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No one died !
Thankfully none of these Aussie and Kiwi sooks will ever have to fight in war .
107 years ago some of their NZ forebears scaled the cliffs at Chanuk Bair while the Aussies died at the Nek and Lone Pine trying to take Canuck Bair up the ridge .

Emotion in Mendoza: Mates send messages to 'brave' Hoops, Holloway in tears, Gibbon reveals loss of his inspiration

Old Will firing up for his mates .
. Forget Hodge . JOC is twice as good in all positions at Test level . Hodge is not test level in any .
. There is not another Quadie , never has been and never will be . He can teach the next generation a lot . But they won’t be like him .
. Pick Lolisio and get The next big thing over there whoever he be . Let’s move forth !
. It was good to see Petaia finish a game . Must be a first .
. Hooper should come back . Play off the bench and not be Captain.
. Quadie is like a busted sneaker . We will have to keep him on ice for the WC finals .
. McReight is not a Hooper clone . He is far harder on the pill and plays tighter lines .
Watch du Toit the master 7 and think bigger mobile players . Samu and Wilson at 7 .

WILL GENIA: How Wallabies should react to Quade shocker, potential 'superstar' and 'incredible' backrower excel

Different sides and different requirements from the coaches .
We won’t know anything about Edmed until he is tried at test level against the best teams .
Lolisio has been and has done little wrong .

WILL GENIA: How Wallabies should react to Quade shocker, potential 'superstar' and 'incredible' backrower excel

A pretty good summary apart from a couple of off handers .
. Arendse hardly charged into Barrett. If that was his intention he would not have used his head .
He seems to have been going to contest the ball high but being late changed his mind .
With all this high ball stuff someone is going to get seriously injured . Either from being tipped or being kneed in the head . The player closest to the ball must be given some protection.
. SA wisely play to win games with hard no risk rugby . NZ tried to run it from impossible places .
SA have a magnificent forward pack .
. NZ did enough to convince me that they can win their next 5 games .
. SA can also win 5 but they may drop a game when things go wrong with referees and luck against them .
. Australia will miss Quadie . They now need to learn to perform with Lolisio . I think that Rennie and Greismantle are more likely to want Lolisio to turn into Quadie . I can’t see them beating SA or the ABs .
I hope that Edmed or Donaldson are over there to back Noah up . Hodge won’t set anything on fire .
. Argentina are disappointing . I expected more from Cheika and his BS . They won’t win a game .

The Wrap: Two different ways to skin a cat as Wallabies and Springboks draw first blood

After watching the game I thought that they played pretty well against a very very good team with a plan to win .
. The defence from NZ was great .
. The scrum poor .
. Passing poor . This came from trying to run the ball from impossible positions and a poor game plan .
NZ and SA can still have 5 wins each . NZ can win the next game over there .
Stop knocking them and get behind them when they need you .

NZ rugby has enough talent to turn this around

I have only watched the first half .
. The pressure from the SA defence got to the ABs .
. Really hard tackling by both sides . Neither side could penetrate.
. Rushed passes by the ABs who were obviously under instructions to run the ball.
. Gus missed 5 forward AB passes that can be clearly seen with lines .
. At half time the result was far from certain.
. Marx and du Toit are truly great players .

NZ VIEW: 'Time to ring Razor', as 'confidence shattered' ABs are a wound 'festering with pus and infection'

Just as well Israel Folau was strong when he was ostracised by RA , Coach , Captain and most of his team mates .

Emotion in Mendoza: Mates send messages to 'brave' Hoops, Holloway in tears, Gibbon reveals loss of his inspiration

We have never seen a player with ball control like Quadie and we can’t expect to find another or convert what we have to Quadie ll . Quadie l is a front foot player always trying to take the team forward . Sexton and Smith are similar. I doubt that we are going to see much more from Quadie . If he gets to the WC It will be in cotton wool . I have no problems with Lolisio , he is solid and getting better all the time . We do however need another young 10 . Identifying him seems to be the problem. Harrison , Edmed and Donaldson have their promoters . Hamish Stewart would be my pick . He has no weakness .
As for Jim’s “ What’s wrong with waiting for a chance at 7 “. Ask Gill , McMahon , Hodgson and Miller , Jim . It’s the only position that hasn’t been heavily chopped and changed over the last 10 years of poor results . I prefer the bigger du Toit , Olivion sized 7s but McReight is hard in on the pill and will be hard to drop from now on . The future for Hooper is off the bench , not Captain but still an inspiration with his non stop play . Off the bench he also covers 12.
We have now our best 15 . With Wilson , Kerevie , Arnold , McMahon , McDermott , Rhodda , Loto , Stewart , Frost , Banks , Beale , Kelloway , Hooper , Gamble , JOC and others ready .
I’m aiming at a so
I’m aiming at a solid WC in France and winning in 2027 down here so I prefer using the young players and only pulling in the old ones when we are desperate.

