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It would be good for them to continue to produce this year on year to track changes over time if any.

The astonishing funding gap between rugby and football: Will Aussie politicians ever give round ball code a fair go?

While BRFC via Fong do not state explicitly they would be willing to contribute $10 million towards a new stadium build, this article does suggest implicitly that given the option afforded to the Brisbane Lions, they would likely cough up the dough.

The astonishing funding gap between rugby and football: Will Aussie politicians ever give round ball code a fair go?

I think most football fans would be ok with a shared boutique stadium resulting in the number on this graph assigned to football increasing (by 50% of the total cost of the stadium build), with it also increasing towards rugby in equal measure.

Building one boutique stadium of 20,000 odd to suit the needs of two sports sounds like a good way to spend taxpayer dollars in my opinion. I have written about a hybrid Roar/Reds stadium to stop both teams going broke at Suncorp previously:

Inner-city Brisbane needs a boutique stadium before Ipswich

The astonishing funding gap between rugby and football: Will Aussie politicians ever give round ball code a fair go?

Stan Sport pretty decent this morning for UCL but needs picture in picture like kayo being that games are on concurrently. So too are they for tennis and rugby for fan subscribers of those sports.
It should also allow you to pick back up where you left off if you start but dont finish a video. That is a fairly reasonable and basic requirement.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

In leveraging new media might we also see team-only streaming subscriptions in the future?

Consider this; currently BRFC offer a digital-only subscription for $40/yr which includes a ticket to one game, discounted merch and access to RoarTV. RoarTV is the team’s own streaming service with interviews, training videos etc etc. Pretty low value stuff that is also mostly uploaded to YT for free as well but the interesting thing about it is they are laying the platform into place that could have more significant uses in the future.

BRFC as part of the APL will be producing the AL and WL content moving forward. So perhaps in future, consumers have the option of all that Paramount + has to offer to $95/yr OR if they are only interested in watching their team, they could get a team-only subscription (AL and WL) for that established $40/mth.

I personally would pay the $95 for everything because I want to see Melbourne Victory get hammered by Melbourne City for many years to come, but for others less dedicated than me, perhaps they do only want to pay to watch their own team? The more price points and tailored options you can provide to consumers the more chance they are to part with their cash.

You could then bundle a team-only streaming sub to a full ticket membership so a fan can get access to every single game (whether attending live or watching on TV) via one transaction for say $300-350/yr.

How would ViacomCBS feel about the content they’ve paid for no longer being exclusive to their service (in time)? Well, being that they are part owner of the APL, perhaps not as badly as you might think. What’s good for the APL is good for ViacomCBS.

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

No point in advertising now in the peak of AFL and NRL finals series. The NRL GF is on Oct 3 so we can all expect ads to occur from Oct 4 onwards at the earliest (in any significant way anyways).

I also assume that all your views are showing a quite unmissable ad for the Stan Sport Champions League which starts tomorrow, and only went live in the last couple of days?

So if we use that as an example of how early broadcasters advertise their products in the lead-in to go-live we can probably expect ads for the AL and WL to occur mid October at the earliest?

Everything is as it should be to my mind (for now at least).

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

The product of a sport is now not only what you show on the field, but how you show it. Stan Sport gets put to the test tomorrow but I have seen with their rugby coverage that they give customers on-demand replays as full, mini and highlights packages so that is a good start. UCL of course features concurrent games so will the platform do what Kayo does and allow you to watch two matches at once picture in picture? Let’s hope so.

Paramount + absolutely needs to present Australian football in the best possible light with regard to it’s platform, that is vital. We all know that the A-League is not La Liga in terms of on-field quality but we love it anyway. It would however be a terrible look if our less than perfect league was shown on a buggy less than perfect platform.

They do not need to reinvent the wheel with this, Kayo and Optus Sport are both excellent products so all P+ needs to do is combine everything good about each into their own service.

This is not a given and apparently the NFL Game Pass International service is a total botch job and example of what not to do in this space. In Australia, this service is charged at a premium price point at around $32/mth. For that price, it is reasonable for fans to reject anything less than perfection. I myself intended on signing up on Sunday in preparation for yesterday’s games, but the reviews turned me off it. Apparently the issues that plague this service have been evident for years and that the league refuses to act on them for whatever reason.

