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Old Will has the QLD BS touch down to pat , whoever Pat is . Pat Carrigan would be handy . We weren’t that good with Will either . He certainly should know that the backs need a dominant forward pack .
. Our front row and hence our scrum is in keeping with our ranking of 6/7 . We have none any better.
. Our Locks perform well against some of the best we have ever seen . Why not use one of them at 6 instead of trying to make a 6 one of them ?
. Samu and Valentini are world class . Holloway I like but he’s taking a long time to convince me that he is a test player. A good opportunity at last for him . I have no doubt about Wilson.
. McReight gets his head down and arse up and gets dirtier than Hooper he also makes more impact .
. We don’t need either of them , we need Samu , McMahon , Brown or Gamble at 7. If you like getting beaten stick with OOOPS !
. McDermott is the best man to back White .
. I have always liked Quadie but I’m not delusional . He’s not what you lot crack him up to be .
. Rennie is gradually getting our best players out there . Three to go Ooops , Hodge and Gordon .
When he finally wakes up we can then start working on a game plan that involves size and mobility in the forwards and brains and speed in the backs .
. Who will be eating crow on Monday ? My tips . SA and Argentina this week .

WILL GENIA: Wallabies should have beaten England, and can win TRC, but Dave Rennie must start getting better results

How is Porecki being out a crisis ?
Kerevi was out and everyone says that Banks hasn’t nailed it . They keep yapping about Petaia at 15 . Why not now ?
Mind you if Gordon and Hodge are on the bench and Petals Petaia is starting , it will be an injury crisis . One of Rennies making .

Rugby News: Stewart shocker - Reds ace leaving but NOT for the Rebels, Holloway to debut for Wallabies, Porecki OUT

Just as well we rely on playing matches and not tips from the pundits and IPad analysts . Tea leaves would more reliable. The time for predictions will be after week 1 .
Thankfully it will all be revealed on the pitch and depend on who is on song at the week end .
. If the ABs can win it will be a surprise. SA are not the side that won the WC but should win .
. Argentina have the wood on us at home and with Cheika’s BS will be tough going .

The Thursday Two-up: Hopes and dreams, thoughts and prayers

They need Damien McKenzie for some zip !

Cane: NZ not far off return to top form

Strange that Foster , Cane and the ABs are under scrutiny while Rennie , Hooper and the Brave Aussies are not despite a far worse record .
True the New Zealanders still think that they are number 1 while we pretend that our side is entertaining and are unlucky victims of referees , rules and the way points are allocated. Just great players out of luck . Both Nations have an inferiority complex are delusional when it comes to most things .

Australian rugby areas: Why the next All Blacks win cannot come quickly enough

Kerevie smart ?
Well spotted Koreibeti. Paisami is a different player to Kerevi .
One day everyone will work this out .
Every player is different , they have strengths and weaknesses. Use their strengths and cover their weaknesses but don’t send them out to be a clone .
I often refer to a military patrol . There is no selection panel although there has been a fair bit culling in their training . You pick from what you have and who is fit . Some will be great at scouting , some at shooting , some at carrying the machine gun , some at medical aid ; it doesn’t matter it’s how they prepare , rehearse and combine on the job. You use them where and how they are best suited .
No score boards , no IPad analysis.

Rugby News: Stewart shocker - Reds ace leaving but NOT for the Rebels, Holloway to debut for Wallabies, Porecki OUT

Mounga is the man at 10 for the ABs . One Barrett on the the bench .
Goodhue has done very little to step up to test class .
As for Fogeti , he’s a well kept secret as have most of the Tut Tahs been . They were not that good .
Simmoni has been a far better player but totally ignored by Rennie and the pundits.
Fogeti and Perez may well be future test players but a long way to go . Injuries bring chances and then we will see.
Paisami is the best we have for 12 . He runs hard , can step and swerve , savage defensive , a good enough kick and tougher than Kervie . He takes some getting over .
I have always been a Quadie supporter but I am amused at the expectations being put on him .
Quadie can be brilliant and Quadie can be SH 5 minutes later . I am also amused at the expectations put on Edmed and Donaldson. Neither have done much . Poor Harrison better than either of them has been cancelled .