ANALYSIS: Quade will turn to Sonny Bill on the long road back, McReight proves Rennie right, Hodge's defining moment

At last we have a chance to try an alternative . McReight is much the same size as Hooper but more hard on the ball . McReight deserves first crack because he has been playing well with a wall in front of him . I prefer a bigger man , Samu , McMahon , Gamble or Brown .
Slipper is not the man to lead them , that man would be Quadie , he will be the leader anyway .
This has lifted our chances of beating Argentina apart from Dave’s dreadful bench .
No one likes to see or hear about anyone feeling like Michael Hooper does at present.
Rugby has been very good for him and he has had almost universal support from all parties . Which indicates that he must have admirable qualities . I have never questioned these qualities , I have questioned his selection above Smith , Pocock , Gill , McMahon and Samu . I have also questioned his record as a player and captain with our dismal record under his tenure . I have wanted to try someone else .
Get well Michael, there’s more to like than Rugby and whinging pricks like me .

Wallabies blow: Hooper OUT of Argentina series amid 'mindset' battle, Rennie says skipper 'clearly been struggling'

It really shouldn’t matter who the pick , it’s not the players it’s the game plan that is the problem.
They could do with Damien McKenzie’s counter attack .

All Blacks selection: Are these the 23 players who will save Ian Foster’s bacon?

With three exceptions and the 6/2 bench it’s our best available side .
. Wright attacks down the flanks not in the centre as Banks , JOC and Beale often do .
. Wright and Petaia should alternate.
. Hodge has never looked test class and yet has 50 odd caps . Amazing ! With him and Hooper no wonder we are ranked 6/7 .
. McDermott is the future not Gordon .
Cheika has a lot to prove , he will target our weaknesses and expose them . Where will he find find them ?
Easy : Front Row and Hooper . Then Hodge and Gordon when they come on .

AUS vs. ARG: Wright boosted by key role, two debutants named, Rennie's bench gamble, Cheika's sweeping changes

Old Will pretty much confirms what we all know about Cheika . A bombastic BS artist with a short use by date . His strengths are BS , fitness and putting pressure on match officials.
His weaknesses are many .
. He is a BS artist .
. His game plans are not that good .
. His selections were poor . His culling outright of some of best players was idiotic .
You don’t build a strong national rugby team by excluding anyone from any franchise as he did . I don’t mind camps provided all players are rotated through them and looked at in the national team environment. I want all players to believe that they have a chance to reach their goal of representing Australia.
Dogs Tags are issued to all soldiers not a chosen few . They are in two parts with your name , regimental number , DOB , religion and blood group on two discs hung around your neck . The bottom tag is cut off when you are dead . The other stays with your body . They are not to be appropriated for trivial elitism . Thankfully mine are still in tact .

WILL GENIA: 'F---ing deal with it!' Dog tags and F-bombs - How Cheik connects, and what went down in Salta explosion

Brave Dave is baaaack !
With only Hodge and Gordon covering for the injury prone Petaia and Cooper . That should be interesting. Hodge has not mastered any position , not even at provincial level .
Of course Oooops tries to play all positions from half to wing in every game .
I can’t understand the sense in only playing Samu for 15 minutes usually when the match is lost .
I hope that Holloway has a good game , Valentini needs help from someone in the back 3 .

Everything Dave Rennie said about bench balance 'risk', Quade's return, Cheika's impact, and the Samu Kerevi disaster

A can a jelly snakes here .
. Front Row . We are about 6/7 in ranking and it won’t matter who we trot out . Toupu is brilliant with the ball for 20 minutes.
. Our locks are very good and compete well. Phillip , Arnold , Rhodda and the Brumbies are fine .
. 6 should not be a problem . Loto is best , Wilson next .
. 7 We don’t have one but should use Samu .
. No brainer : Valentini and Samu are world class.
. White is our best 9 with McDermott next . Fines could be the man . Big , strong and fast .
. 10 is settled. We have Quadie and Lolisio . Stop whinging .
. 12 Paisami is the man with Simmoni no 2 .
. 13 Ikatau has done very little except be solid . I would bring Koriebeti in .
. 11 / 14 easy . Koreibeti , Kelloway , Wright , Petaia , Nawaqua .
. 15 Banks , Beale , Campbell and Petaia .
The days of JOC , Hodge , Hooper amend Gordon have passed .

Tight five: What I want this TRC for the Wallabies

No it was another Billy Pulver blooper !
Billy thought peroxide blond , surf and skateboards equated to turnstiles turning .
David Pocock , Quadie , George Smith , Mortlock , Waugh , Eales , Burke , Croft , Gregan and Owen Farrell are or were leaders Captain or not . When they speak people listen .

