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Can we get some sandpaper and ball management into Rugby ?
Not sure what happened at halftime but Hooper and Simmons put pressure on Genia , Cooper and Meakes after the break.

"KB did a fantastic job out the back tonight"

The refereeing was bad but the Brumbies copped a flogging. The crowd, the water boy and the video ref all advising the SA ref in African.

Waratahs savour Super win over Rebels

Some good games from Simmons, Hooper, Rangi, Phillip, Jones, Genia, Foley, AAC, Beal and Hodge.
A scrappy game that no one really deserved to win.
Two dog acts on Genia. One on a chase by Hooper who was 3 metres off side. The other by Staniforth when he injured the little man.
Two on Cooper. A trip by Foley on the ground and another by AAC 2 metres offside on a chase.
The try by Foley was nothing like as described. Foley was mobile and square on to the ball and Cooper was stationary and side on to the ball. It was luck.
If AAC or Foley think they can fight they had better not try Quadie ; Despite all the BS he can throw them as can Carlo Spencer.

Waratahs savour Super win over Rebels

On behalf of the fornicators can I say that we are not offended.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

I’m not sure which Island his family come from, but I hope it’s Fiji and I hope they have him in their side that tips The Mouseketeers out of the WC.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

RA will do as they are told eventually by the High Court.
It will be very costly and Rugby in Australia will never recover.
The large Islander base will cease to exist.
As for Hooper and Phipps, they are hardly needed and are not highly regarded by fans. Genia will soon be 40.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

Well written and at last some fairness .
Nothing new from Mickey on Israel. He does the same to match officials.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

I depends on your opinion of a homophobic rant, or indeed your opinion of rant.
Far better for everyone to wait for the result of the code of contract hearing before threatening retaliation. This hearing will only be the beginning of a long costly legal process for RA.
As for the Rugby public ; The overwhelming support is for Folau, not agreeing with him but for his right to express his views. In this case a warning, not a threat not hate.
As for your personal experiences with God, I was inclined to agree with you until I heard the RC Archbishop of Sydney, explain why we can’t expect miracles or favours from God, on Alan Jones this morning. The most logical I have ever heard. God can’t prevent evil or suffering.
Only we can prevent evil and God can only give us comfort when we are suffering or fearful, if we want.

Just one question will decide Folau's future

The circle of craziness: I though that you were writing about the witch hunt on the Christian Folau.

Genia. Would be best advised to read what Israel said , wait for hearing and take his own advise. “ You can’t go spreading hate “. Israel was preaching love.

Super Rugby Round 10: The circle of craziness is complete

Kurtley versus Hodge for the 15 jumper.

I wonder will the Tahs be able to pay the costs that will be coming to Israel.

Super Rugby Round 10 teams: Maddocks returns for Rebels

We don’t need Phipps being distracted, he’s bad enough as it is.

As for the fast action by RA . Good luck with that one, Izzy has plenty of support out here.
This will go to court and my legal contracts tell me that RA will lose a lot more money.

Phipps praises bosses for swift action on Folau 'distraction'

Wright in the future. English ahead of AAC ,Meakes ahead of Toomua, McCaffrey ahead of Dempsey or Hanrahan. Rangi ahead of all except Fainga. Good choices.
All we need is a coach.

Five debutants the Wallabies should pick in 2019

The answer Mick is “ Up ship creek without a paddle “, and will be while ever Chieka picks and coaches the side.
You are right about the Genia / Cooper combination in attack when we’re going forward against weak opposition. Unfortunately they fold under pressure and there will be plenty of it applied to our lightweight slow backrow.

Where are the Wallabies?

A case of a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing in Ben’s case.
Folau wasn’t preaching hate he was preaching salvation and redemption .
Obviously Folau puts his contract with his God before his one with the Idolators at Qantas and RA.
It is indeed strange that a clean living Christian from a Christian background can be insulted, vilified, sacked and silenced.
Look forward to his day in court.

Izzy, you're a complete...

Reece Hodge is a far better propositions at 15 than DHP. Faster, can kick, better defender, better in air and can score tries. He’s not far behind Folau and just in front of Banks.
Banks and Maddocks have side steps and swerves. Maddocks like DHP and Hunt is too slow.
Kurtley will have to sit on the bench with Hooper, Phipps and Foley.
Hodge, Banks, Kerevi, Kuridrani, Meakes, Cooper, Genia running on. Kerevi roaming.

Can rugby really embrace diversity?

When did Christianity become diversity ? Pretty much the same message I learnt at boarding
school 60 years ago.
Obviously Qantas and RA never passed pre-school.

Can rugby really embrace diversity?

The Forced Rebs will be far too good for the Mouseketahs.
The Brumbies and the Reds are like two bush killed bullocks hanging from gambils way out in the never never.
The Reds will come good if they have the bottle to learn.

The next three weeks could decide the Australian conference

Certainly not your combination of Foley, Hunt/Beale, AAC or Toomua and Cheika ; they never had it to come back from.

Who will be the comeback king at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

A still tongue in a wise head .

Michael Cheika the latest to hit out at Israel Folau's recent social media post

A lot of worried adulterers, fornicators, liars , thieves , Idolators etc writing comments on this old Christian view.
What if he’s right ?

What about your future kids, Izzy?

Diversity and Inclusiveness.
Not for Christians apparently.
None of that here ; more like group think and idolation.

By sacking Israel Folau, Rugby Australia showed what true leadership looks like

Your disclosure lists three reasons why you are biased.

Qantas is not anyone’s God.

The three reasons RA must come down hard on Folau

Like Pocock, Folau can have any view he believes in.
This not North Korea and we need not be all of the same opinion.
Meanwhile back to Rugby. I think that he is always offside and a cheat.

Rugby union would be a more inclusive, kinder place without Israel Folau and his backwards views

Just hand it all over to Andrew Forrest.

Rugby Australia considers new competition options

I read that Meakes has been rightly cited for his late high tackle and will appear before De Wett Barry among others . Barry was brutal but mostly legal.

The Wrap: Super Rugby? Now there’s something worth selling