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How to make a rugby TV show interesting

23 May 2014

There have been some great articles written recently about how average the coverage of rugby on TV in Australia really is.

What is your favourite rugby memory?

28 Mar 2014

A brilliant article by Brett Susan yesterday on the memories and dangers of Newlands got some great responses from members about their rugby memories.

Review of Deans’ tenure at the Wallabies

Review of Deans' tenure at the Wallabies

11 Jul 2013

With all of the negativity that has surrounded his tenure, I thought I might try and write my view of Robbie Deans the man and his tenure as Wallabies coach.

How strong is the Australian conference?

31 May 2012

There has been a lot written and said about the relative strengths of each conference in this year’s Super Rugby Competition, particularly in relation to Australia.