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A fan of a wide range of sports, both Australian and international. A passionate, but long suffering Carlton fan (although we are about to come good, I swear!), I have hedged my bets and slit my disappointments by closely following football, and American sports.



Thank you for your comments, Karl! These are some great points.
The more conversation we have about this stuff the better it is for the game as a whole.
You all do an amazing job at Champion Data.

Stat's enough! 'Metres gained' is irrelevant

Thanks, Doc.
They have been a really fun story this season and I hope that they can give many teams a real run for their money. They are really well coached and seem to have a great team chemistry.

The curious case of the Miami Heat

That is the best thing about this year, there are so many great options.
LeBron will forever be a deserving winner of the MVP. However voter fatigue is a factor even though he did not win the award last year. Journalists have been voting LeBron for 10 years and it is easy to take his performances for granted.

Is this the NBA's best MVP race of all time?

West Coast are an aging list and they are primed to take it all this year too, their home ground advantage is always a good thing, and adding Mitchell is by far the best pick up of the year. He will make their whole midfield play better.

West Coast were built to win it all, and they will