Some of the issues:

* No ability to turn scores off when watching on demand. I intended on letting all the games play through yesterday morning to then watch on-demand as spliced/mini content last night. However, you apparently cannot do this without having the end scores spoil it for you, there is no “spoiler mode” toggle like there is on Optus Sport
* If you start a video and then exit it, you cannot pick up where you left off. This is of course something you can do on Optus and YouTube and just about every streaming service you care to look at, it is standard functionality. Now maybe this is no big deal in theory but if you internet drops out the video stops playing, and then you need to fast forward from the start to get back to where you were
* And then apparently the fast-forward and rewind functionality is near unusable. I’ve seen that myself with regard to Kayo vs. Optus. Kayo works really well where you can click forward in 15 second bursts so I know an ad break for the NFL is between 5-7 clicks on the remote, whereas Optus is not quite as good.

So I think this is why we are getting all the games on 10Play rather than Paramount +, Paramount + is simply not ready to do sport properly just yet. They are using the time from now till season launch to design and test their system properly so they are more like Optus and Kayo and less like NFL Game Pass. To grow the game, they will need to use new media well.

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

Another little clever bit of marketing/businessmen doing businessmen things I observed recently with regard to BRFC is the upselling of their products.

We of course know about the deal ticketed members get Paramount + for this coming season, pretty smart. All of a sudden, not only are they signing you up for access to home games, they have you parting with your hard earned for away games as well in just about one fell swoop. The additional kicker; ticketed BRFC members also get a 20% discount on merchandise as part of their memberships.

BRFC recently announced a change in manufacturer from Umbro to New Balance. Last year BRFC had next to nothing to sell to fans all season long which was a disgrace really although I guess Covid could be blamed (manufacturing delays?). Either way, you cannot make money if you have nothing to sell.

Move forward to 2021 and BRFC have New Balance products to sell in nice simple colours like black and grey, with the orange toned down because let’s be real nobody likes wearing orange clothes. I had a couple of shirts arrive last week and they are easily some of the nicest more stylish sports gear I own, and I own at least 15 or 20 sports t-shirts across AL, AFL, EPL, NFL, NHL, MLS and MLB. So from a branding and merchandising perspective, BRFC are light years ahead from where they were this time last year (is independence from FFA the trigger for improvement perhaps?), and because of that they have $120 of my merch money in their pocket (with more to come no doubt). As compared to $0 last season.

So almost in one single transaction, they have me spending money on clothes, tickets and streaming subscriptions in pretty quick succession. It is practices like this that the APL intend to leverage to monetise the league in my opinion.

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

For one, the narrative that the A-League is in a death spiral needs/needed to change, people do not want to get behind something they think might not exist in 5 years time.

So many good news stories for Aus football right now; new TV deal, new broadcasting partner, expansion of WL, talk of a football hub, national 2nd div etc etc. All of this helps to reshape football.

Most of my friends hate sokkah, but all of a sudden its a lot easier for me to talk up/talk about than it was even 6 months ago.

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

In addition to being Jordan Sports Fan I am also Jordan Music Fan and I remember a website called Bombshellzine that maintained a pretty extensive gig guide/calendar for the types of bands and music I like (punk rock namely). It was the original aggregated content before we used that term and very handy, but it no longer exists unfortunately.
My point being that this is what Football Hub can and should be. A place you can go for an exhaustive list of football fixtures (within reason) which adjusts to your timezone so that you know exactly when it is on.
From there, fans like them on social media and then they are the ones posting out about when AL, WL, Socceroos, Matildas, FFA Cup, National 2nd division are on. Possibly with paid naming rights etc etc. Right now AL posts about AL, FFA Cup posts about FFA Cup, we need something aggregated that posts about everything, a true one-stop shop. With links to previews and match reports and the like.
This is to my understanding exactly what the APL are building so I believe that the cavalry is on the way. It might even get me to sign up to the cesspool that is Facebook (but more likely Twitter).

