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Not enough football .
What about sending players to NZ OR Europe on loan ?

Why Super Rugby is broken and how Australia must shift the focus to save domestic game

You have summed them well Rys.
. JOC is too old to change . Robbie Deans tried without success. He is more a 15.
. Lolisio has been thrust into the furnace against the ABs . Like all 10s he needs grunt and dominance ahead of him.
He has had this at the Brumbies from the start . At test level there has been no dominance so he has struggled. It is vital that he plays with Valentini and Samu. I would add Loto at 6.
He would benefit from a year on loan in Europe .
. Harrison is the other option who really does suffer from a weak pack . This year will be the same.l
. Cooper hasn’t suddenly turned into anything other than what he always was. Beautiful hands , sufficient defence, great kick . He has lost his fantastic zip in attack . A great waste.
On defence . And old military man who coached us said about playing at 7, 10, 12, 13 , 11 and 14. The positions I attempted without great success.
“ Think like a scout . At 7 dominate and own the space 15 yards deep and 20 yards wide in front of you.
At 10 and 12 ; 15 x 15 wide. At 13 ; 20×20 and on the 30×10 “. It’s your job to knock AOT any bastard who comes into your patch.

Lolesio and O'Connor must grow their games at 10 in 2022

Salvation won’t come from Hooper or Hanigan .

Super Rugby Radar: Only way is up as Hooper and Coleman have Tahs fans frothing

At least you’ll have a RAT kit.

Super Rugby Radar: Only way is up as Hooper and Coleman have Tahs fans frothing

Good man .

Six Nations: Dan Biggar to skipper Wales

The days of the short fetchers are over with Eddie omitting the most damaging ; Sam Underhill.
Unlike George Smith , Gill and Pocock who liked to be second tacklers , Sam likes to hit hard and rarely misses. He hasn’t been fully fit this season. I can’t see him coming back , the game has moved to big, mobile , fast and affective 7s.
Farrell is the best complete player in the game. No weaknesses, he is Eddie’s rock.

Six Nations: Eddie Jones goes big on rookies, backs Owen Farrell

Rassie , Nienaber and SA did well last year after a long break and a lot of away games. It was a year of survival not break out.
. They will be looking for some athletic young players to step up.
. Kolbi and duToit their two best are vital , particularly in attack.
. SA will beat anyone at home unless they are nobbled.
. Berry has been given a Test in the Six Nation’s . One involving two home nations , it will be interesting.

'Wild and kicking arse': What Boks fans want from rejuvenated Rassie - South Africa’s brilliant rugby rascal

Thank you Harry for the trip down memory lane .
It’s hard to think that there could be so many great players in one era.
Add those from NZ , SA, Australia and Argentina.
I can’t see the same quality of talent now . And yet the teams now would be competitive against them .
As HG used to say to Rampaging Roy “ Am I being too harsh Roy “ ?

Six of the best: Woodward's wonders, formidable France - every nation's greatest year in the 6N

Off with their heads !
Well done . A lot of thought , criticism and best of all solutions.
For too long AR / RA has been run as a charity for old players down on their luck.

The Roar Rugby Project: Part 7 – Why professional Rugby must be profitable and how RA has failed to respond to challenge

No one should argue with the referee during the match.
After the match Referees should be subjected to the same scrutiny that players and coaches are.
Players and coaches are not only criticised in the media they face penalties as well.
The review committees seem to encourage incompetence instead of remediation. Referees should face penalties.

The three types of rugby referees and why they're all always right

Morg sound like a Politician trying to talk Covid ; confused.
. Eddie will take England to the WC and he will use all the matches coming up to peak in France.
. He has been shifting players on and trying young one. I doubt that we have seen the last of Jamie George , the Vuniplolo’s or George Ford. If he needs them he will pick them.
. Farrell, Itoje, Smith , Curry, Underhill, Dombardt, May, Stewart, Slade, Lawes , Marler, Sinkler, Malind and I hope Louis Lynagh will all feature .
. It will depend on the draw . I expect England only to lose to France and perhaps Ireland.
. France will win and beat everyone .
. SA will beat everyone except France and England.
. Ireland will lose to France and SA.
. NZ will lose to France , England , Ireland and SA.
. I can’t see us beating any of the sides above us or even Fiji or Scotland.

How Six Nations will shape Eddie's Down Under tour plans, and France ready to unleash 'perfect storm' of talent

Sounds a bit like the BS before a footy players fund raiser fight.
We are going to beat the ABs again this year !
I remember Billy Pulver sacking Robbie Deans with this promise and Ewan McKenzie White anting Deans with his “ I know how to beat them “.
. At the end of 2021 this looked most unlikely.
. 2022 .A lot of false hope in the return of Quadie and Kerevie for this quest.
. We won’t beat them in NZ .
. Our best hope is Suncorp and Nick Berry.
. All this hope is based on us improving and the ABs vegetating.
. They too are not clicking.
. Foster is under pressure, he will fix things or ride off into the sunset.
. Slipper, Alaatoa, Arnold, Samu, White, Koriebeti, Banks , Quadie , Kerevie , Kurtley and White have served us well this year.
. Paisami , Faingaa , Tupou , Rhodda , Kelloway and Valentini have improved a hell of a lot this year . We need Wilson, McReight, McDermott, Fines, Lolisio, Neville , Lee -Warner , Swain, Rann, Harrison, Ikatau, Loto , Campbell and others to put their hands up.
. We need Ready badly.

