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My grandfather fought on the front and lived by a series of very close calls. Respect to him. My grandmother wasn’t having a pleasure cruise of course but “you just have sit on a couch” understates the mental impact quantine can have on people. If it is so easy then why do we put people in prison for committing crimes? Mentally this does take a toll and the toll is not borne evenly. What might be easy for one can be soul destroying for another.

The Thursday rugby two-up: One bio-bubble too many for the ‘Boks and Pumas?

Are any Pumas available for the Barbarians or have they all had quite enough of being away from home? It’s a shame it won’t be a full strength Samoa but it’s a great choice for opposition.

'At no stage have I agreed to play': Quade Cooper denies Barbarians commitment

Although this is France’s 5th division, it is club level rugby. If the referee had issued 8 red cards I would support him.

French rugby teams waste no time exchanging punches straight from the kickoff

I am sure it is seen as an insult to Argentina. Particularly given the famous Latin temperament. However over here it was seen as incompetence from SAANZAR. Which frankly is what is was. Us rugby fans do appreciate all the extra effort Los Pumas have gone through this year and last year to keep the competition alive. So we care.

Six Pumas, including Matera, locked out of Queensland after Byron visit, Wallabies Test will go ahead

I actually think this is feasible. SAANZAR are not exactly showering themselves with accolades of the competence lately. Add in the language barrier and I think it is possible. It’s possible they didn’t know they were crossing a state line and it’s possible they didn’t realise the consequences. In fact, even QLD locals have been caught by this. There is nothing warning you as you leave QLD that you may not be allowed back in.
That said, even if they didn’t know about the state border, wasn’t there some team rule limiting their travel? One of them is a team manager! What the?
It would be really interesting to know.

Six Pumas, including Matera, locked out of Queensland after Byron visit, Wallabies Test will go ahead

I love that idea Jonty. Make it 7 points for a try just to set the expectation of what style we want. Any chance of ringing in a few All Black reserves as well? Particularly anyone in the 4 teams that didn’t get a RC game.

Six Pumas, including Matera, locked out of Queensland after Byron visit, Wallabies Test will go ahead

“I’m pretty sure their policy isn’t isolation forever.” – if you are referring to WA then I admire your optimism. If you are referring to QLD then I am sure this IS the policy of the Premier – it just isn’t the policy of the rest of the 5 million inhabitants.

Six Pumas, including Matera, locked out of Queensland after Byron visit, Wallabies Test will go ahead

Test rugby has never been about entertaining. It has always been about winning. Any national coach has a single focus. That is to win. Either in this game or if that is simply impossible, then future games. Entertainment simply is not a KPI. Especially at the top of the table. That said, in the professional era things have changed and people are paying to be entertained. However that is the responsibility of the referees and rule makers not the coaches.
If kicking away 98% of possession and playing with 9 players is a winning formula for South Africa then I expect nothing less from them. A big IF, but I get it.

The problem I have is the 60 minutes of tea brakes, go slows and non existent injuries. But again, if the coach gets away with it, in his single focus of winning, who is really to blame for this? In my view it is very firmly the fault of the referees and other match officials. They need to stamp this out.

So yes play a 9 or 10 man game and be boring. You have the right to try that strategy. I hope it fails but you have every right to try it. What we should be focusing on is all the time wasting and we should be coming down hard on the referees, match officials and rules that have allowed this to occur.
Rule strongly in favour of the side that is trying to play open, fast and continuous rugby. 20 seconds to throw into a line out and play on while that player is sitting on the ground have a water break. I think, by a scientific miracle, the Spring Bok would suddenly discover they have always had plenty of other DNA at their disposal. Plus this sudden discovery of suppressed DNA would miraculously solve all their injuries in a medical panacea. Win-win.

'Is it entertaining? No': All Blacks legend speaks out against Springboks' DNA

I love the general concept. Let’s suppose the NZ and Aus government and perhaps some other international donors paid for a more modest 15,000 seat multi use stadium in Nadi. Ideally employing as many locals in the construction as practical. Perhaps make the donation conditional on certain democratic freedoms and anti-corruption checks and balances.

Nadi being the tourist ‘capital’ of the largest of these nations, close to an airport, a lot of accommodation and tourist facilities. This would have to be conditional on World Rugby guaranteeing a world 7s annual fixture for at least 12 years. Plus also certain Super Rugby fixtures guaranteed by SAANZAR.
Perhaps think outside the box to make it easy and fee free for international remittances to buy tickets for local relatives.

It would probably still need some international donations to keep it operating, including from World Rugby. The objective would be to have it as close to self sustaining as possible and a boost to tourism and remittances from the diaspora so that the overall payback is a sustainable net economic benefit for Fiji.
Aus and NZ could at least pay for an independent feasibility study of this idea.

Time for rugby diplomacy and new stadiums in the Pacific

I’m not sure it is still true but last I checked there are more Pacific Islanders in just Auckland than there are in all those Island nations put together. So yes when they play in NZ in some respects it is like a home game. Of course, nothing compares to what it would be like in a true home game in Apaia or Suva.