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

BRFC have absolutely been found wanting in this regard in the past no doubt. I remember a preseason game v the Jets in Coffs Harbour last year which was being livestreamed but nowhere did BRFC mention this. I got the link from the Jet’s twitter feed. This kind of incompetence is pretty staggering, however with regard to tonight’s game, I don’t really think promotion via their page is going to increase attendance and viewership do you? If you are the type of person that frequents the BRFC webpage, then surely you know that this game is on already don’t you? Same if you follow them on Twitter or Facebook?
I can confirm that both their Twitter feed and Facebook page have posts although their is a critical error in my opinion and that is no mention of the words LIVE AND FREE ON 10PLAY. This is your selling point for tonight but on Facebook it just says 10Play. Twitter says @10FootballAU which gives no indication to the layman that they can quite easily watch this game tonight for free.
Beyond that, advertising really needs occur outside of their existing sphere of influence via paid ads on Facebook, newspapers, wherever else. Posting stuff to your subscribers on social media is still a basic expectation no doubt, but a post about it today isn’t telling anyone anything new they weren’t told last week or the week before?
I’ll be there tonight, cannot wait!

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

It wouldn’t be dedicated SPORTS fans that ViacomCBS/Paramount + are trying to unlock, it would be dedicated FOOTBALL fans. Is there enough of those in Australia to successfully monetise? We’ll soon find out although that is essentially what Optus Sport have been trying to figure out these past few years.

It is hard to see how any streaming provider competes with Foxtel on a general sports offering while they show what might be considered the “big three” of Australian sport; NRL, AFL and cricket. Stan Sport by offering rugby, football and tennis appear to be intent on giving it a red hot crack but we’ll see if that is sustainable in the next few years.

ViacomCBS/Paramount + will instead be trying to offer a more boutique/specialised product focusing on football. Singular in sport, but with a wide depth of content possibly. In the USA Paramount + offers UCL, Europa League as their football content but additionally the Masters, NFL, SEC College Football and College basketball. You could see some of that non-football content coming in to the Australian version in due course as existing commercial agreements run out (with ESPN and 7Mate namely), or perhaps that really do focus on football only and it is instead content such as the EPL, UCL et al. that ViacomCBS/Paramount + has an eye on.

Their current sport offering of AL, WL, Socceroos, Matildas is doomed to fail if that is the intended sum total of their sports offering though. Does anyone seriously think they stop there and make bank? NOT A CHANCE.

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

Independence will prove in a couple of years a watershed moment for the sport in this country in my opinion. It will allow established and successful businessmen (i.e the club owners via the APL) to do businessmen things, make money and hopefully funnel a fair chunk of it back into the game. This increased operating budget can then be spent on all manner of things; advertising, facilities, academies, players etc etc. Right now we have twelve such individuals but imagine if we instead had sixteen (or more), each with their own skills, networks and strengths (and money)?
Imagine if we had a national second division with promotion and relegation to encourage established and successful businessmen to buy in to teams outside of the A-League in areas they view as strategically sensible. That is, some might want to carve out their own patch somewhere where no other team exists like the Gold Coast or Tasmania. Others might think they can find a pocket in an established area of value to them and compete against their more established local rivals. Competition is good, and so too is more money into the game.
Imagine thirty-two such owners operating across two divisions, both of which fall under the umbrella of the Australian Professional Leagues, which itself houses a production studio and has multinational broadcasting giant ViacomCBS as one of it’s investors. Could this ownership group (APL + ViacomCBS in partnership) not then in the future obtain the rights to premium content such as the EPL, monetise it and then feed it back in to the local game? The possibilities are pretty astounding when you think about it for a little bit.
And before anyone dismisses the financial viability of a second division, just consider what is unfolding around you in a comparable way right now. Tomorrow night, 10Play will broadcast a FFA Cup match free featuring two semi-professional/amateur teams as well as Asian Champions League matches involving teams from Japan, South Korea, Tajikistan and Iran amongst other countries. On Kayo, I have seen amateur basketball and amateur Brisbane cricket matches as part of their offering. Stan Sport intend to show (or have shown) Brisbane and Sydney club rugby matches.
Surely the availability of “small-time” sport across three different providers isn’t a coincidence? To me, it suggests that done right, a national second division might be viable. It makes you consider what could make it more enticing to fans and broadcasters?? The answer begins with p and ends with r.

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

Highly recommend the new Chromecast with Google TV for $100. Kayo, Optus Sport, Stan Sport and Paramount + all on there, as well as every single other streaming service, some of which you didn’t know existed before, like Curiosity (documentary-based for like $4/mth).

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

Do your figures include on-demand viewers or just live viewers?

