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They at last have a man who knows how to attack and how to coach : USE HIM !

Michael O'Connor is a brilliant choice as the third Wallabies selector

Your dreaming about Hunt he didn’t do much but he reads play well.
Brad Thorn is our only hope for the future and these three are the past and certainly aren’t WC winners ; nor is AAC.
Slipper is no better than the rest, Hunt will be handy especially if Toomua is the next option.
And Quadie is Quadie who knows but we’ve seen him before.

Queensland: Beautiful one day, paying the bills the next

Agree with most of it. Gorden, Hunt, Foley and Folau were good in the backs. AAC looks old.
I was more impressed with the non Wallabies than Mickey’s Mice in the forwards.
I don’t think that the Rugby world would lose sleep over a backline of . Genia, Quadie, Hunt, Kuridrani,Banks, Beale and Folau. With Kerevi, Maddocks and Gorden knocking on the door.

There's a lot to like about the Waratahs, but the bad elements are still bad

We’re nearly there ; Aussie Rules Rugby, forward passes , offsides, wingers 3 metres in front of the kicker, knock ons, fumbles, whistle happy refs and blind linemen. Tommy Wills will be laughing in his grave.
Results depend on match officials. Can we just get two Doctors.

Time for administrators to wake up on failing Super Rugby: Wessels

It won’t take much class to make the Wallaby’s in 2019.
I regard Hodge as potentially a great player, he’s nothing yet and won’t be until he masters one position. He will be in the squad. Toomua has never been of international class and should be forgotten. DHP will be in but is not a winger.
I assume that Mickey will pick Folau, Kerevi, DHP, Hodge, Kuridrani, AAC, Hunt, Beale Foley, six 130 Kg Fijian wingers and a couple of school boys. I would add Nic White, Tom Banks , Quadie, Stewart from the Reds and some wingers with good defence, speed and brains.

Super Rugby Australian conference preview: This will be closer than ever before

No mate ; Coleman is press BS and DHP is very good at our provincial level only ; we have a lot of them.
Our trouble is that we play with ourselves in more ways than one ; this gives us the false impression that we are contenders against the NZ and best SA sides.

Super Rugby Australian conference preview: This will be closer than ever before

The ABs and England could field two sides that could win the WC so injuries won’t worry them. Ireland and Wales are not so lucky and injuries will be avoided.
The are two aspects to our Rugby ; Reality and Mickey Mouse.
In reality only an injury to Pocock and more of Mickey Mouse would or will hamper us. No other player is vital and injuries to many of them would be a blessing.
In Disney Land we have a mixture of half grown school boys, old men and some strictly Aussie provincial players with an inane mantra of Brave Aussie ball in hand. It will be this and poor selections that will cost us not injuries ; other than to Pocock.

Wallabies misery means more at stake in Super Rugby

A lot of Mickey Mouse about the Rebels, too many Australian only provincial players including Mickeys favourites Coleman, DHP, Maddocks, Hodge, Toomua and Koriebeti. Won’t beat any NZ sides and will be our worst.
The Snaugtahs are real Mickey Mouse with Hooper and Handbreak holding them back in the forwards. If they forget Disney Land and listen to Gibson they will be close to our best.
Big year for Brad Thorn he needs to start winning ; thankfully Mickey Mouse has no influence up here. They will be also close to our best and beat both the Rebels and the Snaughtahs.
The Brumbies usually only wake up at the end of the season so some interest here. For mine the best side we have especially against NZ and SA teams and should finish our top. I am a bit
worried that some of them will be trying to impress Mickey and therefore not playing winnings Rugby.
So in summary which ever side or sides steps away furthest from Mickey Mouse will be our most successful against the top sides from NZ and SA . Local Australian Derbies are irrelevant these day ; strictly provincial.

Super Rugby Australian conference preview: This will be closer than ever before

An explosive combination Hooper, Handbag and Dempsey ; only on baked beans.
Too small !

Hooper sees Elsom in Tahs flanker Dempsey

Eddie is smart enough to learn from failures and good on him and England.