Time for rugby diplomacy and new stadiums in the Pacific

There are the debts that the CPP leaves with these Pacific Islands. Like they have with many developing countries. Which very definitely leave the poor country in a debt trap.
However it is worse than this, in that there is also all the ‘hidden’ debts that the CCP create which are not on official books because the debt is to a consortium which is underwritten by the poor country. Which still have the exact same effect of leaving the poor country in a debt trap to the CCP. Which means the poor country has to make other concessions to the CCP to compensate.
AidData, an international development research lab based at Virginia’s College of William & Mary, analyzed 13,427 Chinese development projects worth a combined $843 billion across 165 countries, over an 18-year period to the end of 2017.
Researchers found that these nations’ debt obligations to China are larger than international research institutions, credit ratings agencies or intergovernmental organizations estimate.
The governments of Australia and NZ and other donors provide aid money and sponsorship to these Pacific countries but they do their best to do this ethically with an intention that it will lift poverty in a sustainable way. I know this because my own father was an advisor to ADB, the World Bank and AUS and NZ in many of these countries for this express objective.
CCP China has no such objective. Look at how the CCP treat their own people, never mind some far off little country of “foreign devils”. Let’s not pretend there is any doubt CCP China would plunder even more in the Pacific if/when it does not get attention and international back lash.

Time for rugby diplomacy and new stadiums in the Pacific

I agree with you. I would lump AR in with that also. I live in QLD and on Test days on the radio they talk about what NRL game is scheduled for the day but don’t even mention the Rugby Tests until it is all over. AR need to have someone get on the phone a few days before and let all radio etc know what is going on. Rugby is like a secrete, even in QLD. Supposedly one of the 2 states where it is most popular.

SANZAAR add another chapter to their textbook on how not to market a product

That is unfair. I understand a flight was delayed which was not under their control and inconvenienced their preparation. Then the photo shoot was just plain incompetence by SAANZAR to top off the day.

SANZAAR add another chapter to their textbook on how not to market a product

“…Boks ‘injury’ breaks out numbered their passes…” – sums up the entire game basically.

SA View: Heartbreak in the 100th as Boks 'set the table, kill the calf and forget to eat'

I hope the Bok play the same way next weekend and get totally humiliated on the score board. Then have to go back to RSA and explain how they lost 4 in a row with their negative tactics. However I guess that hope is unrealistic and we need a ref who will not stop play for all the tea breaks. The SA coaches can go have their own competition to see who can walk the slowest to a set piece and the rest of the world can get back to watching rugby.

Boks coach bemoans 'bounce of the ball' as youngster's massive play secures All Blacks win

I agree with him in a sence. I’d go one further and say it was a pointless photo. Sounds like a stuff on top of a stuff up to me rather than any disrespect. We are left guessing why they didn’t get a photo in SE Queensland but without one team in Townsville it was just further incompetence to proceed with one team missing in the photo. That said no doubt the coach is milking this to get his team worked up.

'The boys and staff felt really disrespected': Why this photo has Argentina coach fuming

“Boks average 80 runs per game” Does step, step, kick count as a run?

How the Springboks can overcome the All Blacks – and not just this year

The Boks always turn into another animal when facing the All Blacks. I expect nothing less next weekend. Its almost always close. However the whole RSA strategy looks doomed and can they switch that around within 1 week? Meanwhile NZ is improving all the time in depth and in execution. Another 5 championship points for the ABs.

All Blacks regain world No.1 ranking from Boks ahead of their historic 100th match

Yes it was a great performance from the Kiwi play maker. 8 from 8 kicks including the winning punt. Great composure from the New Zealander who Australian bureaucrats have said 4 times they don’t want as an Australian. I wonder if the Australian government will send a letter of thanks to New Zealand for lending them a key player to win this game. Or perhaps they’ll deport him. Not sure.

MATCH REPORT: 'He's a big game player. He said I've got it and he nailed it'

Yes a Southern hemisphere and East Asia rapid fire tournament every 4 years would be a great idea. You could have a preliminary round of 6 teams to complete for 4 slots to progress against RSA NZ Aus Arg in a sudden death knock out style. Run over 4 consecutive weekends. Basically get all these teams used to the sort of format they will find at World Cup.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Are mini-tournaments the future for The Rugby Championship?

Your idea has good merits. In TRC since 2012 all teams had played 42 tests. New Zealand has only lost 4 games. Home or away. However Trinations had more even results. It makes me think that the other countries need to raise their performance rather than thinking the format is wrong. Actually it tells me the format gives the truly best team as the winner. But I like the other points you raised.

The Rugby Championship should expand to six nations

As an AB supporter I think this is a screw up by NZ admin. They should just apologise for the miscommunication. Sounds like RA knew there was a deadline and couldn’t meet it but that’s no excuse for failing to give em a call or an email and confirm before going to the media. Poor form. I hope they still play in Perth.

'We're comfortable': NZR boss defends Bledisloe no-show in face of Australia's 'emotion'

Me gusta leer de los pumas aquí. Si quieres ver mal, mira a mi español! 😱

Why the Rugby Championship format will affect Los Pumas less than their rivals

Personally I thought Eddie Jones was an idiot in that respect. I still recall him basically calling the All Blacks cheats in the lead up to a test. As if the AB were not already motivated enough. On the day the All Blacks came out and creamed them. Good one Eddie.

Boks snub Lion king Gatland's 'mind games'

Gotta say I have never liked coaches trying to play mind games before the match. In any case it usually backfires against the team that starts it in that all it does is motivate the opposition even further. Foolish.

Boks snub Lion king Gatland's 'mind games'