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I still prefer Freddy’s style of bonkers to Pete Evan’s style of bonkers, but you’re right on the money with your comments Don.

Has Freddy gone a little bonkers?

My favourite Gould example was a Sharks game at Shark Park a couple of years ago.

I think they were playing the Storm and Gould was saying how amazing it is how opposition teams that were faultless the week before struggle at Shark Park. He said that opposition teams “lose” their way at the ground.

He then referred to Shark Park as the “Bermuda Triangle”, and he considered himself so clever that he used the term “Bermuda Triangle” about a million times during the match.

He kept repeating, “It’s the Bermuda Triangle Rabs” so may times I thought my head was going to explode.

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?

Maybe Mary switched to Saints as Parra was causing her too much heartache. Isn’t that called “out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

Hey Freddy, NSW only lost Game 1 by four points. Wholesale team changes weren't needed

I like Heaps. Has does a lot to promote Men of League. He seems like a decent human.
Tooves is one of my favourites. One of the toughest players and wears his heart on his sleeve.
Blocker is a bit of a knucklehead, but we all love the big lug all the same.
Rothfield, however, is a c…t

'Did Mitchell really want to play?': Was Pearce too 'scarred' to be picked for Origin 2?

That’s the first time I have seen a graph on The Roar

Does State of Origin really have that much of an impact on the NRL?

Hardy ha-ha!

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 14

To be fair, breathing if fairly important! People don’t last very long without it.

The five changes Brad Fittler must make for NSW to win Game 2

Yeah I have seen a few people comment that they have never seen Townsend win a game when the chips are down and my thoughts are, “well you haven’t watched many Sharks games have you?”.

I really like the way he has learned his trade and developed over time. He’s a very composed player nowadays but you’re probably right that it would be a lot of pressure given we lost Game 1.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 13

Hi Rene, I posted an application form to you so you can join the Chad Townsend for Blues Halfback Appreciation Society and haven’t received your completed and signed form (in triplicate) yet. Scott told me you want Mitch Pearce at halfback rather than Chad. Say it ain’t so!

Eight talking points from NRL Round 13

Hi Scott

I was thinking the same about the Titans. They seemed more fluent without Ash Taylor. Hopefully he gets his head and heart in the right space, though.

Of the performances on the weekend, I was most impressed with the Raiders. Their defence has been phenomenal this year and they have kept a few sides to zero. But to do it with a few players backing up was impressive.

Storm just keep doing their thing. It amazes me how they always manage to find great new players to fill key roles.

Just on the Tigers, they have played two games at Bankwest Stadium and lost 51 to 6 and 28 to nil, so effectively they’re down 79 to 6 at Bankwest. That ain’t a good start.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 13

Hi Mary Alphabet, I refer to this line: “Cleary is a good player, but is he that much better than, say, Chad Townsend, whose name is never mentioned for Origin”.

I have lately been pushing for Chad Townsend to be the Blues halfback. Does this mean I can add you to the Chad Townsend for Blues Halfback Fan Club?

So far we only have 1 advocate (me), and to be honest Renegade has been awfully quiet since I raised the option last week. He hasn’t gotten on board yet, which is rather disappointing TBH.

So can I count you in? If you get on board it means we can double the club’s membership by a massive 100%.

How the NSW Blues can win Origin 2

The Green Machine are really exciting to watch. A couple of their tries last night were sensational.

No Ponga? No Klemmer? No problem for Newcastle

I thought the same this morning Forty Twenty.

Would be great to see the Knights have success as:

(1) they have had a tough time of it lately with consecutive wooden spoons;
(2) they are truly a great rugby league town and support their team no matter how poorly they’re going;
(3) I like a lot of their players, esp. the Pong and Nathan Brown is a good fella;
(4) rugby league loves a redemption story and the script of Mitchell Pearce punted by his beloved Roosters, enduring the pain of watching them win a premiership without him, then to follow up with his own Premiership the following year. Now that’s what I call a rugby league redemption story!

No Ponga? No Klemmer? No problem for Newcastle

Also, the Broncos don’t seem to be getting as many televised Friday night games as they did in the past. This is pure discrimination against a club of battlers.

No Ponga? No Klemmer? No problem for Newcastle

Hey Papi

I know this is a disturbing thought and I don’t want to give you nightmares, but I think Insider may be secretly in love with you. He follows you around on this site like a devoted puppy.

The three things that cost NSW victory

To be fair, Reynolds had a small fracture in his back that he played through. Apparently he got it early in the Parra game. It no doubt affected his performance.

The three things that cost NSW victory

I agree Papi, but he’s not the first one. You could ague that guys like Bob Lindner, Brent Tate, Billy Moore, Gary Larson and others were better at Origin than club level. Bob Lindner especially had a lot of blinders when he played for Qld, and whilst I always rated him highly as a player, he generally didn’t bring the same consistency to club level.

Is 2019 set up for one last Pearce Origin redemption attempt?

I know I’m out on a limb here, but I don’t know why nobody mentions Chad Townsend. People mention guys like Brooks and Moses, but the Towny is more consistent than them.

We need a guy who can steer a side around. Chad can.
We need a guy who has a good kicking game. Chad does.
We need a guy with a good passing game. Chad does.
We need a guy who can grab a game by the scruff of the neck and win it. Chad has shown at club level that he can.
Also a guy who can turn things around when the chips are down. Chad has shown over the past 2 years he can.
He can also kick for goal.
Also, he interviews well and isn’t a d..head.

I’m on the Chad bandwagon for Origin. Get on it before it’s too late.

Is 2019 set up for one last Pearce Origin redemption attempt?

Unlike the two above, Cody probably knows the difference between your and you’re. Also, unlike the two armchair critics above, Cody has actually achieved something of merit, whether he chooses to sing or not.

New South Wales Blues player ratings: Game 1


State of Origin 1 preview: Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues

Max, your post just gave Wazza an embolism

We still get excited about Origin but for how much longer?

Isn’t Wendell Sailor the greatest winger of all time? I mean, that’s what he keeps telling everyone!

Six talking points from NRL Round 12

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad is getting a lot of love on ABC Grandstand and has been interviewed by Moorey a couple of times. Apparently he said in the pre-season that he was looking forward to moving to Canberra for a while as it’s warmer than Auckland. I wonder if he still thinks the weather is warmer in Canberra!

Six talking points from NRL Round 12

I dunno about the merits of not talking about the Blues or talking about the Blues. What I do know is as the years go by, Kevin Walters looks more and more like Joe Pesci. Someone should tell Kevvie to go home and get his shine box.

Yer a wizard, Kevvie: How Queensland made $5500 disappear

You’re probably right MC. I just saved to 3 characters!

We should ban footy player acronyms, IMHO