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How do Whitaker and Slattery get mentioned ?
John Hipwell ?

Greatest XV: 'Like reffing in a train station': Sublime skills and scathing sledges sum up Australia's top No.9

I’ve got a rumour for you H Dubya .
My cousin was returning from Barra fishing in the gulf and as he returned through Charter Towers he met up with Russell Coite .
The Coite was charging his Mitsubishi Zero battery powered wagon with a Honda Gen – set with Honda blanked out .
He was struggling back from Arnhem Land where he was helping his old mate Eddie out with the Wallaby’s . Eddie asked him to drop by Steve Hansen style for a few beers in exchange for a few tips .
The Coite covered how to :
. Wear the Akubburra hat .
. Rig tents .
. Blow up mattresses and dolls .
. Live off wild buffalo not native species .
He also introduced crocodiles to training routine on the river flats .
One exercise involved passing a whole raw buffalo rump through 40 pairs of hands while running through 30 hungry crocodiles .
The other involved tying a hind quarter of a buffalo to the players with a two metre rope then playing tug of war with the crocodiles .
Lastly the Coite showed them the answer to the Haka . Rusty’s boot scootin dance routine .
Get Christy to check this out mate !

World Cup Top 10 Power Rankings: Wallabies' missing piece, ABs still possess super power, and why France edge Ireland

I finally went for a long hike while STANS preview was on and then watched the game .
. Kellaway tried but made a lot of errors .
. The wingers were no better than they would be expected to play except Vunivulu who has never really played rugby . At least he tried to for once .
. The centres were SH particularly Fekoti .
. The halves are not test standard . Except for Fines who will be if used .
. Valentini was awesome . If only he had Samu to back him up .
. Hooper really isn’t up to test rugby .
. McReight woke up in the last 30 minutes .
. Richie did his job .
. Skeleton barely broke into a jog .
. The starting front row did well .
France had the game well under control . They play to win .

'Couldn't blow out a candle': Vunivalu vindicates Eddie's huge call as ex-NRL star finally delivers for Wallabies

Good one H Dubya !
I expect that Ireland , SA , France and NZ will cruise through unless all of Scotlands bad luck over the years is suddenly reversed .
France win matches they don’t go for cricket scores . They easily controlled this match all the way .
England will be fine . They need to sort the centres and wingers out . Farrell will lift them .
It was interesting that it took four Brave Aussie high shots on the French 11 before the languid Vunivulu was carded . Skeleton with a rabbit killer , Arnold around the neck , Kellaway shoulder to the head then the cuddle from Vunivulu who also slapped his face after the 11 scored his try . Vunivulu incidentally was a metre in front of Fines when he kicked . The 41 – 17 score is flattering to us .

World Cup Top 10 Power Rankings: Wallabies' missing piece, ABs still possess super power, and why France edge Ireland

VG Brett .
From some of the comments below the old adage about fooling some of the people all of time , still rings true with faith in Eddie . Eddie doesn’t fool me , he has dealt himself a bum hand . It’s time to fold them repair the damage before he destroys what’s left of his reputation .
We had a number of options for the halves . Some viable and some not because the players don’t compliment each other . Isaac Fines is our best prospect at half but he has been ignored for five years . Too late for this WC .
McDermott is simply not a test quality half and never will be . He is difficult to play outside . White could run on for any test side without any problems . Lonergan is a complete half except that he lacks zip and rarely runs . He does give his 10 perfect ball , defends his channel and can kick in all areas . It is interesting to watch Lolisio adjust to White who controls and Lonergan who provides opportunities for Noah to run and run the game . Lolisio is our most complete 10 . He has no weaknesses and has lacked confidence built by continuity with a good half . Cooper can play with any half , with Lonergan he would be a match winner . Donalson and Foley are not worth mentioning at test standard . Cater Gordon has become a myth . There really is nothing of test class about him yet . Nor has he improved with exposure to top opposition and analysis .
I would play White / Cooper . Remembering that they have rarely played together . Back up would be Lonergan / Noah and as the future along with Fines , Gordon , Lynagh . Edmed I see as a centre .

Enjoy the opportunity, debutants – I’m not sure how many more there will be as Wallabies enter must-win mode

Eddie certainly has that nailed !
He hasn’t shown anything for 18 months except BS , dissatisfaction , disappointment and confusion .

'We didn't want to show too much': Is Eddie bluffing in a high stakes game of rugby poker?

I want a second option !

'Couldn't blow out a candle': Vunivalu vindicates Eddie's huge call as ex-NRL star finally delivers for Wallabies

Nailed it Train .
You have it or you ain’t !
You can’t turn a bum into a test goal kicker .

Eddie to resist last-minute Wallabies RWC changes despite injury clouds, Samu opens up on axing

Giteau’s law is available .
Samu needs to make some money at this stage of his career .
He will be missed in this WC campaign as he was last time .
One of the few players we have who is of AB class .

Eddie to resist last-minute Wallabies RWC changes despite injury clouds, Samu opens up on axing

Hello , Hello , Hello ? No wonder Hansen left the Police , with observations like these . “ They are a good bunch of young fellows “ . Wow !
The Brumbies were once again very competitive against all NZ sides , particularly at home .
The Rebels were hopeless ! NSW and QLD not much better . I won’t mention the Force because Eddie ignores them .
Eddie in his wisdom doesn’t pick Brumbies !

