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This is exactly how it should be done. Minimal derbies and spread out across all the cities that have a team.
I would however like to see the season opened each year with a match between AL Champions and Aus Cup champions though. Although I guess we get that in Aus Cup in a month anyway!

Some proactive administration is a terrific sign for the A-Leagues

Great summary and I too think that the tide is finally starting to turn a little bit after a few rough years.
I’d been sceptical of these preseason friendlies previously, but I think organised in the way have (branded, games in multiple countries/timezomes, matches featuring big clubs and small clubs) is a smart move by all involved. This year we have two AL sides in BRFC and MV competing in these matches. Next year, I’d love to see four AL teams playing in these matches.
I really appreciated the united effort by FA and APL in announcing the next domestic calendar, the more that these two can align the better. Another way of doing this would be for KeepUp to properly embrace competitions the AL teams are in beyond the A-League. When I look up BRFC’s schedule, I want to see a list including Australia Cup, any Asian matches (fanciful), any friendlies, not just A-League matches because this is what APL/KeepUP have a vested interest in. Many fans do not see their team through the lens of the A-League solely (some do), they just want their team to perform well in any match/competition they are playing in. Alignment and presenting a united front are the buzzwords I’d be promoting at head office.
Taking all the developments together (proposed NSD, ALW expansion, Winter Festival of Football, All Stars match, Australia Cup draw, international breaks etc), the biggest takeaway from me is how Australian football really can present content year round that NRL and AFL can only dream of. All the better if it is on one well-priced broadcaster with a passion for football.

Some proactive administration is a terrific sign for the A-Leagues

Yea so that is referring to promotion and relegation between NPL and NSD? Both of these administered by FA.

As it stands, broadcast rights would need to be negotiated between FA and a suitor, they are not imbedded in the AL deal.

The A-League's World Cup break: The right move or a missed opportunity?

This is not true. The NSD would be administered by Football Australia, whereas the A-Leagues is administered by the APL.

TV rights for NSD will be a separate negotiation.

The A-League's World Cup break: The right move or a missed opportunity?

I’d love to see NSD/AL doubleheaders scheduled. Not all the time but just where it works. Peninsula Power v Sydney United and Roar v WSW at Redcliffe would be great.

So intrigued to see where the NSD is broadcast too. Surely Paramount finishes the job theyve started in acquiring everything Aus football related but who knows?

MLS recently announced a broadcast deal with Apple TV+ where they intend to show the bulk of their matches on Saturdays, staggered throughout the timezones and shown not only as individual matches but in a EPL goal rush/MLB strike zone/NFL Redzone type format.

Would be so cool to see that on Paramount +. 2pm-11pm each Saturday featuring matches from both AL and NSD.

So much potential, so many possibilities.

The A-League's World Cup break: The right move or a missed opportunity?

Totally agree that if you are going to do it, it needs to be well thought out and branded.
It would likely work best later in the season to create a timeslot free of NRL and AFL a little bit. And also as a way of spreading out matches a little bit across AL and NSD. If we assume that in time there will be 12-16 matches a week when both seasons are in swing, do we really want to cram all of those games into three days? I’d like the vast majority on Saturday with 2 Fri and 3 Sun but then with one other day scheduled.
Perhaps you have 12 Wed night football matches only per season with each team hosting one each (and playing two total) so as not to over burden any one team.

The A-League's World Cup break: The right move or a missed opportunity?

Interesting this calendar has a placeholder for a national second division commencing in March 2023. This is not that long away… but I’m stoked that league football will essentially be all year round soon. I will attend and watch both competitions.

The A-League's World Cup break: The right move or a missed opportunity?

I think this pause is a good thing, it allows every tournament and competition that comprises Australian football to have it’s place in the calendar (released earlier today). This is a one-time only special anyway with future WCs to revert back to the AL offseason.

Not saying they will do so, but they could schedule two rounds of midweek matches to increase the number of games teams play pre-WC if they wanted to.

The A-League's World Cup break: The right move or a missed opportunity?