Love or loathe him, Hooper’s legacy will be forged in France

No one hates Hooper or any other Australian player . Hate is a stupid word in this context .
I thought that he was brilliant at provincial level with the Brumbies.
There is nothing wrong with his fitness , toughness or his enthusiasm .
I don’t think he is a leader , he makes little impact and he is a loser .
If we go to France with Hooper as Captain and at 7 we will fail and it will end Rennies career as a test coach . Prove me wrong . I’ve been saying this about every series Hooper has led us in and played 7 .
So far I’m not wrong !

Love or loathe him, Hooper’s legacy will be forged in France

He was a good un !

'Without peer': What makes Simon Poidevin one of my favourite Wallabies

I have no team but I think that SA will get their act together . They are a far better side with Kolbe is playing .

The Thursday Two-up: Hopes and dreams, thoughts and prayers

Hamish Stewart is like Jake McIntyre a bloody good player . Unfortunately the REDS were looking for another Lynagh and nobody is .
Stewart is a very good front on defender , if young Campbell could tackle like Hamish we would have a 15 .
Where is Harrison going to ? I hoped the Brumbies .

Rugby News: Stewart shocker - Reds ace leaving but NOT for the Rebels, Holloway to debut for Wallabies, Porecki OUT

Old Will has the QLD BS touch down to pat , whoever Pat is . Pat Carrigan would be handy . We weren’t that good with Will either . He certainly should know that the backs need a dominant forward pack .
. Our front row and hence our scrum is in keeping with our ranking of 6/7 . We have none any better.
. Our Locks perform well against some of the best we have ever seen . Why not use one of them at 6 instead of trying to make a 6 one of them ?
. Samu and Valentini are world class . Holloway I like but he’s taking a long time to convince me that he is a test player. A good opportunity at last for him . I have no doubt about Wilson.
. McReight gets his head down and arse up and gets dirtier than Hooper he also makes more impact .
. We don’t need either of them , we need Samu , McMahon , Brown or Gamble at 7. If you like getting beaten stick with OOOPS !
. McDermott is the best man to back White .
. I have always liked Quadie but I’m not delusional . He’s not what you lot crack him up to be .
. Rennie is gradually getting our best players out there . Three to go Ooops , Hodge and Gordon .
When he finally wakes up we can then start working on a game plan that involves size and mobility in the forwards and brains and speed in the backs .
. Who will be eating crow on Monday ? My tips . SA and Argentina this week .

WILL GENIA: Wallabies should have beaten England, and can win TRC, but Dave Rennie must start getting better results

How is Porecki being out a crisis ?
Kerevi was out and everyone says that Banks hasn’t nailed it . They keep yapping about Petaia at 15 . Why not now ?
Mind you if Gordon and Hodge are on the bench and Petals Petaia is starting , it will be an injury crisis . One of Rennies making .

Rugby News: Stewart shocker - Reds ace leaving but NOT for the Rebels, Holloway to debut for Wallabies, Porecki OUT

Just as well we rely on playing matches and not tips from the pundits and IPad analysts . Tea leaves would more reliable. The time for predictions will be after week 1 .
Thankfully it will all be revealed on the pitch and depend on who is on song at the week end .
. If the ABs can win it will be a surprise. SA are not the side that won the WC but should win .
. Argentina have the wood on us at home and with Cheika’s BS will be tough going .

The Thursday Two-up: Hopes and dreams, thoughts and prayers

They need Damien McKenzie for some zip !

Cane: NZ not far off return to top form

Strange that Foster , Cane and the ABs are under scrutiny while Rennie , Hooper and the Brave Aussies are not despite a far worse record .
True the New Zealanders still think that they are number 1 while we pretend that our side is entertaining and are unlucky victims of referees , rules and the way points are allocated. Just great players out of luck . Both Nations have an inferiority complex are delusional when it comes to most things .

Australian rugby areas: Why the next All Blacks win cannot come quickly enough

Kerevie smart ?
Well spotted Koreibeti. Paisami is a different player to Kerevi .
One day everyone will work this out .
Every player is different , they have strengths and weaknesses. Use their strengths and cover their weaknesses but don’t send them out to be a clone .
I often refer to a military patrol . There is no selection panel although there has been a fair bit culling in their training . You pick from what you have and who is fit . Some will be great at scouting , some at shooting , some at carrying the machine gun , some at medical aid ; it doesn’t matter it’s how they prepare , rehearse and combine on the job. You use them where and how they are best suited .
No score boards , no IPad analysis.

Rugby News: Stewart shocker - Reds ace leaving but NOT for the Rebels, Holloway to debut for Wallabies, Porecki OUT