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Minimum 5 weeks

Commentators fume at disgraceful crusher tackle

I just think he is “running on old legs”

Tyrone Roberts' spectacular solo run completely embarrasses Darius Boyd

Lets see how consistent (or should I say inconsistent) the NRL is. Corey Waddell from Manly copped 2 weeks for a headbutt last week.

Four sin-binned in wild brawl sparked by a possible Thomas Burgess headbutt

Errr. Oh yeah.

Blues player reportedly involved in sex tape

Getting spanked is better than being viciously assaulted. Lol

Blues player reportedly involved in sex tape

If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Leave Origin as it is and let it once again become a genuine selection process for the Australian team leading into international footy to then test against all the remaining players who do not qualify for origin. Although an option for the future, I just DON’T think a tri series of NSW, QLD and The Rest of the World would work as a concept.

We still get excited about Origin but for how much longer?

Has anyone seen the video? Which player is it supposed to be? A Penrith player?

Blues player reportedly involved in sex tape

We often forget how lucky Qld were during that 11 year period where year after year they kept fielding the same champion spine and with little impact of injuries. Whilst NSW were constantly changing their teams either due to injuries or as a result of series defeats. The stars certainly aligned for Qld. Now its the Blues turn for some lady luck.

Taste the fear: Origin vengeance is here

The only hope Smith has of playing is if Hunt gets injured during training. I can’t see anyone else filling that vital dummy half role adequately. Perhaps Mbye is the only one in that squad that could possibly try to fill it. McGuire certainly wouldn’t last 80 minutes and be effective.

Kevin Walters fails to rule Cameron Smith out of an Origin return

What about Paul Gallen?

Kevin Walters fails to rule Cameron Smith out of an Origin return

I don’t blame Jake. Those 2 refs had a bet on this game for sure!

Jake Trbojevic goes off at the ref after thrilling Titans try

I think there was a good point raised in restarting the tackle count. Let the play continue even allowing for the infringements. If the attacking team dont score, then on the 5th tackle reset the tackle count. And keep doing it every set that there us a blatant infringement until the infringements stop. Sooner or later the cheating team will be so exhausted they won’t have the energy to slow the play down.

Two simple ways to solve the NRL’s creeping penalty trend

Papenhuyzen = Ponga MkII

Storm have ready-made No.1 replacement

Try telling that to fonua blake who was binned and also copped 2 weeks for hitting pearce who fell into his tackle. And pearce was even lower to the ground than hughes.

Eels ask for NRL consistency over sin bin

Waiting for consistency from the Refs is like waiting up for Santa Clause.

Eels ask for NRL consistency over sin bin

Sorry mate. Sydney always has and always will be the heart of rugby league.

There's nothing supernatural about Magic

Why is it called magic round? What a stupid name. Surely they could have come up with a more relevant and footy related name.

2019 NRL Magic Round preview

Sadly its always about the larger corporate dollar over loyalty of members. I too have been ousted out of my preferred seats at brookvale oval a number of times over the decades as a LOYAL member. All they tell you is that its NOT your seat. You are just hiring it!

The thing they haven't told you about Bankwest Stadium

And pigs fly!

Gus Gould adamant he's leaving the Panthers on his own terms

Except when bad calls go against certain teams on a consistent basis. That’s the only consistency we get out of the refs.

Do refs and touchies really have problems with their eyesight?

My view is the dogs are still the biggest danger for the spoon and their injuries to key players does not help. The Titans have had a couple of wins but that was against very poor opposition so they are also just behind the dogs still. Then followed by knights unless there is some drastic improvement in their attitude and execution.

The Bulldogs won't be wooden spoon winners

Oh please.

Mundine to make rugby league comeback

I want to know why frizell was not put on report or charged for the careless hit on brendan elliots head with his shoulder that led him to go to the head bin. No consistency again by this mob after giving fonua blake 2 weeks. Jokers.

DCE blows up at ref after clear last-second penalty is missed

Yep and the ref boss has also admitted the error

DCE blows up at ref after clear last-second penalty is missed

“There has to be an investigation. Someone NEEDS to be held ACCOUNTABLE for this!!!” It’s like a broken record that never gets fixed. C’MON NRL fix it you bunch of crooks!

DCE blows up at ref after clear last-second penalty is missed