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How well does the Melbourne Storm dynasty stack up in NRL history?

I agree Renegade. The thing about the Storm is that most people (including me) have been predicting their decline, especially post Smith Slater Cronk, but if anything they are maintaining their high standards.

Most sides have a “premiership window” which may last 5 or 6 years and then they have a period of decline. The Storm has a “premiership gazebo” and look like being a top 4 side for a few years yet.

How well does the Melbourne Storm dynasty stack up in NRL history?

If Andrew Ferguson did a statistical analysis of Insider’s Roar comments, it would look something like this:

– Insider’s posts ribbing Rabbitohs fans = 50%
– Insider’s posts saying how much he despises Wayne Bennett = 25%
– Insider’s posts ribbing Pappi Smurf = 12%
– Insider’s posts saying how much he loathes the Blues = 12%
– Insider’s posts saying anything positive about rugby league = 1%

The above is statistical analysis of the highest order!

How well does the Melbourne Storm dynasty stack up in NRL history?

Nah, Trent wouldn’t even win Gold for whinging.

Gold – Jason Taylor
Silver – Trent Barrett
Bronze – Ricky Stuart

Only 1 of the above 3 can actually coach.

How the hell are the Sea Eagles contenders again?

You sound like the sort of bloke who says to his kid, “it’s good that you got 97% in your maths exam, but wtf happened with the other 3%”. ????

NSW Blues player ratings: Origin 3

That was a brilliant line!

The Maroons had the passion but not the cattle

Hi jimmmy. Does 10 July 2019 herald the end of two eras?
1. Volkswagen announcing yesterday they will be ceasing production of the Beetle
2. The Qld Maroons announcing yesterday the end of their great dynasty

The Maroons had the passion but not the cattle

Hi Tim, you know I love ya, but the comment about Ethan Lowe, “I probably wouldn’t have picked in a club 17 this week” is a bit misinformed. He’s been one of the most consistent Rabbitoh forward this year and does a good job week in week out (although a few games playing centre hasn’t helped his stats).

He runs hard, does a million tackles, puts pressure on kickers, and plays in whatever position the coach asks without chucking a dummy spit.

Every side needs a meat and potato player (although given it’s 2019 the health food junkies have probably changed it to meat and sweet potato player).

The Maroons had the passion but not the cattle

I agree. I would add that Murray also provided the quick balls to the halves out wide that led to two tries. His speed and agility made a big difference in the second half.

NSW Blues player ratings: Origin 3

Due to injuries and players out of position, this Maroons side has more defects than a new Sydney apartment building. I reckon it will be tight at half time, but expect the Blues to (hopefully) run away with it in the second half and win by 18.

State of Origin 3 preview: Why the Blues are set for back-to-back series victories for the first time in a long time

Dylan Napa in defence – the way he rushes out of the line and comes into contact with nobody, his arms flaying about like a tweenage girl at a One Direction concert – reminds me of a little toddler reaching down to pick up a ball.

We’ve all seen it! A little toddler (or an uncoordinated adult) is reaching down to pick up a ball, and just as he’s about to grab it, he accidently kicks it forward with his foot.

Then he waddles forward, reaches down to grab the ball, and accidently kicks it forward with his foot.

Then on the third attempt, he accidently kicks the ball forward again.

Finally, on the fourth attempt, he manages to keep his foot out of the way and pick up the ball.

Napa – the big, googy, gangly lug – has a similar degree of co-ordination and the same level of success in defence.

The craziest Origin series ever is destined for a crazy finish

To paraphrase the great Richie Benaud:

The Titanic was a tragedy, the Ethiopian drought a disaster, and neither bears any relation to a 9 week suspension.

Rabbitohs GM raises eyebrows, describes George Burgess' 9-match ban as a 'tragedy'

As for McGuire, I have no doubt he’ll do it again, as he’s a recidivist (Tim Gore’s second favourite word!!). Hopefully a precedent has been sent and McGuire gets a lengthy suspension when he inevitably does it again – but I won’t be holding my breath.

