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A fan of a wide range of sports, both Australian and international. A passionate, but long suffering Carlton fan (although we are about to come good, I swear!), I have hedged my bets and slit my disappointments by closely following football, and American sports.

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Stat’s enough! ‘Metres gained’ is irrelevant

Stat's enough! 'Metres gained' is irrelevant

28 Mar 2017

The Australian public is bombarded with countless statistics during every AFL game: contested possessions, uncontested possessions, marks, handballs, one percenters, the list is seemingly endless.

The curious case of the Miami Heat

The curious case of the Miami Heat

21 Mar 2017

The Miami Heat have been asking a lot more questions than they have been answering this season.

Revisiting the 2011 AFL draft

Revisiting the 2011 AFL draft

17 Mar 2017

During the last weekend without AFL football until September, footy fans across the country are in full swing with their typical pre-season delusions and high hopes.

Is this the NBA’s best MVP race of all time?

Is this the NBA's best MVP race of all time?

15 Mar 2017

If you haven’t picked the NBA MVP this season, you’re not alone – it will go down to the wire.