Can’t imagine Paramount are that thrilled with this result. When our national teams go out to play in rugby, rugby league and cricket, there is an expectation that we give a good account of ourselves each and every time, even if we don’t win.

So in this new free-to-air environment the Matildas and Socceroos operate in, there are no friendlies anymore. There are national team matches to be marketed as big events that can’t afford experimental sides or resting players. Doing so would be taking the long way round to proper mainstream acceptance in my opinion.

A pretty damaging result on a few levels.

Spain 7, Matildas 0: 'Why this, why now' is the question as coach's kids destroyed

Was this directed at me?

I took out a full season membership with BRFC and then the year subscription offer available to members. I will do the same for the next season and beyond.

Every overseas-based Socceroo should be an A-League guest player

Still no app for LG operating system either. I have encountered the same buffering issue when I access matches on the Paramount + app on Google TV Chromecast, it can be unwatchable at times (i.e. most of the time). However, when I start the video in the app on my phone, and then cast that to my TV, it usually plays fine so that is the workaround I recommend.

I think I know what the issue is with the Chromecast app too. Unlike Kayo, it doesn’t appear to be able to dynamically shift between SD and HD as the internet speed increases or decreases. It seems to insist on broadcasting in HD and so when you internet can’t handle it, it starts buffering. Whereas on Kayo when your speed decreases a little bit, the footage just reverts back to standard definition in a much more seemless and less frustrating way.

I have a subscription to every single streaming service available in Australia, and Paramount + is the only one I experience issues with which to me shows their platform is running a distant last to their competitors as it stands.

Can our sometimes maligned league afford to broadcast on an inferior product? NRL or AFL might be able to get away with it, but I’d argue that football needs everything it can going for it to succeed.

Every overseas-based Socceroo should be an A-League guest player

I was up at 4am watching it, but I am hoping that was the last time I have to do so and Paramount bring their platforms in line with what is offered on Kayo, Optus Sport and Stan Sport.

If this match was broadcast on any of these other providers, I’d have been able to wake up at 5am or 6am or whenever I wanted and watch on demand at a time that suits me as the consumer. Being forced to wake up to watch something live is antiquated in 2022.

The viewing number quoted in the article is impressive, but I think with investment into the functionality of their platforms (and increased marketing/advertising spend), they could reach even higher greater figures.

Another way of strengthening the link between the ALM and Socceroos would be to stage a two match series v NZ each year (perhaps the weekend after the grand final to keep the big matches flowing during that period) with teams consisting solely of ALM players. Normalise the idea that the league produces players capable of playing for their country.

Additionally, what about the development of original content focusing on ALM-based Socceroos players going in to camp (the likes of Jamie Maclaren) that could kill two birds with one stone and be used to promote both the league AND the Socceroos.

Every overseas-based Socceroo should be an A-League guest player

Matches not match 😊 one at Eden Park and another in Aus venue TBD

REACTION: 'Arnie gave him that belief' - coach's brave call creates unlikely hero as Socceroos advance to World Cup finals

Ideally they would ditch the tiles for individual leagues/tournaments and just have one sport/football section, which displays upcoming matches across all leagues/tournaments they hold the rights for horizontally from left to right, then below that a list of full replays left to right, then minis left to right, then highlights left to right.

Like how Kayo, Stan Sport and Optus Sport all do it essentially.

Watching the Socceroos? It's time to suspend all doubt and just believe

Well, were APL/Paramount to look at bundling P+ in with a mobile provider (which is a good idea and one I’ve mentioned on here previously), it would be Mate Mobile as they are a current sponsor.

Western United's championship is the perfect end to the A-League Men season

Absolutely. Part of doing this “right” (in my opinion would be to schedule it yearly and at the same time each year rather than just when the APL needs a pay day. Almost like an end of season rep match.

This match is a point of difference to NRL/AFL and something they are simply unable to do themselves.

Teenage sensations star as A-League All Stars give Barcelona almighty fright


A quick google search of AL today shows a slew of articles that portray the league in a positive light including “Barcelona bring out fans to bear witness to A-League Men talent” by The Guardian. This is good for the AL.