"My career is probably in the balance": George Burgess cops massive ban

I was expecting 12 weeks as it looked deliberate to me, so George can count himself lucky. 12 weeks would have been more reasonable given our game’s historical abhorrence to eye gouges and the need to send a clear message.

I must admit I also hate facials and how you often see a tackler pushing a players (prone) head into the ground as the tackler gets to his feet. If a player does either of those things and “accidently” pokes a player in the eye, they should also cop a lengthy ban.

As for Georgie Boy, as I have said before, I don’t think he’ll be selected for Souths again this season (during the finals) and will be released at the end of the season.

"My career is probably in the balance": George Burgess cops massive ban

You’re on fire with the player nicknames. Have you heard Joe Ofahengaue referred to Joe Often Have a Go? I like that!

Both Origin teams are tracking for a massive effort in Sydney

Tommy T?

Rothfield reports Darius Boyd is close to being dropped from the Broncos' side

Yeah, the Storm are the only side travelling nicely. Both Souths and Rorters have lost 4 out of their last 5, Manly look solid now that they are getting players back, Sharks should rise up with their key players back. I like the look of Raiders and Knights, but the rest are super inconsistent.

As for the Broncos, I think Wayne must be smiling into his earl gray.

Desperate times for Broncos with finals fast approaching

I can’t see any of the current top seven teams dropping eight of the eight:

Storm + Bunnies + Rorters + Raiders + Knights + Sea Eagles + Sharks

Of the remaining teams I can’t see the Broncos making a run of it to make up enough points and for and against to grab the final spot. They’re a bit of a rabble at the moment.

Desperate times for Broncos with finals fast approaching

If the Storm hired an acting coach, they would go for Anthony Hopkins, Robert Deniro or Al Pacino. If the Eels hired an acting coach they would pick Ashton Kutcher.

Cameron Smith gently whispers the Storm to victory against the Roosters

Cheers Joe, I didn’t realise he was injured – thought he was punted.

Souths' slump continues with Tigers defeat

Our players need to look up the words “committment” and “effort” in the dictionary.

There was a play where Reyno passed the ball to no one and I think it was Liam Knight who stood there like a statue with the ball only about a foot away. If a pigeon was flying by it could have landed on his head and had a rest. He moved like a sloth in hurry and the Tiger player got to the ball because he wanted it more. All Knight had to was fall on it. We’ve been seeing this lack of committment for a month.

The errors, penalties and poor last tackle options must be driving Bennett batty, as they’re having that effect on me. The bye is much needed.

As for George, I note that Bennett did not bring him back on after his first stint. He should get at least 8 weeks on the sideline and I suspect that Bennett won’t pick him again this year. It was a disgraceful act, one of the worst I have seen. If I see him again at the Cloey Hotel I’ll give him a piece of my mind (then I’ll probably run in the opposite direction as he’s about 80% heavier than me).

Souths' slump continues with Tigers defeat

I know you have (you were member no.2) – I was just blowing my own horn!

The halfback NSW must pick for Game 3 who nobody's talking about

This is b……t!
I am triggered! (for the first time ever).
I demand that the Roar editor Scott Pryde change the headline from:
“The halfback NSW must pick for Game 3 who nobody’s talking about”
“The halfback NSW must pick for Game 3 who nobody (apart from that gibberer Con Scortis) is talking about”.
After all, I am the Founder and current President of the 1-month old Chad Townsend for Blues Halfback Fan Club (currently 6 members).
Et tu, Mary K. Eu tu.

The halfback NSW must pick for Game 3 who nobody's talking about

I still prefer Freddy’s style of bonkers to Pete Evan’s style of bonkers, but you’re right on the money with your comments Don.

Has Freddy gone a little bonkers?

My favourite Gould example was a Sharks game at Shark Park a couple of years ago.

I think they were playing the Storm and Gould was saying how amazing it is how opposition teams that were faultless the week before struggle at Shark Park. He said that opposition teams “lose” their way at the ground.

He then referred to Shark Park as the “Bermuda Triangle”, and he considered himself so clever that he used the term “Bermuda Triangle” about a million times during the match.

He kept repeating, “It’s the Bermuda Triangle Rabs” so may times I thought my head was going to explode.

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?