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Live Cricket Blog: Gunfight at The Premadasa Corral

5 Mar 2011

The R.Premadasa International Stadium is a graveyard for bowlers. In 1997-98, Sri Lanka racked up the world’s highest Test total, scoring 952 for 6 declared against India. The highest partnership in Test cricket of 576 for the second wicket was established by Jayasuriya and Mahanama. Join The Roar’s live cricket blog from 7.30pm

Australia beat Black Caps in a one-sided encounter

26 Feb 2011

Nagpur, in the exact geographical centre of India, is a long way from Christchurch and the respective teams stood in a moment’s silence reflecting on the tragedy still so fresh.

Things we can control: Sport, the great healer

24 Feb 2011

Life and death take precedence over everything. Even sport. The heavens opened and the floods around the country showed how fleeting our life can be. The earth opened up in Christchurch and we were reminded how precious life is. All these natural tragedies also showed the resilience and heroism of man. We learn to accept […]

Zimbabwe prosper a little but Price not quite right

22 Feb 2011

If Santana was running the ICC he would be singing “Let the Children Play”. This was a soundtrack from his million-selling album Festival. This current World Cup may be the last playground for the children. Australia played Zimbabwe overnight and it was supposed to be a massacre of the innocents.

The contenders for the World Cup that counts

20 Feb 2011

This is compulsory reading for the wise men at Cricket Australia: The 2015 World Cup, to be played in Australia, will be the 50 overs format and not a hybrid 45 split over impersonator.

Molly-coddled players need to toughen up for World Cup

17 Feb 2011

My friend on The Roar, Sheek, has accused me of being a misguided cricket tragic. If the truth be known I am struggling with the sorry state of Australian cricket.