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I would like to see a a scheme for supporters to join up much the same as they become members of the franchises.
As such they could appoint representatives to speak for grass roots rugby.
There are a lot of good people out there who give , not take.
The game needs rescuing from the dictators at RA.

Introducing The Roar Rugby Project: Your turn to help forge a thriving sport for all

If you are happy with abysmal refereeing you have nailed it Brett.
. The Brumbies were stone cold robbed.
. We did well against the team France brought down.
. We played well against SA but were lucky to win the first test.
. We copped our own back with refereeing in Europe.
. I doubt you would back us against France or SA away from home . Especially away from Brisbane.
. Like water we have settled back to our level at 5/6.
. The difference is that there is some flickering hope from our young players as the old losers are culled.

Top five moments in Australian rugby in 2021

Loto at 6 and Ready at 2.
Not young but as good as we have.

The next batch: The Wallabies to watch for 2022

Ready is the best 12 we have.

The next batch: The Wallabies to watch for 2022

A casual glance at our courts and crime reports suggests that we are not at all fussy.
As for Quadie , he’s ours !

'Forever grateful': Quade Cooper faces final test of the year as citizenship bid comes to a head

Japanese citizenship is hard to get !

'Forever grateful': Quade Cooper faces final test of the year as citizenship bid comes to a head

Two things.
. Get rid of Cheika.
. Play home games.

How Argentina can learn from South Africa

Quadie will be around for the WC .
We need to find two back ups . Lolisio and Harrison will do me.
Apart from the idiocy of ignoring Quadie, Foley and Lealiifano didn’t do a bad job.
JOC , Toomua, Hodge and Beale have not been the answer.
Stewart and Mcintyre are two very good players who have been culled because basically, they are not Dan Carter. They were the next generation.

'Learn the learnings': Three lessons the Wallabies must take from 2021

My memories are of poor defence, poor handling . Rupert Rosenberg and Paul McLean kicking for touch and Don Clarke and Jim Lenahan punting the ball the length of the field from FB.
Rugby has taken giant steps in defence , individually and in defensive team patterns.
Jack Gibson and Warren Ryan changed RL and we followed. Warren Ryan would have been a great asset to Rugby.
Never forget that Rugby is for all shapes and sizes. All bring skills and all must be able to continue to do so without changes in rules to cancel them.
Rugby everywhere seems to be booming despite the best attempts of WR to hold it back.
Rugby here will boom with the Reds, Brumbies and the Force. Hindered as always by the NSW / QLD vice like grip on poor administration .

Is it too late to reverse rugby's long decline?

7 wins at home . 1 a lucky escape away against Japan , and 7 losses , are the figures that indicate that Rennie is going nowhere.
In fact some young players are improving quite well and that figures are best binned.
The old cadre of losers is still there and they won’t lift us.
Quadie is not part of it .
It would be good if we could loan young players like Lolisio, Harrison, McDerrmott, Fines, Campbell, Wilson, McReight to European clubs now , in return we could borrow some of theirs next year.

Numbers speak to just how hard Rennie is working to find Wallabies' way forward

He’s the man.
He can pass and defend better than Kerevi.

Numbers speak to just how hard Rennie is working to find Wallabies' way forward

All that WR arse kissing by RA has paid dividends.

Valetini free for Super Rugby Pacific opener after six-game red card ban gets massive downgrade

If the blazers from RA get it , Billy Beaumont will get a massive dose.

Four Wallabies and Australian staffer contract COVID on Barbarians duty

All other sports are trying to get vital decisions right , using the best technology available.
Rugby needs to progress . 30% of tries scored are on the end of an offside, knock on or a forward pass.

How to make rugby a true spectator sport

The difference between Rugby and American Football is stark.
In American football the crowd , the sponsors and the broadcasters love the long game time and the breaks.
More importantly they get decisions right.
Time should not be a factor. Players will appreciate breaks.

'Sh-t, this guy is nuts': Eddie Jones has a book out and of course it contains some absolute gold

I’m lost for a explanation as to why a coach doing a Rennie in a full interview after a match isn’t regarded as more serious than a video made three days after a match in frustration.
Rennie attacked the officials , Rassie asked questions about the decisions of the officials.
Gatland attacked Jonkers pre-match.
I can only assume that WR is what most people regard it as.

Wallabies warned as Rennie apologises for ref rant

They are promising not to waste the money like they did last time forgetting that they have already spent it.
Looking at the contingent they sent to Europe nothing has changed in direction of waste.

Australia gets 'preferred candidate' status to host 2027 Rugby World Cup

Good .
SA Rugby and Rassie have far more class than WR.

Rassie and Rugby SA apologise to Berry, drop appeal to ban

Pure Spiro ; Harry !
Spot on.
My only comment is that the French are unpredictable in all things including war and alliances . Never assume anything with them beside you , or in front of you.

'Rocky, heaving, but brutally beautiful': What we learnt about every RWC contender in 2021

Aussie Rules is very popular, they don’t seem to have any rules.
. I agree about advantage .
. I don’t agree about the TMO and hold ups. American football is holdups but they don’t get decisions wrong. I would rather rigid reviews than BS decisions.
. Red Cards and yellow cards are handed out like confetti.
. Take the match officials out of hasty often wrong judgments.
All infringements should be reviewed and consistently and justly dealt with post match .
Penalties should be severe . Deliberate dog acts at least 10 games a that level .
Teams should also forfeit points post match for these acts. He stays on but you lose 7 points for a dog act . 2 points for deliberate yellow code.

How to make rugby a true spectator sport

The poor mans Rassie ! A pundit not coach but ! !
Apparently only Brave Aussies ever cop poor decisions and only Brave Aussie coaches are legitimate whingers.
After their two losses in Brisbane the South Africans would not agree.
The Japanese too would probably like a look at at least one forward pass that cost them 7 points.
Arnold and Rhodda are different very different players in different roles. The compliment each other and are very , very good. Philip is the next best to Rhodda and Richie the next to Rory.
Aaron Smith hasn’t slipped ; Dupond has arrived and gone passed him.

Coach's Corner: How European-based players impacted the Wallabies

The boys have been blowing wind up Billy Beaumont’s ample backside recently.
Siding with WR on Rassie instead of shutting up. The Haemor has positioned himself well.
Rugby people in Australia and the Pacific will ensure that this is a wonderful occasion despite the best efforts of WR and RA to stuff it up with greed and poor administration.

Australia gets 'preferred candidate' status to host 2027 Rugby World Cup

SA . Etzebeth BIW
England. Smith . Only two tests but he has arrived.
France . DuPont
Ireland. Furlong
NZ . Jordie Barrett
Australia . Valentine
Scotland. Hogg
Wales . Basham.
Wingers are never the most influential players in any team.
Obviously the halves are key to success but without the forwards holding parity they struggle.
In each position.
du Toit
Furlong if he plays TH.

The Thursday rugby two-up: The Panel's Players of the Year

The good thing about the WC is that even WR and RA couldn’t stuff it up .
Like the Olympics it rises above incompetence.

Australia gets 'preferred candidate' status to host 2027 Rugby World Cup

Yes Queensland with Berry and Murphy.
Win, win , win !

NZ border call sparks concerns over Super Rugby, NBL, A-League seasons