'Big difference': Hansen takes sly dig at Aussie Super teams after Wallabies visit, will share camp intel with Foz

Only a fool goes into a Test without a recognised goal kicker . Only Eddie picks school boys in key positions .
Without Quadie and Noah Lolisio their performances at test level are looking very good . Gordon is far from ready , Foley never was and Donaldson never will be .
The halves are SH and the centres are SH .

Studs and duds: Eddie's 'wrongheaded' selections, Carter '100 percent a concern', 'weapon' fires at last

I haven’t watched it . There is no disgrace in being beaten by Fiji .
England are in a hole prepared by Eddie Jones . It always happens with Eddie , BS only takes you so far and runs out of steam .
I expect Borthwick to lift them into the semi finals .
Argentina and England will finish in the top two in pool D then play the Fiji and Wales or Australian .
I expect Fiji and Argentina to emerge .

UK View: Only three things wrong with 'atrocious' England - 'they can't catch, can't tackle, can't kick'

He can’t fight . He is a dog act merchant .

RWC News: Fiji win sends Wallabies to all time low, grisly Lomax verdict, Boks star's positive drug test

Thanks to the morons at WR these two teams could meet again . Playing off for fifth and sixth .
Where are all those Baz ball bashers ? SA have it all these days !

WORLD VIEW: All Blacks suffer 'grisly' fate, 'pummelled into submission,' as stunning Boks deliver a 'monstering'

Wallaby young Gun ? Young Gunna ! He is always gunna do something .
So far he hasn’t reached test class . Eddie must have picked him for his constant yapping .
Eddie is a desperate man and a desperate man is easy to beat at anything . Confusion reigns ?

'We're going to shock a lot of teams': Young gun bullish ahead of Wallabies' final pre-RWC Test against France

Fiji play Rugby as it should be played : By instinct with natural ability . Jones stifles both .
Mick Byrne can take a lot of credit . He has fixed their discipline .
If they can stay on track and avoid dodgy referees Semi will give them a big shot at the semis .

'Not good enough': England in disarray as Fiji pull off historic win to emerge as World Cup's darkest horse

Rejoice ! Rejoice !
Comical Eddie has broken a six game losing streak !

Who caught Eddie's eye? Swinton, Pietsch star in 'underwhelming' Aus A win over RWC rivals Portugal

NZ should have signed Hansens mate Comical Eddie Jones !
Very hard to play all that time a man short .
You will be fine NZ !

WORLD VIEW: All Blacks suffer 'grisly' fate, 'pummelled into submission,' as stunning Boks deliver a 'monstering'

Props are usually not test class until they are 28 .

'It's panned out well': Incredible story of how Eddie's RWC bolter went from teaching to the Wallabies in 12 months

A few points .
. Playing with a man short against a top side is devastating . That was not going to change the result .
. Marx is the key for SA . They need him to start .
. Only a dodgy referee , WR or Ireland can stop SA winning .
. Only WR or RA could come up with a draw that eliminates two of the top four sides in the round of eight . Perhaps Putin could help sort them out .
. Why is Hansen doing the dance of the elephants with Jones ? WHY ?

WORLD VIEW: All Blacks suffer 'grisly' fate, 'pummelled into submission,' as stunning Boks deliver a 'monstering'

What’s Steve Hansen up to ? He might drop by for a beer and a look at training ?

ANALYSIS: 'Time to make the tough call' - South Africa raised the stakes, and the All Blacks folded

Why would anyone leave it till now to try Fines ? I have been pumping his tyres since his Rebel days .
He is our best half in all areas except experience , that’s not his fault . White need not be nervous , McDermott should be , he is not test class .
The Wombats will struggle up front and in the halves . Our centres including Kerevie are not what they are cracked up to be . Fekoti is only Tahs standard and Petaia in P plates . Koriebeti , Nawaqua and Kellaway are like horses doovers against weak opponents ( Big when out ) . They will be exposed by speed and class .
Apart from that the Wombats can emerge from their hole against Romania .
Big game for Eddie : Five losses from five starts with his Australian sides following his last loss with Old England . His last win against Japan is a long time ago .

Comment: Eddie has rolled the World Cup dice by selecting key men in high stakes 'practice match' - but he had to

Mortlock will do me .
Herbert and Slack were not in his class .
John Brass and Phil Smith were as good as any we had in the centres .

Greatest XV: 'I screamed 'woo-hah' but nobody heard it' - Stirling Mortlock's brilliant moment of black magic

Perhaps Fearless Foster could invite Jake White for a few beers at training ? Is Hansen free thus wik ?
Will WR review the judiciary if they let Barrett off ? Will the Kiwis think that is a great idea ?

'It stings, it hurts ... we got exposed': All Blacks alarm bells ringing after Springboks dish out worst EVER defeat

Vunivalu and Donalson are an attempt at levity by Jones .
Tupou doesn’t worry anymore at test level .
Gleeson is a club player , Nongorrah and Schoupp not even that .
The obvious weaknesses are McDermott , Gordon , Leotoa and Fekoti .
Isaac Fines has the ability to make a statement .

Wallabies CONFIRMED: Eddie makes four changes in final pre-World Cup hit out, Suli and Foketi named