Eddie Jones on track for a second Six Nations Grand Slam

The class cringe ; Not sure about the rich supporters who provide the money for the game in England but the players are anything other than upper class.

Will England rule the world in 2019?

Disappointed in France ; like us under Mickey ; Poor administration, skills, selections and game plan.
England though are playing Rugby ; A lot of kicks and a few tries as well, Eddie has two very good sides to pick from, they are well coached and will take some beating.
It’s not the number of kicks it’s how affective they are that counts. England have the brains , the brawn, the mobility and the speed in the backs to exploit the brilliant kicks.
We have none of this and so mumble about Brave Aussie ball in hand crap as the winners hold up the trophies.

France were clueless in Six Nations: Parra

Krasnoff is just not a person from Noosa ; he was one of best infantry officers and battle

By dumping Larkham, the Wallabies have been Cheika-mated

All true Stan ; Rugby could do with you in your fine soldiering days to show them leadership and dedication to the job.

By dumping Larkham, the Wallabies have been Cheika-mated

Totally agree with your assessment of Mickey, Larkham, Grey, Raiwaliu and RA.
The unsackable Mickey inherited Deans and McKenzie’s hard work and players. Ewan took a
while but he was at last on song before he did a Leicharht ; It’s been downhill ever since.
The strong info I have is that the Larkham sacking hasn’t been smooth, far from it. Mickey and RA wanted him out all together and he resisted.

By dumping Larkham, the Wallabies have been Cheika-mated

Having watched Scotland again this week I am unable to understand how of all the talent
available in World Rugby Ralene picked Scott Johnson.

Ireland strike back in Six Nations with 22-13 win over Scotland

Kerevi’s passing game is a Furphy.

Reds centres aim for point of difference

The Rebels will be our weakest side ; a mixture of BS and Mickey’s second favourites.
Not much to get excited about in the backs with Genia almost 40, DHP slow, Hodge a lost soul, Toomua a dud, Maddocks slow, Meaks provincia and Koriebeti who can’t pass ; they will be looking for Quadie.
Ross HP and Jones are the pick of the forwards :

Super Rugby 2019 preview series: Melbourne Rebels

Rory Arnold is our Toner ; or was until Mickey dropped him.

Ireland lose Toner ahead of Six Nations

There’s nothing lucky about this England Team ; Eddie has learnt how to coach and select the
right players. Like NZ depth will see them through.
The French flair as you call it and our Brave Aussie style is high risk dumb Rugby.
The French have been fighting wars this way since Napoleon it’s in their DNA. We play
like we do to hide our deficiencies.

England, luck or genuine legitimacy?

If they listen to Gibson and not Mickey Mouse they will go well.

Super Rugby 2019 preview series: NSW Waratahs

Cheika was an explosive player but not a great one and is the same as a coach ; strictly provincial.
The damage is done it’s now ingrained and will take some changing.

Steve Hansen went on a fishing expedition in Wellington

The reason I like Rugby is that its a game for all body shapes at all levels.
The important thing is to play in the relative position according to your size and shape.
I don’t believe that Hooper does this effectively ; he comes up against bigger, faster and better
players at 7.
The backs are a different matter ; a small man can make a big one look like a boofhead.
I prefer being pro-active ; picking the best men in their best positions rather than being reactive looking at the opposition before picking the side.
Kerevi is a winger who may one day learn to be a 13 and then a 12 .
Hodge has a lot learn and is really only a full back ; he needs to learn his trade at provincial level.
We need kickers at 9, 10 and 12 but we need a team who support a kicking game legally.

Does size really matter?

No Richie Arnold ; they will regret this next year.
They will again be our best team. The Snaughtahs next if they listen to Gibson, then the improving Reds with the mediocre Rebels last.

Super Rugby 2019 preview series: ACT Brumbies

Never mind all that ; will RA sign Benny Barba ? And who will Chekko bring back from the
retirement Rugby villages in Europe this time ; Skelton , White, Horwill ?

The Wrap: What’s the real lowdown with grassroots rugby? Part Two