Coach’s Corner: Why Foketi is serious contender after Samu blow, which No.10 gives ABs best shot to beat Boks

Another poor decision by the Bums at RA .

Rugby News: Samu Kerevi injury stunner - likely out for the YEAR, Wallabies 'died wondering' vs. Poms, DC backs Latu

Never mind tweaking rules to cover our deficiencies. Fix them !

'We have to change the game': Larkham reveals RA's back room move to 'tweak' rugby, promises more exciting Brumbies

So who are we the EMPIRE playing ?
You are joking about Hooper ?

What if the British Empire had an international sports team?

Pat Carrigan would be handy . A young Joeys player Steven Prince is a good lad .
Let’s face it V’Landys is far smarter than anyone in RA . He will retain those he wants .
Forget the raids on RL and getting embarrassed by V’Landys , concentrate on the generations of Rugby players to come and the young players we have now .
You are joking about Hooper and cut through . That was Pulver’s dream and like most things Billy tried it was a bummer .

Target potential over stars: Suaalii a strong option but rugby can't repeat past mistakes in hunt for NRL converts

Looks good for Israel Folau !
Coleman : You can’t hang a guy for something when I wasn’t around .
He’ll be recruiting RL bad boys next !

Rugby News: Samu Kerevi injury stunner - likely out for the YEAR, Wallabies 'died wondering' vs. Poms, DC backs Latu

Cheika will have your header photo up in his sheds .
The trophy , Ooops , Kolosi and Cane but no Argentinian even in town .
Smart people running Rugby in SAANZA and RA .

Wallabies' weakness ABs will expose, Foster facing rugby hell, and how the Boks will lift the trophy: TRC predictions

Good one Geoff.
You don’t have to play test rugby to suffer dementia from head knocks in the game .
. RL players have tougher heads but a glance at the old players and mates who played shows that they are not exempt.
. Women’s Rugby doesn’t have this problem. They have no thugs .
. NZ and Australia really should start to become part of WR and not a breakaway feral minority.
. European rugby seems to have taken the the dog act merchants out of the game with long sentences.
. Rennie seems obsessed with fuzzicility . He must think that our players are weak or knows a no better way to try to win matches .
. Our players aren’t weak nor do they lack spirit and bravery. They do lack ability and direction on and off the field . Stop talking the fuzzy crap.
. The days of high tackles and dog acts are over.
. Lastly . As the tackle height has lowered we are seeing more players lifted beyond horizontal.
. It’s getting to the stage where the tackle point is above the knees and bellow the nipples .
Time perhaps for some guide lines on jerseys like the belt line in pugilism . Time for neck ruffles . Manly might try them .

The Wrap: 'This is World Rugby's problem to fix and the longer it takes, the more the sport will be damaged'

Good pre game wrap Harry.
. The defining matches are first ABs v SA and Au v Arg . With Robertson breathing down the neck of Foster and Rennie . New Zealanders have far higher expectations than do Brave Aussies who are always gunna and like losing .
. I expect Cheika to deck Rennie and his ponies , twice . Argentina have a point to prove after being treated poorly over here last year and they have the man to get the most out of it . If this happens Rennie will need to ditch Hooper.
. I expect SA to put a humane end to Foster and the ABs.
SA will beat the ABs , Argentina and us at least once . 5 wins .
Argentina will beat us twice and the ABs once . 3 wins .
NZ beat us twice and Argentina once . 3 wins
Australia will beat SA once . 1 win .
Thankfully the players get to prove the pundits wrong .

Wallabies' weakness ABs will expose, Foster facing rugby hell, and how the Boks will lift the trophy: TRC predictions

A few gems in this lot.
. Matt William has never been taken seriously.
. RA has once again nailed it with Latu . No room for Folau but . Thrice denied by RA , Coach and Captain. Would this be hypocritical ?
. Coleman has a bloody long way to go .He needs to prove himself OS . Time will tell.
. The last Brave Aussie coach of talent was McQueen .
. Rennie has dismal record as does Hooper. But we plod on .
. Robertson will be coaching the ABs .
. The Women were magnificent in the 7s .

