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You’re correct about KB being pretty rank. When I was growing up my dad usually drank Reschs Pilsner (the silver bullet). The Australian beer market was very different in those days!

What the NRL can learn from a team it kicked out

I feel like I’ve seen that “no vacancy” photograph used on about 20 Roar articles in the past month

All of the NRL's problems - and how to solve them

Really good stuff The Barry. Most NRL clubs including my own are so close-minded but could learn a lot from the old Bluebags about engaging with their communities.

What the NRL can learn from a team it kicked out

Hi mate, welcome to the Roar. I thought your article was a great effort overall with some interesting points and you put a lot of time and effort into it.

However, I think our sporting market is very different to the USA and Europe, so it makes it more difficult to compare (but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from how things are done overseas).

Also, I agree that ideally it would be nice to fill up stadiums, but I think % of capacity is only one way of looking at it.

For example, I’d rather have the Rabbitohs play at Redfern or the Sydney Football Stadium like they did when I was a kid (sad, I know), and it’s easier to fill 100% of Redfern or SFS than it is to fill 100% of ANZ.

Another way of looking at it is average crowds. Using 2017 figures, the BBL was the seventh “most attended” sports comp in the world based on average crowds (28,000 per match) and the AFL was ranked fourth (32,000 per match). Only NFL, Bundesliga and EPL were higher than AFL in terms of average crowd per match.

So, whilst the AFL doesn’t always fill 100% of the MCG or Dockland, their average crowd numbers compare well with overseas sporting comps.

The other factor is that our market is a crowded, not only in terms of sport but also other forms of entertainment that make a demand on people’s spare change. In terms of getting people to pay their hard earned to attend, Rugby league is competing not only with AFL, rugby union and soccer, but also every other form of entertainment on which people can spend their limited discretionary income.

I do think that my sport of rugby league can definitely do a lot better (both at NRL and club level) to increase things like memberships and attendances and as you point out, there are a lot of factors at play.

Why Australia's sporting competitions need fewer teams

At least she got “girt” right

Singer hilariously flubs national anthem at Super Cup GF

The Barry is the Roar’s Jamie Oliver, except when he is angry at Big J, and then he turns into the Roar’s Gordon Ramsay!

Seven talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL preliminary final

Hey Scott and Co, what do you think of the photo that is doing the rounds of Slater’s right arm attempting to wrap around Feki.

No doubt it will be a key part of the Storm’s defence.

Also, how do you Friend’s tackle compares to Isaac Luke’s on SBW when he was suspended in 2014?

Seven talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL preliminary final

Hi Scott, thanks for your talking points and a belated congratulations on your editorship.

Last night was very frustrating as my Rabbitohs weren’t able to make anything of all the ball they had. I agree with the comments on the impact of the Melbourne and Saints games (in the same way the Sharks have been tired busted), and it highlights the importance of the week off.

I thought the Roosters replacement players were very good and did everything that was asked of them. Guys like Manu and Momirovski aren’t just thrown in willy nilly, but have been involved with the squad during the year, so that when they’re selected for an important game they know what their role is and they do it well. It confirms again that Robbo is a great coach and mentor.

Whilst disappointed, overall it’s been a great year – as The Barry mentioned, it’s pretty much the same squad as last year but they have done extremely well in adapting to Seibold’s completely different game-plan and style of play.

Congratulations to the Storm and Roosters. Like the Fonze trying to say he was wro..wro..wrong, that was hard to say!

Seven talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL preliminary final

Great defensive effort by the Roosters. Cronk very brave and the replacements all did their job. Well coached.

Great year overall for the Rabbitohs given the low expectations at the beginning of the year. This will be the hardest Grand Final to get enthused by since Roosters v Manly.

Hopefully rugby league will be the winner on the day. Will be lots of drama during the week so plenty to talk about.

Cronk injured as Sydney sink Souths to join Storm in grand final

Thanks mate, will be in Bay 10 tonight. Can’t wait for it!

Roosters vs Rabbitohs: The ultra definitive NRL preliminary final stats preview

Given you have tipped the Roosters, I’m hoping you maintain your recent finals tipping record ????

Roosters vs Rabbitohs: The ultra definitive NRL preliminary final stats preview

Hi Tim, your definitive stats articles are superb.

I’m expecting a big one from the Rabbitohs pack tonight. In the narrow loss to the Storm and narrow win against the Saints, the key members of our pack haven’t been at their rampaging best. If they throw their bodies into it tonight – and I expect they will – then I’m confident of a victory tonight.

I expect they’ll use the so-called “scandal / crisis / add your headline” as motivation to rip in hard.

