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The job of a coach

With the 2018 international season now done, and the pain of watching the Wallabies ruin rugby behind us yet again, it’s time to reflect on where the Wallabies are at and the success of the coaching staff.

Wow.. That’s pretty depressing, but probably not too far off the mark. Except J Folau.

Wallabies misery means more at stake in Super Rugby

Agreed that’s what you saw Nick, because it’s one of the main points of Brexit. A sovereign nation must be able to control who resides within its borders, and the EU prevents that. Without effective governance of population, the legislative arm of the government has no control over their costs, or budget.

This kind of thing is happening all over the world as populations reject a policy that says anyone is welcome in any country, and nations should not control their borders. Anyone who says otherwise is automatically branded racist.

I’ll continue to enjoy my “mis-reading” of British politics at the Article 50 Day drinks I’m attending to celebrate the UKs regaining of their independence and autonomy.

I also look forward to them being able to negotiate a free trade agreement with us colonials without an EU veto.

Will England rule the world in 2019?

One of the best comments I’ve read on here. Well said all round.

Warne’s spin remains a difficult read

I’ll take your wisdom on anything rugby mate, but that is a woefully incorrect take on British politics. Brexit was about a sovereign nation being able to pass its own laws, make its own trade agreements, and decide who enters their country. To put it down to in-built English feelings of superiority, is just a poorly hidden racism as you’re claiming the English possess.

Now, on to the Rugby, as an Aussie, and the son of a NZ-born Aussie (who hates the All Blacks – and rugby altogether for that matter) I’ll take anyone but England to win the World Cup. Given that Australia has the same chance of winning as Cheika has of winning a popularity contest outside of NSW, I’d like to see Ireland or Wales win it, but feel like it’s looming towards either England or NZ.

Will England rule the world in 2019?

For crying out loud, he has the second highest average in Aus history for a keeper. Gilchrist was a freak, and we may never see his like again, but Paine, right now, averages 7 runs better than Wade at test level.

Wade may have had a good domestic season, but not a single one of his runs was scored against the likes of Jasprit Bumrah.

Add to that that Wade has concrete hands, and it’s not even close.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

Come on Larry
You can’t use logic to point out T20 and test runs aren’t the same thing!

The Dukes ball has made Ashes selections a whole lot easier

Neither am I Over Here. It’s Cheika’s fault, and Grey should have gone ages ago…but Larkham has showed elsewhere that he’s limited.

Stephen Larkham sacked as Wallabies assistant coach

You mean the same way Quade was constantly sent out with Pat McCabe at 12? And still has a better winning record than Foley?

God Foley is awful. Is it wrong to hope he retires before the WC?

Stephen Larkham sacked as Wallabies assistant coach

and dear God, I hope the number of times that runners head towards the outside channels, rather than running straight. I know it gets harped on, but you have to earn the right to go wide, and we haven’t for a long time.

Stephen Larkham sacked as Wallabies assistant coach

I like your political analysis of the situation mate, but am terrified if that were the case.
Larkham as attack coach has been a failure. As Brumbies coach – their attack was a failure, and they were completely one dimensional.

If Cheika walks, they have a ready-made coach in Johnson for a single tournament, but I’d keep Larkham a mile away from it until he’s gone north and done a proper apprenticeship.

Stephen Larkham sacked as Wallabies assistant coach

You mean.. You like Tom Brady, and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong, even though you’re logic for arguing against is inconsistent.

Fair enough… now I’ll get off your lawn.

Are there any Australian footballers to rival quarterback Tom Brady's longevity in the NFL?

Neither are the Pats.
By your logic, Brady isn’t eligible as he’s never played an international.

Are there any Australian footballers to rival quarterback Tom Brady's longevity in the NFL?

So, he played for the Kangaroos, but he’s a Kiwi. Would you disqualify Tom Brady if he was a dual national?

Also, Thorn played at 40 for Leicester and 41 for Qld Country. I think he qualifies.

Are there any Australian footballers to rival quarterback Tom Brady's longevity in the NFL?

Are we seriously talking about longevity and achievement without talking about Brad Thorn?

22 seasons as a pro
2 different sports
1 Super League Title
3 NRL Premierships
2 State of Origin Series Wins
2008 Super Rugby Title
2011 World Cup
2012 Heineken Cup

The guy is hard to beat on any stat

Are there any Australian footballers to rival quarterback Tom Brady's longevity in the NFL?

He bowled significantly better than he has for a year. If you looked at his pitch map, he was regularly pitched up and threatening the stumps, making the batsmen play.

Starc's return to form a World Cup boost

If it’s a green top, and our top 3 fast bowlers can’t bowl 25 overs between them before lunch, then fitness is the issue, not the team balance.

Burns and Head cement Ashes spots

You think a 4th seam-bowling all rounder is required. From my memory, the team below did pretty damned well without one.


Burns and Head cement Ashes spots

True, and only a few runs better opening. I just went and looked up the stats.
There goes my theory.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

Agreed Ronan,

Additionally, I think that Watson’s career was sacrificed on the alter of Dave Warner. When Watto was opening, he was the dasher and the rest of the top order batted around him. Then they brought Warner into open, and told Watson as a three, that he had to play a different role.

I’d be interested in seeing Watson’s opening stats vs number three, as I reckon there’d be a decent difference, just based on my gut.

Australia don't need an Ashes all-rounder

What’s your explanation for Marsh then? 🙂

Australia's defensiveness only underlines Starc’s bowling woes


Looking at his pitch maps, it definitely looks like he can’t come through his action properly, and is therefore spraying them all over the place.

Australia's defensiveness only underlines Starc’s bowling woes

That was honestly the only thing I could think of too.
Unless they dump Khawaja

Stoinis set for Test debut

Eddie Jones is just as destructive as Cheika. Neither the Wallabies, nor the Super Rugby sides have recovered from his first stint.

Is 2019 the Wallabies' year?

Pity that NASA, you know those eggheaded boffins with a political agenda, said that the earth cooled 0.56 degrees between 2016 and 2018.

Hot enough (to cancel the Test match cricket) for ya?

Great article Richard, and I agree pretty strongly.

I’ve been super happy about the quality of tennis on display this year, and think that it’s been frankly awesome. I’ve watched Federer vs Tsitsipas was a cracking match, where the youngster bullied Fed’s forehand like I haven’t seen in ages. Djokovic has been the brilliant automaton he is, and Nadal, as you suggest, is potentially playing his best hardcourt tennis. What a treat

Is this the best Rafa Nadal has ever played?