Rugby News: DC's bold Latu prediction, 'character flaw' exposed by Foz critics, RA Razor warning

So the slide rule , the IPad and the abacus point to a Wallaby victory over there .
PE will be beating the door down at RA HQ .
Unfortunately Cheika , past form , neutral referees and common sense suggests that we will lose twice over there .
Then what ?
If that happens we will be lucky to win a game against SA or the ABs particularly if Robinson takes over .

How do the Wallabies and Pumas look ahead of the Rugby Championship?

Wow . What did make of that ?

Aussie men stunned by Uganda after Kerevi's blazing start, Levi on fire as women lay down impressive marker

Very good Harry .
I’ve been sent off for most things and often mainly because I react violently to being touched .
A lot of cards come from shoulder charges which seems to me to be a bit stupid in rugby where shoulders are used by ball carriers , in clean outs and down low on the line in attack and defence.
Any attack to the head is outlawed.
Dirty teams who get cards want the 20 minute clause , clean sides want their players protected .
At this stage in life I want grubs like was turfed out of the game.
Lastly Hooper has quite a collection . He is a niggle merchant and as Rennie wants fuzicultity Hooper feels the need for a few cheap shots . His are PW because he wouldn’t bruise a grape .

Cash hungry thinking vs. deep pocket fears: What's driving the north-south divide on 20 minute red cards

Any series that involves Japan and the Islands is a good idea .
Perhaps including the USA as well .
I like sides to play twice against each other.
A point about the we must win syndrome . If every nation had this narrow vision there would be not much rugby played world wide . We need 5 teams and work with more players to get a better national side .

A one-stop solution to improve the structure of rugby in the Southern Hemisphere

Hooper might be good at this !

EA Rugby 23: How video games can reignite World Rugby

It will be very interesting . I like to watch them all not specific individuals until I watch replays and study them . I’ve watched a few RL games with some of the best talent scouts and can assess players pretty
well watching live games . It’s much harder on TV .
Cheika is under no pressure what so ever and Argentina will be tough .
Rennie must be feeling some pressure surely. He seems to have realised this with his use of overseas players from the end of last year . The only wins he had were at home with friendly referees and a close one over the newly arrived England.
He has culled some of the dead wood ; only Hooper and Hodge to go .
Nienber is safe and should win this series .
Foster is beyond desperate. I can’t see anything better happening from the ABs. They will beat us but .
SA 4 wins
Argentina 4 wins
ABs 3 wins
WB 1 win
Player of the series : Oooooops .

The Thursday Two-up: Players who must stand up and be counted, and the rivals we can't wait to see

Australia A looked like Australia C .
I’m not sure how any of them called up apart from carrying bags .

'Gonna have to go harder': Dark times and a 'bad idea' behind him, Aus A tour has Gibbon ready to seize Wallabies chance

It will do our pampered possums a lot of good to get out of the woke world for a while .
Wonderful place to be over there , friendly people , very civilised, cattle ranches , horses , horsemen and Polo . They won’t lack anything.
They will be beaten however.
. Cheika is still held in awe by our players much as they still revere Hooper . They are not likely to be lost to a Rhodes scholarship.
. Cheika knows every weakness our fellows have . A bit like Putin with the west . They know this and it will distract them .
. Rennie lacks imagination and Cheika is full of it .
. Argentina are about to rise with a new coach and new direction.
. We have the life jackets on .

Why the Wallabies should be taking Argentina very seriously

McKenzie white ???? ed the best coach we have had in Australia since McQueen ; Robbie Deans .
White anting the incumbent is not helpful. Robertson should remember Robbie Deans who was also ignored in NZ . Perhaps he does .
NZR must give Foster the Rugby Championships then have a review.
No more whinging or white ???? ing by anyone .

Rugby News: 'I want to win RWC with two countries' - Razor turns up heat on NZR, Tah joins Force, French star's NRL gig