Why beating the All Blacks has to be top Wallaby priority in 2022

“ He would have to fit in with the values and standards of the Tongan Team “.
That shouldn’t be hard for a devout Christian clean living gentleman.
Folau has looked after himself pretty well and never performers poorly, he will be awesome.
It cost RA over a million dollars and a WC semi final berth to find that out. Some never will
As for our best 15 . Kurtley is still our best but Tom Banks is not far behind, he has no weaknesses.
I have hope for Campbell but like Hodge he doesn’t tackle front on.
“ Tough Tahs “ That should be enough for a few cheap shots and red or yellow card or two from Swinton .
The Tahs were pretty good last year with some new found humility . They need a good coach who they will listen to.
Rassie and SA will just extend the use by dates of a few of their great players to the WC which France will win.
After that we will see what Jake is talking about. The size , speed and mobility of some of these young players is amazing.
There is some very good Rugby being played in Europe this year with some good young and old players.

Rugby World: Folau must 'show values' over 18 months, Coleman's plan to reignite Tahs, SBW's Bok shock

Good to see. I have always thought of him a winger.
Ostracised by his coach and deserted by his captain. One of the weakest and most sour events in our rugby history.
It cost RA over a million and any chance they had in the WC. It split the side and ended Cheika and Castles contracts . Somehow the Teflon coated Hooper survives.

Folau fires in flying start to rugby return in Japan

France , England and Ireland are the ones . Scotland will beat one of them.

Six big storylines to watch as Six Nations set for return with COVID rampant and Eddie under pressure

Nothing will change before WC. Slipper is the best all round prop we have . Alaatoa not far behind. Scott Sio has been destroyed by the love affair between local referees and Tupou.
Tupou is brilliant in the loose , good runner, good pass , good defence. He needs help at scrum time .
Bell needs to get his scrummaging right .
Our best hooker is Ready he is very much like the best Marx over the ball. Next is Faingaa . He needed a boot up the Kyber Pass and Rennie obliged.
Joe Marler is the best loose head prop and the most valuable in rugby.
He works hard outside scrum time and is handy enough around the paddock.

Back to front row: Wallaby changes for the World Cup?

Sounds good to me .
There is a big pool of players so both codes would benefit.
The RL side would be the elite and the RU side the second division.
Young players would be taught skills and decide which way they wanted to go.
Even if the best went to RL Penrith Emus would be strong.
Panthers would have even more members.

Could the Panthers be key in rugby union's future in Penrith?

Well done , a lot of time and thought .
If RA produced it they would have spent a million at least on trips to Europe , meetings and consultants.
Send them a bill .
Better not , they would spend a million to analyse it.
Certainly the blue print we need !

The Roar Rugby Project Part 5: Supporting community rugby

A bit harsh on the French Henri . It is in France and they will take a lot of beating.
Hard to know who will be on song in two years time so some of my best now may not be then.
Joe Marler is the best loose head scrummager now. Furlong at 3. Marx 2 . Jamie George not far behind.
Tupou is great in the loose but not much in a scrum without protection from our referees.
Unlike here the world is blessed with locks . Woki looks good.
Lawes, Olivion, Savea, Curry, Kolosi, du Toit , Underhill, Basham and others cover 6/7 .
Aldritt , Dombarht , Curry and Valentini have 8 covered. Vermulen my favourite might be carrying water.
DuPont has edged ahead of Aaron Smith, Quadie is one dimensional these days , he doesn’t run. NTmack is the man with Smith .
Andre Esterhuizen from Quinn’s surely will replace deAndre by then at 12 . I reckon Paisami will be right up there, he is complete. Radradra would be a must .
I rate Stuart Hogg the best 15 but he too might be on water duties. Stewart doesn’t excite me. Green from Quinn’s is a cracker. The Barrett’s are once again bench marks.
Brave Aussies to please us.
Tupou, Faingaa, Sio, Bell, Samu, Rhodda, Arnold, Wilson, Loto, Wright, Valentini, White, Fines, Lolisio, Quadie, Paismi, Itatoa, Kelloway, Banks, Cambell. Ready would if they picked him.
Petaia has it all but he injures himself sitting in a chair.

A crystal-ball look at the 2023 Rugby World Cup team of the tournament

Oops will be right with Kolosi and Savea to do his job while he does the the headless Coq.
Scribes make poor selections.
Big arsed Bill will cancel Joe Marler for his jest .
Jones is right about Gatland , it’s been the case for a long time.

Rugby World: Kerevi snubbed as one Wallaby makes L'Equipe team of 2021, why England prop 'f---ing loves' Rassie

Thanks Alan .
A lot of thought and good ideas.
RA certainly needs some.

The Roar Rugby Project Part 4: Who owns and controls Australian rugby and the need for change

Sound thinking Nick.
. There has never been a problem with his fitness
. Nothing much wrong with his defence either .
Perhaps we should get him onto the coaching staff , he’s not selfish and will help others.
Quadie is much like George Ford , Biggar and Finn Russell so he needs Lolisio / Harrison to play like NTmack and Smith when they come off the bench.
What it does show is that Rennie has decided to check players out himself and not rely on the often preconceived opinions of others. So far it’s working well.

Why Quade Cooper should be wrapped in cotton wool for the World Cup

I would rather know about what his policy is on our defence and finances .
All Australians have the same say on how Australia is run and without minerals it won’t matter who runs the place.

David Pocock officially enters the world of politics

My thought .
Sack the Board who only know how to waste money.
Put Allen in charge of the business.

The Roar Rugby Project Part 3: Debt, windfalls, lessons learnt, and other myths

The ABs will be looking for a win after Hooper and Kerevi take them apart next year .
I do read too much of what the Roar Pundits write !

England, All Blacks meet in Autumn series