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Hi Tim, I think that’s correct. Apparently Arthur Phillip initially named the area to the north of the harbour “Manly Cove”, after spotting a group of Aborigines in the area, about whom he stated, “their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place”.

I also know for a fact that Gore Hill was named in honour of Tim Gore’s great great great uncle, Archibald Poindexter Cedric Leopold Gore, who was infamously jailed for stalking Jimmy Maloney’s great great great uncle Jimmy Maloney the First.

You might like watching Manly suffer, but we need them

I agree 100% about a second Brisbane side. The problem is that there are so many rugby league people including commentators (like Wendell Sailor) who keep rubishing the idea of a second side as they want to protect the Broncos patch.

There are too many people in the game that care more about their little patch than about the good of the game. I would love to see it though and consider it a “no-brainer”.

My 2019 NRL wishlist

I’m with The Barry on that. After the ball-tampering fiasco this year I was watching a really good doco on ABC about it and it had highlights of an Australia v New Zealand test match at Bellerive Oval from a few years ago and there was a random Souths guy in the crowd.

I see a random Souths guy at least a few times a week. We’re everywhere!

My 2019 NRL wishlist

Hi AJ, I’m glad you mentioned the NRL stats web page – it’s terrible and should be so much better.

I always thought it was “red and green should never be seen”, which has always deeply offended me.

I had never really paid much attention to the blue stripes, but they do look like someone has wrapped blue masking tape around the sleeves.

My 2019 NRL wishlist

Hi Ryan, you are officially the Baba Vanga of the Roar (Nostradamus is so passe).

Revisiting my fearless predictions for the 2018 NRL season

I’ve read a lot of your comments souvalis and you really can be a real sometimes. Pearce was moved on for Cronk, so what? There’s no need to be snide about it.

Pearce was halfback when they were minor premiers in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and he won the comp with them in 2013. Sure he may struggle with the fact he was moved on, but why bring it up now after such a fantastic victory by the Roosters?

Talk about sad.

Seven talking points from the NRL grand final

I reckon Latrell Mitchell should hire Will Chambers as his butler. He has totally dominated him all year.

Roosters smash Storm to win 2018 NRL Grand Final

Hey Scottie, is Munster the first player ever to be sin binned twice in a Grand Final?

Roosters smash Storm to win 2018 NRL Grand Final

That was an incredible performance by the Roosters. Almost perfect in their execution of plays and execution of the Storm. They gave Bellyache a belly ulcer.

Roosters smash Storm to win 2018 NRL Grand Final

I’m really glad that Cronk is playing as I want to see the best players on the field and I like Cooper, but the subterfuge and chicanery is annoying (every team does it).

In hindsight, I reckon Cooper was always going to play and the Roosters have been practising with Cooper all week. But that’s okay, as Cam Smith has been practising on his chicken wing all week, too.

Can’t wait for kick-off!

Cronk will play: reports

No worries Kay. See you this time next year (you Roosters fans seem to disappear and then reappear on the Roar at finals time every year!!!)

If you can’t get up for this grand final, you’re dead inside

Hi gurudoright, so what you’re saying is that the Roosters fans should rename “The Chook Pen” then “Choke Pen”.

If you can’t get up for this grand final, you’re dead inside

Hi AJ, I think the key as a neutral is to pinpoint a factor to inspire you. In the past few years it was the “fairy tale”.

It appears that this year a lot of neutrals have latched onto the “Billy shouldn’t be playing” line and will be grudgingly cheering the Roosters.

For me it’s years of hating the Roosters (Rorters) and the desire to see them lose a 5th grand final in seven attempts (since 2000):

2000: loss
2002: win
2003: loss
2004: loss
2010: loss
2013: win
2018: ?

In addition to the above, I actually like Billy Slater and will relish watching his final game and would like to see him retire with a win. I also rank Cameron Smith as the best and most influential (and most durable) player I have ever seen and whilst I hate his niggle, I would love to see Cam and Billy embracing in victory after the game.

Both sides have exceptional players and this should create a great match, but I do hope it’s not a 65 minute arm-wrestle trench warfare type game. These sides have explosive backlines, so let’s see the refs provide a proper 10 metres and lots of ball movement.

I’m really looking forward to it.

Thanks for your fine work this year, Mr AJ.

If you can’t get up for this grand final, you’re dead inside

“last time i was there they would only show the swans and waratahs”

Says it all about Paddington pubs, really.

If you can’t get up for this grand final, you’re dead inside

This should be a fascinating match and has a lot of elements that intrigue.

I am a hopeless at predicting anything, including footy results, but here goes:

* Storm to win in a close one (Roosters to lose their 5th Grand Final in 7 attempts since 2000)
* Will be tight at half-time (something along the lines of 10-8), but I reckon the game may open up in the second half as both sides throw everything at it
* Clive Churchill medallist Cam Smith
* First try scorer Billy Slater (who I predict will get a hat-trick in his final game – like I said, I am hopeless at predictions)
* Blake Ferguson and Daniel Tupou to combine for one huge clanger leading to one of Slater’s three tries
* Will Chambers – see Ferguson and Tupou above

The ultra definitive NRL grand final stats preview: Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm

Hi TB, I think most of the Storm and Roosters fans miss the fact that this article and your comments are just for sh.ts and giggles.