There a million and one things the APL (and Paramount) need to work on but Townsend was quite upfront that one of their strategies was presenting AL as adjacent to other leagues. Keep Up has been a failure in doing this, but last night was a success.

Now imagine if the league quality improves over the next 5 years, they’ll be able to put a pretty compelling All Stars team up to match it with whichever European team is chasing a payday. Yes they are only friendlies, but imagine the good news coverage for the league if they won last night! Or they win two years in a row. Perhaps the AL All Stars can be a team people increasingly want to watch in addition to the European team.

Perhaps it can create a few household names that people come to know in a more mainstream way.

Done right/tastefully, there is a great concept in last night’s game that can compliment the ALM/ALW/Socceroos/Matildas/Aus Cup/FA Cup/ACL/AFC Cup offering that Paramount are currently developing. Hopefully a NSD is added to that mix so this period in the calendar includes FTA AL finals, Aus Cup playoffs, NSD finals, an All Stars match plus another couple of European friendlies. A real May festival of football.

Teenage sensations star as A-League All Stars give Barcelona almighty fright

Should be interesting to see next year’s All Star team (assuming they do it again). If they make good on signing a bunch of marquees it could be a pretty solid team..

'Free shot': Dwight Yorke says A-Leagues All Stars have chance to upset Barcelona

I was anti-it at first, but I’m pretty sure that were this game not on tonight, we’d see the same amount of promotion for the GF as we are seeing now. Minimal. This game IS the promotion for the GF, on the basis that it is not Barca v another European team, but Barca v a collected AL team. So I guess the hope is the All Stars fair ok so then APL can say “see AL is good quality, tune in on Saturday.”
Through the telecast there will be promotions for GF. You’d hope a few advertisements as well (on TV and in stadium). I’ll be flicking back and forth between this and Masterchef personally. Its not a match I’m going to pull rank on with the missus, she can watch her food tonight, but I’ll be keeping half an eye on it, as it is AL players afterall.
So rather than seeing this as robbing Peter (AL) to pay Paul (Barcelona), I think it is more like Paul paying for Peter?
In this way, APL get to promote their little AL and sell 70,000 tickets in doing so.
However this hypothesis is all based on the understanding that APL will properly kick into marketing gear next year, and this one was indeed a write off as a Townsend said. If what we get from AL this season is the new normal next season, then you could rightly label this a cynical move in my opinion.
Will be interesting to see if they schedule an AL stars match next season to create regularity and tradition.

'Free shot': Dwight Yorke says A-Leagues All Stars have chance to upset Barcelona

The pre-match feature on Rojas gave an insight into how football could be on a caring FTA broadcaster. A great product last night all told.

Now for FA to sell the NSD rights to P+ and increase to 12-16 matches a week and as many two-leg finals as can be fit into a season.

Western sweep aside Victory to reach first A-League Grand Final

Each to their own of course, but I think two legs gives a good balance in the regular debate about having finals at all or first past the post.
We are told that finals are part of our sporting culture in Australia. Ok fine well then let’s jam as many in as we can. And in doing so, bring in some traditional football culture via finals over two legs.
I also like being about to watch football tonight and tomorrow night, rather than just the weekend.
Plus extra FTA games on 10, which can only be a good thing.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Semi-finals

If Australian sports fans love finals matches as much as people say they do, it makes sense to have as many as possible via two leg format. This weekend just past should have been over two legs, plus two legs for the Aus Cup semi finals as well in my opinion.

I also think having those Aus Cup playoff games on the weekend was smart, meant there was 4 “finals” matches instead of just the 2.

I'm more confident than I've ever been about the A-Leagues' future

Why show ads that cut away from the coverage completely when you can have ones that keep the coverage and reduce the screen size which would have avoided this issue though?

I'm more confident than I've ever been about the A-Leagues' future

Both finals matches this week are FTA and presumably the whole finals series is.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Elimination finals

Indeed. I have seen a few ads on TV for the FA Cup final and a digital billboard on the drive home just now which means channel 10 football is being advertised, just not the Australian kind.

Should the A-League Men final-round fixtures kick off simultaneously?