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The job of a coach

With the 2018 international season now done, and the pain of watching the Wallabies ruin rugby behind us yet again, it’s time to reflect on where the Wallabies are at and the success of the coaching staff.

Phanton, for a side that’s only received 4 red cards in their history, you might want to check your refereeing whinge at the door.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

If you’re talking about your 3rd try in the 54th minute, you guys were clearly in touch on the 7th phase. Hard to believe it was missed.
I had to rewind the TV and take a snapshot to be sure I wasn’t going insane.

But yes, the 20 phases you kept the ball and made the Ad Line were impressive and certainly out the WBs on the back foot.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

Agreed KCOL. At about 50-60 mins we lifted off the defensive effort and the hold-the-ball discipline that had laid the platform.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

Mate LSL had his best WBs gsme tonight. Was excellent at the breakdown and in defence.

Definitely improving as a 6. Looks to be a step faster than this time last year, too.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

To be fair, that last Bledisloe test Nic White played he was pretty much our best, then he was dropped for bloody Phipps!

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

They were, but you should at Koroibete to that, and before you praise the backs, go and buy the forwards a beer.

That was the best 8-man forward performance in 10 years.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

Agreed. I was chatting with my old man about this last week. I always thought batting in the first few sessions of the test was going to prove challenging for whoever did it, but what a cracking comeback.

Smith and Wade flatten England

To be fair, the doomsayers (and I’m not one of them) would have thought we have the propensity to collapse in English conditions, which we do.
It just that we have the most ridiculously good batsmen stuck in there amongst them to pull us out of a hole.

Smith and Wade flatten England

McGrath had one of the most economical (from a body stress point-of-view) bowling actions in history. It was bloody lovely, and frankly one of the major reasons he played so long.

If you look at the quicks who weren’t rested when they should have been, you can go through careers like McDermott, Bruce Reid, Shane Watson (early on 150K quick),Shaun Tait, and Gillespie.

All of them were constantly injured, so they got their rest, it’s just that it was AFTER they were broken.

Familiar optimism, but does UK Ashes success finally beckon for Australia?

Good article, David, and I agree that this time the cautious optimism is warranted. It would only take a session or two under grey skies to have us back into the old collapsing habit though. Either way, I’m looking forward to this one, and hoping that Australia’s top order can put their collective head down, and play straight!

One small quibble, you mentioned every quick except Cummins!

Familiar optimism, but does UK Ashes success finally beckon for Australia?


Michael Cheika has found his Wallabies team, now he has to stick to it for the World Cup

Which begs the question,
Why oh why would you not kick for position more at altitude when the ball goes further, AND running rugby takes more out of you.

Perhaps because your coach is insane.

Seven talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina

Peter you’re wrong on this one. Prof Chris Clarkson’s research has conclusively dated habitation to at least 65 000 years at Madjedbebe, in Kakadu.

Uncomfortable as it might be, all sports fans should watch The Final Quarter

Well said KCOL.

Brilliantly sums up my thoughts on the things, better than I could have framed them.

I will of course be cheering on the Wallabies at the RC and WC, but if Cheika does happen to be part of lifting a trophy, I have to admit that it will still leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m looking forward to his reign of mediocrity being over at the end of the RWC.

Has the latest Wallabies squad heralded the end of a selection era?

Ronan, I like you was completely unsold on Carey for the WC, and I had Handscomb in my team as the keeper. I’m very happy, to be proven VERY wrong.

Quick note on the bowling attack, I’m going to go out on a limb, and suggest that with JB and Starc taking the new ball, Cummins coming on first change and Lyon in over Zampa, Australia also has a right to be included in conversations about the best bowling attack.

Carey has gone to another level

Yeah… Except less funny.

Monday is D-day for Steve Smith and David Warner

Kopa, Ronan is saying that Maxwell’s form is indirectly applying pressure to Stoinis.
If Maxwell wasn’t bowling as well, keeping Stoinis in the team is a must, wheras a team that van get 10.overs out of Maxi, can afford to replace Stoinis with a more in form batsman.

Monday is D-day for Steve Smith and David Warner

How many world cups have they won?

Monday is D-day for Steve Smith and David Warner

Nice. I didn’t know that.

That being said – Did he come in against the spin, or did he get himself set against the new ball?
Secondly – and while I’m not dismissing the outcome – that’s a first class game, when you’ve got time to get your eye in. It’s very different in the middle overs of a world cup when you’re a few down for not many, or you’re chasing a large total and have to be effective from ball one.

Regardless of his talent, he’s simply put, completely unproven at this level, and particularly in that role.

Bancroft's tons put him in World Cup frame

Good article as always Ronan, but I still think that Handscomb should be miles ahead of Bancroft in this situation – for team balance if nothing else.

I agree that Bancroft has batted well, but even if were to come into the side, there’s no way that he’d be batting in the top 4. As we’ve seen with lots of batsmen, there’s a major difference between batting in the top 4, and 5-7, particularly in a ODI World Cup. Coming in against spin and keeping the run rate ticking along is something that Handscomb is miles better at than any of the other candidates, and in my mind, he’s still only behind Smith in that capacity.

Bringing in Bancroft for Carey would require a batting order reshuffle as well as a keeper change, and he’s definitely not worth that.

Bancroft's tons put him in World Cup frame

I think Turner’s on a run of four consecutive ducks in the IPL… Definitely had a form drop that should keep him out.

Bancroft's tons put him in World Cup frame

I have the same team, but with Smith at 3 and Warner at 4.

Australia well placed to defend World Cup with Finch, Warner and Khawaja at the top of the order

Fair point, but Folau in fact refused to sign such an agreement, and wouldn’t let it be inserted into his contract retrospectively. Given that, should he then be allowed to post what he believes?

Let’s be honest here, it’s only because Folau is Christian, and spoke negatively about gay people. He’s a tool, but as far as I’m concerned, being a tool isn’t a crime.

To follow up on your point about what you sign in a contract, I have a few questions.

Should Usman Khawaja then not be allowed to speak of his faith or face the sack?

When I employ people, can I require them to sign an agreement that specifies they won’t talk about, or practice their beliefs in a way that I don’t like?

Can I only hire people who agree with me on everything?

In my opinion, the simple answer to all of those questions is no, and therefore Folau should not be allowed to be persecuted for his beliefs, and a stupid Instagram post, where the same does not apply across every workplace in Australia.
I firmly believe in equality before the law, and as such, Folau should not be subject to rules, that no one else is.

If Rugby Australia doesn’t successfully expel Folau, World Rugby have to

I’m glad that you’re the judge and jury on this one mj..

Given that I disagree with your statement (as I feel it denigrates a Christian’s right to talk about their faith), and you’ve made it on a public platform, should you lose your job?

If not, why not? And who decides?

Again, FYI – I’m not a Christian, and I think Folau is a twit. I also wouldn’t have him in the Wallabies anyway as I think he lacks fundamental skills for a FB and is a selfish player.

If Rugby Australia doesn’t successfully expel Folau, World Rugby have to

That’s a fair point Rowan, but seeing as nearly everyone went at 7 an over last series against England, it’s unfair single out Stoinis. No one in that series really covered themselves in glory from a bowling perspective.

Australia's Cricket World Cup squad is too conservative