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Origin: The way it used to be

Origin: The way it used to be

2 Jul 2016

There has been a huge amount written about State of Origin over recent days. Topics such as the Blues’ current malaise, just how many Queenslanders are future Immortals, what Laurie should do, why Bozo is there and so on.

In rugby league, completion rates are only part of the story

In rugby league, completion rates are only part of the story

20 Apr 2016

There’s a famous adage that ‘possession is nine-tenths of the law’. Intuitively, this rule also applies to rugby league, as time in possession is one of the key factors highlighted, and the team that holds the pill for longest is more often than not the victor.

The Knights’ second ball conspiracy

The Knights' second ball conspiracy

13 Apr 2016

There are numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the dropping of a sitter by Tigers winger Jordan Rankin, on Sunday April 10, 2016.

My NRL set of seven

My NRL set of seven

10 Apr 2016

As per NRL rules, when the halfback kicks the ball dead the defending team gets a set of seven.

We must stop turning a blind eye to pain killers

29 Sep 2015

Medical knowledge of the long-term effects of repeated concussions is nothing new. As far back as 1928 doctors recognised the so-called ‘boxer’s dementia’.

Remembering the enigmatic Maroon, Peter 'Jacko' Jackson

1 Jul 2015

Look up the word ‘enigmatic’ in the dictionary and you may well find a photograph of the great Queenslander, Peter Jackson.