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Why Adam Goodes doesn't deserve to retire to boos

29 Jul 2015

All this week the Adam Goodes booing debate has raged on and on. It’s racist, it’s not racist, I have the right to boo, it’s part of sport – and so on and so on.

10 Test status nations in 140 years of cricket is not good enough

10 Test status nations in 140 years of cricket is not good enough

26 Feb 2015

For the second time in as many tournaments, the ICC has announced the next World Cup will be reduced to 10 teams.

What to do with the AFL’s priority draft pick?

What to do with the AFL's priority draft pick?

28 Jun 2013

The AFL’s priority pick has long been a cause for debate, ever since the years of speculation about clubs tanking in order to get themselves a prized draft pick.

T20 cricket not to blame for Australia’s batting woes

T20 cricket not to blame for Australia's batting woes

1 May 2013

National Selection Panel chairman John Inverarity has pointed to T20 cricket to blame for influencing Australia’s recent batting woes.

Australian cricket's leadership void

23 Apr 2013

Australian cricket faces a leadership crisis like never before.

Australia must play five bowlers

26 Jan 2013

One thing has become obvious during this summer. Australia’s batsmen will not win a series against India and will not reclaim the Ashes.