murray need to be left free from the captaincy burden. But not sure of any other realistic options ?

Murray: I’m not ready to be Souths skipper

Yep ! Despite all of Tim’s stats, my early look and gut feel into next season, rates the Chooks & Raiders as big chances of repeating this year’s GF scenario. The Chooks look to be just as strong next year with Cronk just in a different shirt , but likely to have a big say in the play, whilst the Raiders will likely be improved with the addition of Wigan’s George Williams, and the limited losses of injured and out of form types like Rapana, Leilua & Sezer. And despite all the stats, I just don’t see too many threats from other Clubs to knock the Chooks & Raiders out of GF contention.

Neither the Roosters or the Raiders will play in the 2020 grand final

Spot on. Getting consistent performances out of their super stars like Pearce & Ponga will be O’Brien’s biggest task.

The Knights can finally make the eight with their 2020 draw

Murray is their most crucial player and vital to the performance of others around him ( eg Cook). But he is still only a kid and doesn’t need any more responsibility on his shoulders at this stage of his career. He will lead them via his commitment and work output, but the captaincy should go to someone else for now. I would suggest Reynolds for now. Murray in a year or so.

Murray: I’m not ready to be Souths skipper

Yep ! Seems like an awful waste of talent , if those charges are proven correct ?

UPDATE: Manly hooker Manase Fainu stood down under NRL's no-fault policy

Its pretty cheap money if you are trying to expand the game into Canada & the US. The Wolfpack will be battling to avoid relegation next year without an influx of some talent that SBW could well provide himself, along with attracting others to the Toronto cause. Their current star player is Josh McCrone ? Alternatively , they could buy the Titans squad , but that might not be enough ?

Reports: Canadian rugby league side offering Sonny Bill $9 million

I would have to agree. This mare Lys Gracieux is rated the number 2 horse in Japan, whilst Mer De Glace, who won the Caulfield Cup is rated a lowly 47th horse in Japan, which just shows how far behind our local staying talent is in Australia.

WATCH: Lys Gracieux wins the 2019 Cox Plate