The NFL match between Chicago Bears and LA Rams started 40 mins ago. I am home on a day off but am intentionally watching it on delay later tonight so I can fast forward through the ads. Watching on-demand is a much better way to watch a lot of sports, including those kicking off at 10pm on a school night. As we progress along in the evolution of sports streaming, more people will become aware of this, meaning live viewers do not tell the full picture of interest anymore.

I watched the Wallabies live until half-time but then fell asleep and watched the mini-match this morning on Stan Sport. Possibly they are counting me twice in their stats?

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

Yes those rights are going to have massive ramifications for the whole industry shortly. Stan will want them to compliment UCL. Paramount + will want them to continue their quest for being the home of football.

The APL will want Paramount + to obtain them, as their football hub will work a lot better with obtaining EPL rights from a commercial partner in ViacomCBS rather than a competitor in Optus.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

I’ve seen a lot of Paramount + ads on Stan/YouTube et al. so far and then a few on buses/bus stops and digital billboards around the city (Brisbane).

These feature properties such as Spongebob Squarepants and the Mark Wahlberg movie and South Park because that is what they have on offer at the moment, there is no football to show.

I think you can expect these ads to flick over to football in the next month, but the problem is, they don’t know when the season is going to start. That is no problem for digital advertisements but imagine printing the bus ads for a start date of October 30 and then having to kick that back a few weeks a little bit later, it would be a disaster and waste of precious budget.

But I think it is promising that ViacomCBS are advertising the P+ service in general so heavily, this bodes well for football in my opinion.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

Think that responsibility of building out content will be more down to APL via their football hub site rather than Ten/Paramount but of course with a complimentary relationship between all.

A Ten/Paramount site is only like to cover things they have an interest in (AL, WL, Matildas, Socceroos, FFA Cup) , whereas APL have spoken about covering all of football on their football hub.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

Coverage of W-League is about to be increased with the move to Paramount + too, as every single match will be shown from now on. Previously with Fox, only say 2 games a week were being shown.

Under the new arrangement, we will all at minimum be able to watch “our team” each week without fail (in my case BRFC) which to me makes the competitions a lot more enticing. It is off-putting when the team I support is only televised intermittently.

Assuming that minis and highlights are part of the content equation, I see myself going from watching the Thursday night WL game two out of every three weeks, to watching one full game a week and then four mini-matches each week.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

Live TV ratings will always be of some large significance to broadcasters, but increasingly less so. It is all about engagement across platforms.
As I said above, I watched the game on demand on Wednesday morning. The video was set up so that I could not fast forward through ads, and in each block there was 4-5 ads. It seemed like I might have watched MORE than I would have if I watched live the night before. Perhaps the revenue from the on-demand replay ads was charged at less than the live ads, but surely it wouldn’t have been that much of a difference with the live broadcast being at the quite late time of 10pm. In any case, I could be said to have been just as valuable to ViacomCBS as an on-demand viewer than as a viewer that watched live.
Then consider highlights and mini-match content. In is standard practice for highlights to be uploaded to YouTube as standard practice now, and when you watch one of those you usually are subjected to two ad blocks of 1-2 ads each (unless you pay for YT Premium which I have recently done). Potentially four ads for a 3-7 minute video!
Even the content that you pay for on Optus displays ads (Hungry Jacks et al) so they are monetising consumers twice (subscription fees and ad revenue). I sometimes watch the 9:30pm PL game but mostly I just watch mini-matches and highlights on demand. Again, I am no less valuable as a consumer to Optus even though I rarely watch matches live.
This then shows us what the APL is looking to develop with their Football Hub platform. In a lot of ways, it’ll be a football-specific YouTube. Get a bunch of video content in the form of highlights, mini-matches, interviews and feature pieces and then imbed ads into them. The more leagues the better, especially blue chip ones such as the Premier League and La Liga. Then you add written articles (match previews, match reports etc etc.) replete with advertising banners. Then you create fantasy and tipping competitions replete with naming rights sponsors and more ad banners. Then you create a forum portal such as the one I’m writing on right now, with, you guessed it, advertising banners such as the one you can probably see on your screen as you read this. Merch stores, tickets, ladder predictors, stats and analytics. product sales, product sales, ads and ads. Then maybe you can add a subscription fee that mimics YouTube by taking all the ads away for say $5/mth.
For Australian football (A-League, W-League, Socceroos, Matildas, FFA Cup etc.) it will therefore come down to how much time people are spending engaging with these competitions, and not just via live broadcasts. If more people do that, that engagement will be monetised make no doubt. Football Hub is the potential game-changer because it cuts YT out of the content producer-platform-advertiser model they operate on and instead brands pay APL directly. But also, it creates a potential one-stop shop that becomes ubiquitous with football fans in the same way YT is for many. A site you visit at least once daily like I do with YT to watch MLB and MLS highlights.
I however can’t imagine this working to the same extent while Optus have the rights to the PL. They have their own model set out kind of already doing what I have described above, so those TV rights are going to be absolute hot property later in the year. Done right, this Football Hub has a chance to be a massive game-changer to the sport in this country and just sports content and broadcasting in Australia in general. APL are looking to corner the local market of the biggest sport in the world.

