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The job of a coach

With the 2018 international season now done, and the pain of watching the Wallabies ruin rugby behind us yet again, it’s time to reflect on where the Wallabies are at and the success of the coaching staff.

It’s far better than the NRC, and not nearly as good as Super Rugby..

Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a more established competition, with a stronger player base and more professionalism than their Aussie counterparts.

Momentum clearly building behind trans-Tasman solution

Yeah, BUT having one of Australia’s richest men involved would come with the caveat of the Force, and a successful marketplace for Australian rugby would require national representation.

Momentum clearly building behind trans-Tasman solution

And you’re demonstrating that humility for the rest of us hey Waxhead?
You’re so humble, that anyone who disagrees with you, is denounced immediately.
Perhaps take a timeout mate, and calm yourself.

Momentum clearly building behind trans-Tasman solution

Not really Armchair.

GOOD businesses measure their balance sheet – which is their accumulated P&L over time. A P&L is a periodic measure of performance, whereas the balance sheet tells you where you’re at in your history.

I get the point you’re going for, but you can have an operating loss, AND a capital gain that more than offsets the loss that doesn’t show in the P&L, but does on the balance sheet.

Why the Waratahs and the Reds should be axed from Super Rugby

I’d say that he got better, but he didn’t.

Why new wine must shun the old bottles in Rugby Australia’s new era

You know what one of the easiest ways to fix finances is?
Stop spending more money than you have!
When RA corporate salaries are in the millions of dollars, and the game is losing $9M, if the CEO doesn’t fix the HQ expenditure, they’re a dud.
Don’t get me wrong, Pulver was an absolute dud on this as well, but the CEO is responsible.
If they weren’t, they should effectively be getting 80k a year to be a mouthpiece.

Australian rugby has its problems, but Raelene Castle was not one of them

It’s funny how some people say that playing numbers are down, and blame an Old Boys Club – while other people say that playing numbers are up, and give Castle the credit.
What if playing numbers are up because the Old Boys Club has gone back to clubland, having decided that the professional game is stinking the place up?

Australian rugby has its problems, but Raelene Castle was not one of them

And late cut!

Aussie batsmen I could watch all day

Given that I’m already aware of dozens of companies already being insolvent, and know of two business owners that have committed suicide in the last week, I’d say bankruptcy / economic impacts will get there just as quickly.

Play it safe or play on? Tough calls coming up for RA

Really? A hyped Tahs loosie camping out in the backline?
Nah, couldn’t happen 😉

Can Noah Lolesio be Australia’s triple threat at No.10?

Agree Connor.

I’ve disliked the bloke for his off-field nonsense for years, but jeez he’s put a smile on my face the last couple of weeks.

Just sublime rugby.

James O’Connor is the best player in Australia, but he needs to put his kicking boots on

Wow, you really are fixated aren’t you.

Maybe you should spend a tenth as much energy on players who beat their partners, assualt cops, and hold families hostage.

I mean, I know that quoting your religious beliefs is worse than all of those, but quit flogging a dead horse, and get some perspective.

Roosters should derail plans to face Folau

And seriously, if you could get any combination of Ponting, Warne, McGrath, Gilchrest, Hayden etc etc on the pitch at the same time, you’d have people flying from all over the place for it.

Bushfire appeal game a great idea, but don’t lock down the BBL final for it

Surely as a stand-alone event, you could sell out most grounds around the country with just a few weeks notice.

Bushfire appeal game a great idea, but don’t lock down the BBL final for it

The prosecution is lacklustre to say the least

He’s not helping his team by taking the most wickets, at the best strike rate, and best average?

I think you’ll find that the rest of the team is letting HIM down.

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

I think you missed the entire point of the article.
Head’s hundred was gritty and effective, but not pretty (Steve Waugh anyone?)

The author’s point was very much that some people (like you) will always underestimate Head because he isn’t pretty.

Head is improving, even if his critics won't admit it

You are trying to imply that social media is his workplace, and that he can legally give up protected rights if that were the case.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Fine, you’re somewhat correct.
State and Territory employees in NSW may be covered by their relevant State agreement, but unless you’re saying that Folau is employed by the state government, that doesn’t apply.
(even if a state government employee weren’t covered, the High Court would most probably hold that the federal minimum standards would apply, and that is the FWA as federal legislation nearly always overrides state.)

In regards to your point about Unfair Dismissal – you’re right, but Folau didn’t seek redress under unfair dismissal.
His claim had two bases,
1. He was dismissed on religious grounds
2. That there was a restraint of trade.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Mate, please do a little more than a basic Googling. You’ve missed the entire legal basis of the case.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

You are giving the RA board way, WAY too much credit. When have they ever done anything in the quickest and most cost-effective manner?

Finding Izzy’s next gig is a hell of a job

TWAS, point me to where the Fair Work Act doesn’t apply if you play rugby.

It specifically applies to ALL Australians at work. End of story.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

Yup… And the author should read his own slogan and be aware of his own hubris and hypocrisy. He obviously lacks any empathy for those people whose religious beliefs are no longer acceptable to mainstream Australians.

Again, before anyone starts, Folau is a tool and his views are rubbish.
But frankly some of Matt’s comments above are discrimination against a protected attribute as well.

I’ll also defend Matt’s right to give his opinion without losing his job, even though it would clearly and obviously offend a lot of people.
I’m in no way religious, but I do get tired of the Christian bashing

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

You’re right Spruce – and in that time that ABC budget has gone from 500M a year, to 1.05B this year.

Those cuts really are deep aren’t they.

ABC should cut bonuses to pay for Tokyo Olympics coverage

A BILLION dollars a year.

yeah – it’d be SO hard to run the ABC on that.

They pay bloody Tony Jones $800K a year to host one episode of Q&A each week – so it’s ridiculous to cry poor over the Olympics costing $1M

ABC should cut bonuses to pay for Tokyo Olympics coverage

Sure thing mate.

Because an extreme leftist rag with communist ideals says that the ABC is too right wing, it must be central. Great logic.

ABC should cut bonuses to pay for Tokyo Olympics coverage