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While it’s great to see so much coverage for the NBL I agree with Vicki.
Where’s the free to air coverage?
The NBL needs to get back into the homes of those who can’t afford pay tv or can’t attend games.

NBL pay TV feast, for Breakers fans

I’m not sure what the deal is with One HD and NASCAR.
But a free to air sports channel sounds good to me.
I’ve never ventured down the pay tv path so I’m stoked!
No doubt as the ratings rise better deals will come through translating to more quality viewing for us all.

One HD has reignited Aussie motor sports

And for his efforts he takes another player of the week award!

Sixers take it to the Tigers at the Cage


After watching the man play on Saturday might I can see what all the hype is about.
He’s an excitement machine!

After Grizzard’s game Saturday night it was sad to see him dropped but then the Tigers have been the under performers of the season really given their pre season status as possibly the best team ever assembled.
Can Kendall and Thomas help to revive their season?
That remains to be seen.

It wasn’t long ago I would’ve bet on the Breakers and the Dragons to battle it out for the flag but with the injection of Hodge, and the changes at the Tigers, it doesn’t look so cut and dried.

Sixers take it to the Tigers at the Cage

Looks like a lot more entertainment yet to come this season from the Sixers!

Hodge provides Sixers a much-needed lift


I think it’s surprised a lot of people really.

Thanks for the explanation Michael.

Goorjian's Juggernaught

According to today’s Herald Sun Andrew Bogut is set to throw in around $30,000 to be a game night sponsor for one of the Spirit’s remaining home games which will go to help the players and coaching staff.
That’s a great gesture.

Spirit to see out NBL season on "bare minimum" pay

Yes Hayden, it was a great win for the Spirit especially given the fact that Khazzouh and Low sat off, and good to see a bit of a crowd show up.
I read what Goorj had to say this week and he took the game very seriously knowing this result was possible.
Who knows what corporate sponsorship could arise between now and next year.
Maybe I’m just the eternal optimist but Sydney still need a team and the Spirit are there so we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

The Sydney Spirit to continue. For now!

The Breakers are an impressive outfit indeed but I think the Dragons still have a lot more to show.

The Breakers will be hard to break at home

I’d say the crowd figures for this season show good support for the league in general, not just in Victoria.
Sure there’s some lowly figures as in the Spirit but I think that was expected after the collapse of the Kings.
What the Dragons are doing this season is nothing short of inspirational.
Good on ’em and the Melbourne fans for supporting them.
The Tigers can’t match those figures regardless because of the size of their venue although you’d expect their figures to be closer to capacity.
Will the Dragons still be around in 25 years?
Time will tell.

The South Dragons set benchmark for NBL

Surely they wouldn’t seriously consider a 6 team national comp!
To me even 8 would be selling it short, but I guess something is better than nothing.
Let’s hope they put their heads together and use the opportunity to create something entertaining and viable.

Australian basketball hails "momentous" decision


I haven’t been to a South’s game this season yet but the Tiger’s games I’ve attended have attracted decent crowds.
And those Dragons are dishing it up to the fans!
Six on the trot now isn’t it?
Great stuff!

Thanks for that link.

Dragons breathing fire in NBL

The on court performances this season so far, such as those of the South Dragons, don’t reflect the problems the league has faced.
Those involved seem to have put all that aside and concentrated on playing the game.
And those who have watched have been treated to some great entertainment.

Dragons breathing fire in NBL

Looks like the 36ers will be challenging the Blaze for the wooden spoon this season!

Wildcats hold off determined 36ers

So maybe Sydney basketball fans are like Perth sports fans and have jumped off the bandwagon since the collapse of the Kings?
And Melbourne fans are drunk on the success of the Tigers and the Goorjian factor at the Dragons?

9000 fans turn out to watch Dragons thump Tigers

The Substitute,

Seems to be a bit of rivalry over the playing venues in Melbourne with Brian Goorjian calling for exactly that.
If both teams meet in the playoffs surely the league would have to look somewhere like Rod Laver as opposed to the Cage.

I can’t see the league keeping this season insignificant given the start so far.
There’s so many teams in the mix, the stage is set for a cracker season.

I know Sydney’s got off to an ordinary start but they’ve shown some real potential.
I just hope the fans up there can come and give them some real support.

9000 fans turn out to watch Dragons thump Tigers

If the Spirit can come out and play 4 quarters they’re a chance against the Dragons.
They can’t afford to give the Dragons a start like they’ve done with other teams this season.

Yeah it’d be nice to see the Kings back next season.
But maybe Goorj is being a bit precious himself!

Plenty of Spirit as Goorjian takes aim at Sydney

Great game by Barlow after his ‘possible’ concussion Wednesday night.

Tigers idle to big win over Adelaide

I agree with Beverage that the Spirit have been unfairly judged.
As for beating any team in the league, if they can string 4 quarters together who knows.

They’re up against the Wildcats tonight.

Spirit win a thriller against Blaze, 98-92

Only few enjoy
While others cut down poppies
On courts less traveled

The Code War is a real Haiku Battle

Well that was an unexpected result.
Someone just has to beat the Breakers now and it’ll be an interesting start to the season!

Wildcats survive late Tigers charge for upset

Good win by the Tigers considering Anstey spent so much time on the bench.

Tigers maul the Taipans

Yeah good win for the Spirit.

I watched Heal play in Melbourne and I think he has a lot to offer the Blaze.
He’s playing with plenty of intensity, controlling the floor well.
To shoot 28 points in Perth has to say something about his skill level and drive.

Battling Spirit on the NBL board

Sounds like an interesting idea but I also think we need to get the game back into more homes via free to air tv.
Allowing more families to watch the sport live would be a good start.

The NBL has to change

A breath of fresh air.
She’s worth gold in my books.
I’ve never enjoyed an Olympic moment so much.

Sally McLellan leaps hurdles with her own style