COVID lockdowns may force A-League to delay season

It very well might be, but to really know you’d need to compare apples with apples.
a 10pm kick off on a Tuesday night is worlds away from a nice lazy Sunday afternoon kick off for starters. I for one knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay up till midnight watching the Socceroos, so watched the game on demand the next morning. Are people that did this included in the 91k ratings?
Secondly, a Bledisloe test is about the most premium Wallabies content available to that sport, whereas, with all due respect to Vietnam, they are a bit lower down on the pecking order for Socceroo’s fans.
One match had crowds, another did not. Another was in Australia, another was in another country. Although to be fair, the Bledisloe was a dead rubber which would have impacted their own numbers.
So let’s use the match against Japan in Australia on March 24 as the benchmark to see where the Socceroos are at currently I think. This match could or should be for WC qualification on the line on the night. If this is the case, you would hope and expect for State of Origin type viewing numbers, and hopefully an 80k crowd at Stadium Australia (if Covid allows us).

COVID lockdowns may force A-League to delay season

Judging by the TBCs listed for all the matches beyond September (i.e. close to when A-League launches) I would expect that Socceroos games will be shown on 10 (or 10Bold), 10Play and Paramount +, with all the other games either totally paywalled behind Paramount + or a combination of 10Play and Paramount +.

10 Play is clearly a workaround until Paramount + is ready for go live. Features are lacking on 10 Play which are hopefully included on Paramount +:

* When you start a broadcast delayed, it should ask if you wish to watch “from live”, or “from start”
* On-demand replays displayed in the app itself rather than on a webpage such as you have provided (much appreciated don’t get me wrong)
* Consistency in the on-demand replay options; full match, mega mini (45 mins), mini (25 mins), extended highlights (9 mins) and highlights (3 mins) for all matches on Paramount +. The extended highlights to then also be posted to YouTube
* Additionally, the following aggregated content would be great; A-League all goals in a round, W-League all goals in a round, combined A-League plus W-League highlights for each team (especially with talk of this Club Championship, what a fantastic idea) and then just a combined 60-min package of all A-League and W-League matches in a given round
* The ability to watch concurrent broadcasts picture-in-picture like Kayo allows. This will be especially relevant for those subscribers who intend to watch A-League and W-League during the coming season. As these competitions will be shown concurrently, this duel viewing feature is a must.

All of this enhanced functionality is established in Kayo and Optus and other providers, so this is the minimum expectation I have of Paramount +. Danny Townsend has talked a big game with how the APL approach content generation, and I think its a good sign they poached Richard Bayliss from Optus which developed into an excellent product on his watch. When the time comes to provide feedback at some point later in the year, any of the above missing will be where my feedback is focused. These are things we as consumers should be expecting for our subscription fees.

'We're here to make history': Socceroos big guns fire as World Cup campaign off to a flyer

I will be up at 4am in the morning, and am willing to give 10/P+ some time to bed in, but with on-demand functionality being a staple of streaming services, I really hope this is apparent live-only presentation is rectified by the next time we play at some ridiculously early timeslot. I want to watch this game at 6am not 4am.

I’ve no doubt it will be as this is another way of getting eyeballs on to games to advertise to.

Road to Qatar: What to expect from China and Vietnam as Socceroos resume World Cup bid

Can people just ease up now…

Network Ten/Paramount+ had better get this right as football in Australia depends on it

AA, are you concerned that with Isaias inclusion in addition to the trio of 35-year-olds in Lopez, Juande and Jakobsen this will deny minutes to younger players?

Matador Isaias Sanchez returns to the A-League bullfight