Here are my thoughts:


(1) He can cook and would serve you a nice bottle of wine (chianti) with dinner
(2) He has an appreciation for art and literature
(3) He has a way with words and would probably be good at crossword puzzles
(4) He has a really sharp set of knives

(1) He would serve the chianti with fava beans so you’ll be windy all night
(2) You would probably end up missing a limb or two (he may tear your rotator cuff in the process)
(3) He has a really sharp set of knives


(1) He’d a good quiet lad who loves his mum
(2) He’s a bit of a clean-freak, so the flat would always be tidy
(3) He has a nice, harmless hobby (taxidermy)
(4) He has a really sharp set of knives

(1) He loves his mum a bit TOO much
(2) He’d spy on you while you’re in the shower
(3) He dresses up in women’s clothes at night
(4) He has a really sharp set of knives

As you say, picking between the Storm and Roosters is very much like picking between the two film psychos.

I pick Storm, the higher the gap the better: let’s go with Storm 32 – Roosters 4.

The NRL grand final has no peoples' champion because they both suck

Hi AJ, I don’t recall another issue that has generated such intense, vitriolic opinions on either side of the 50-50 rift.

I’m a bit over it really, so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce a few other 50-50 topics to divert discussion away from the Billy Slater thing, which is getting to be a bit over-the-top.

* Sluggos or board shorts = I say board shorts
* Prince or Michael Jackson = I say Prince
* Dogs or cats = I say dogs all the way, cats are evil
* The Beatles or Rolling Stones = I say The Beatles
* Star Wars or Star Trek = I say Star Wars, as long as this excludes the prequels and the abominable Last Jedi
* Buzz Rothfield or ebola = sh.t, that’s a hard one, I can’t decide

Billy lives: Thank god that’s over

You’re correct about KB being pretty rank. When I was growing up my dad usually drank Reschs Pilsner (the silver bullet). The Australian beer market was very different in those days!

What the NRL can learn from a team it kicked out

I feel like I’ve seen that “no vacancy” photograph used on about 20 Roar articles in the past month

All of the NRL's problems - and how to solve them

Really good stuff The Barry. Most NRL clubs including my own are so close-minded but could learn a lot from the old Bluebags about engaging with their communities.

What the NRL can learn from a team it kicked out

Hi mate, welcome to the Roar. I thought your article was a great effort overall with some interesting points and you put a lot of time and effort into it.

However, I think our sporting market is very different to the USA and Europe, so it makes it more difficult to compare (but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from how things are done overseas).

Also, I agree that ideally it would be nice to fill up stadiums, but I think % of capacity is only one way of looking at it.

For example, I’d rather have the Rabbitohs play at Redfern or the Sydney Football Stadium like they did when I was a kid (sad, I know), and it’s easier to fill 100% of Redfern or SFS than it is to fill 100% of ANZ.

Another way of looking at it is average crowds. Using 2017 figures, the BBL was the seventh “most attended” sports comp in the world based on average crowds (28,000 per match) and the AFL was ranked fourth (32,000 per match). Only NFL, Bundesliga and EPL were higher than AFL in terms of average crowd per match.

So, whilst the AFL doesn’t always fill 100% of the MCG or Dockland, their average crowd numbers compare well with overseas sporting comps.

The other factor is that our market is a crowded, not only in terms of sport but also other forms of entertainment that make a demand on people’s spare change. In terms of getting people to pay their hard earned to attend, Rugby league is competing not only with AFL, rugby union and soccer, but also every other form of entertainment on which people can spend their limited discretionary income.

I do think that my sport of rugby league can definitely do a lot better (both at NRL and club level) to increase things like memberships and attendances and as you point out, there are a lot of factors at play.

Why Australia's sporting competitions need fewer teams

At least she got “girt” right

Singer hilariously flubs national anthem at Super Cup GF

The Barry is the Roar’s Jamie Oliver, except when he is angry at Big J, and then he turns into the Roar’s Gordon Ramsay!

Seven talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL preliminary final

Hey Scott and Co, what do you think of the photo that is doing the rounds of Slater’s right arm attempting to wrap around Feki.

No doubt it will be a key part of the Storm’s defence.

Also, how do you Friend’s tackle compares to Isaac Luke’s on SBW when he was suspended in 2014?

Seven talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL preliminary final

Hi Scott, thanks for your talking points and a belated congratulations on your editorship.

Last night was very frustrating as my Rabbitohs weren’t able to make anything of all the ball they had. I agree with the comments on the impact of the Melbourne and Saints games (in the same way the Sharks have been tired busted), and it highlights the importance of the week off.

I thought the Roosters replacement players were very good and did everything that was asked of them. Guys like Manu and Momirovski aren’t just thrown in willy nilly, but have been involved with the squad during the year, so that when they’re selected for an important game they know what their role is and they do it well. It confirms again that Robbo is a great coach and mentor.

Whilst disappointed, overall it’s been a great year – as The Barry mentioned, it’s pretty much the same squad as last year but they have done extremely well in adapting to Seibold’s completely different game-plan and style of play.

Congratulations to the Storm and Roosters. Like the Fonze trying to say he was wro..wro..wrong, that was hard to say!

Seven talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL preliminary final