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You’re clutching at straws to say he prepared exceptionally. Unless you were being sarcastic. At any rate, I’m happy to broaden my knowledge, which player said that was there actually said those things?

Ben Cousins and the logistics of his failed move to the Saints

“the minority of people contending the no-crowds situation has realistically already been in effect on the Gold Coast for years show they don’t understand the difference between a crowd of 11,000, which is the average home crowd at Metricon, and a crowd of zero.”


What effect will empty stands have on the AFL?

Grundy is infront, that much was mentioned. Hard to argue Nic Nat are infront when he unfortunately can’t stay on the park. Goldstein a gun, however doesn’t have the same impact on his team that Max does.

Key match-ups between positional rivals to pay attention to in 2020

I wouldn’t presume so.

However if there is poor tap work from Gawn the ball won’t be in a position to be won contested from his mids and will instead be an uncontested clearence for the other team.

Key match-ups between positional rivals to pay attention to in 2020

A google search will reveal that both have been used interchangeably. A real “much of a muchness” type situation. However, I’m glad you took the time to write a comment based on reading the article though, so kudos to you for that.

Analysing the Crows, Tex, and what 2020 has in store for Adelaide

Ripping article.

Preseason wins offer hope for under-pressure Simon Goodwin and Ken Hinkley

Terrificly put Seb! And thanks for the compliment on the article.

Why the Bombers should win a final in 2020

Richmond’s development is something to behold, and be very jealous of.

On the verge of an unlikely dynasty

How would you rate Freo’s current crop of kids taken from the draft? Cerra, Brayshaw?

The flawed five: Fremantle's worst recruitment woes

Not a Hawthorn supporter. Also, you clearly didn’t read the last paragraph? I mentioned several reasons why the Hawks will play finals.

James Worpel will propel Hawthorn to a new level

Hey Paul,

This has been tremendous feedback. Thank you. I was going to write that disagreements were encouraged!

In regards to the injuries I agree with Aransan in the sense where the majority of the injuries are to seasoned players and shouldn’t affect their development into the season as much as it would say a Francis or a Redman. I am concerned however about the interrupted preseason to Fantasia as he doesn’t have that extent of experience the others have, in hindsight I would’ve fleshed that out a bit more in my article piece.

In regards to Stringer, I would view Stinger as stepping into his own more recently and as a figure that could impart finals experience, not leadership qualities. Similarly for Townsend he has been enclosed within that winning Richmond culture that he could bring across to the bombers – just that immersion itself is worth something and shouldn’t be viewed as discardable due to his incosistency within the first team.

Again thanks for the feedback from a Guru such as yourself.

Why the Bombers should win a final in 2020

Darcy is a huge talent! There’s no way the pies will let him go without a fight.

Trade war for Darcy Moore is exactly what the AFL needs