Roosters vs Rabbitohs: The ultra definitive NRL preliminary final stats preview

The NRL’s Posh and Becks is Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk. They’re just going through a brief separation at the moment, but they’ll be okay.

'SerMax': Are Zac Lomax and Jessica Sergis the 'Posh and Becks' of the NRL?

Can’t wait for this match!

Fifita, Taumalolo headline Tongan squad to take on Kangaroos

Hi Justin, I agree with you.

I don’t like Rothfield or the Terrorgraph and think they are both hypocrites, but that doesn’t absolve all players of responsibility when they behave badly. If you’re a player and want to stay out of the papers, then don’t expose your willy to a complete stranger. I’d prefer that this stuff not be published (especially when my club is involved), but ultimately the newspapers WILL publish it, but if you stay out of trouble then they’ll have nothing bad to publish in teh first place.

Also, I would have thought that if you’re on a contract of $500,000 plus, then you would be doing everything you can to stay out of trouble, as that’s a lot of income to jeopardise.

How Buzz Rothfield's hypocrisy sandwich flew under the radar

Hi Andrew, I liked the way you included the repeated quotes about “heading in the right direction”.

I recall seeing a short clip on YouTube that showed every single US President from Nixon through to Trump, talking about how they would achieve “energy independence” by the time their administration ended. That’s Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush No.1, Clinton, Bush No.2, Obama, and Trump basically all saying exactly the same thing.

Cut and paste. Rinse and repeat. It’s deja vu all over again.

The quotes you included reminded me of that.

I think when it comes to sport, recruitment and retention is partly about experience, instinct, occasional hunches and a bit of the dark arts thrown in (the way most experienced recruiters knocked back JT is an example of that).

It seems to me that the Panthers processes are driven too much by a corporatised, KPI-driven approach, that is regularly undermined by Gould changing direction at his whim.

I feel that whilst Gould has done well to improve the professionalism of the club and their facilities, while he is there as the “president”, we’ll end up hearing the same line over and over again.

Cut and paste. Rinse and repeat.

Will the Panthers ever be true premiership contenders?


Seven talking points from South Sydney Rabbitohs vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL semi-final

The NRL briefed all the clubs earlier in the season informing them that with crusher tackles, if the defender leaves his feet, using greater force of his own body weight to bring the player down, then it would likely result in suspension. I think that is one of the things that counted against Latrell – he left his feet.

GI will have a case I guess but he has no carry-over points, so he should be able to play (unless they deem the tackle worse than Mitchell’s, which it wasn’t).

Seven talking points from South Sydney Rabbitohs vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL semi-final

Just to give another good rap, this time to the NRL. The old stripping rule was that a stripping penalty would apply if there were two men in the tackle, even if one defender had dropped off.

That was not a good interpretation and resulted in a lot of poor decisions. The new rule is that if there are two in the tackle and one drops off and it’s stripped, then fair play. That’s a good interpretation as it’s more common sense and puts the onus on ball-possession. The NRL doesn’t often get praised for good decisions, but that was a positive change.

Seven talking points from South Sydney Rabbitohs vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL semi-final

I want to give a good rap to Nene McDonald and Jordan Pereira. McDonald ran hard all night and usually snuck his nose through the line, whilst Pereira caught at least 5 or 6 high balls under intense pressure and took every one. The Saints back 5 were more threatening that the Rabbitohs back five for most of the night.

Regarding the dummy pass into Murray, that was consistent with the new ruling from the second half of the year. McInness was clearly passing directly into Murray and had no intention of passing the ball back to his own men. That’s a penalty under the new rule.

Seven talking points from South Sydney Rabbitohs vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL semi-final

“I really want the Dragons to win this”.

You are SO not my friend anymore Tim!!

Rabbitohs vs Dragons: The ultra definitive NRL semi-final stats preview

The Panthers have had more comebacks than Johnny Farnham. Not tonight but.

Sharks scrape past fast-finishing Panthers

Great stuff Tim, I always look forward to these previews, they are fantastic.

I can’t decide on this match – toss of a coin for me.

I was surprised at how good Matt Moylan’s stats are, but he does tend to drift in and out of games, unlike Jimmy Maloney. I think Moylan needs to step up without Wade Graham there and if he does the Sharks may have a slight edge.

Cronulla Sharks vs Penrith Panthers: The ultra definitive NRL semi-final stats preview

Thanks for a fine piece Matt. It’s great to see Sutto having such an impressive year and especially nice to see him get the kudos he deserves. He’s a Rabbitoh through and through.

John Sutton: Peak Bunny

Kudos mate

Josh, you want a fair go? Start by saying sorry