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Yes, we can only hope Ned does feel he has unfinshed busines, really improves over the next few years and wins a WB start on well earned form.

But even if he doesn’t, he can still retire one day knowing that he played 19 Tests and he’ll always have that recognition. And there’s 100s of better players than him who never played 1 Test.

I call Hanigan incredibly lucky either way.

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp

Well Mr Tirinui’s comments are 100% accurate imo.

The Rebels are still a flaky disorganised mob with a very impressive playing roster on paper.
I can’t see any improvement at all in past 3 yrs

Rebels boss Dave Wessels stung by coaching criticism

Yeah we agree 😛

I read same interview with Fardy and came to same conclusion as you.
Fardy was still being very diplomatic but obviously the reason for his dumping was personal on Cheika’s part.

Fardy probably didn’t laugh at his jokes and after all …. he was a Brumby too.

Of all the many crazy illogical selection messes Cheika made this one was the worst imo 😡

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp

@Peter – Yes true.

But then none of the outside backs were given any opportunity by the Rebels against the Brumbies. Not sure how long they should persist with Hodge at 13 but he needs to inject himself into the game much more often. Can he learn?

It’s a difficult one at the Rebels as DHP is captain and done nothing wrong in 2020.
And Meakes is a good 12 sooo …… coaches need to decide what to do with Hodge?

Super Rugby AU Round 2 teams: Hodge to the bench for Rebels, Hunt back in Tahs lineup


Yes I agree Hanigan was picked yrs too early, he does have talent and potential to improve to Test standard in future. I hope he does improve and he’ll need to start overdosing on angry pills to get some mongrel and start intimidating opponents.

You say he was unfortunate.
Another way of looking at it is he was unbeleivably lucky to have been selected for any WB squad at all. Especially as Fardy was dumped for him.

Those 19 Tests Ned played in mostly losing WB teams are likely to be the only Tests he ever plays. None deserved imo 👍

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp


yes I understand your point but can’t agree because Cheika dumped Fardy and replaced him with Hanigan.

Fardy was the standout no 6 in the 2015 RWC and had a great WB career providing everything they needed. He was a line-out jumping workhorse with strength, size and mongrel. He was great in defence, great at the breakdown and also as a link man.

Cheika did not need Hanigan, or anyone else at no 6.
He already had the best no 6 in the world to balance the pooper!

The insane decision to dump Fardy for Hanigan marked the beginning of the WB slide down the rankings from no 2 to no 7.

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp


Yes I agree KB made many excellent contributions to NSW Rugby and deserves great praise for that.

In the WBs he was a mixed bag imo.
He was excellent early in his career for WBs but was a bench player because was never good enough for run-on selections. Many people forget that.

He did some great things for indigenous recognition but also disgraced himself in the Di Patson affair and his role in us losing Ewan McKenzie forever.

His best playing form was in the UK it appears now.

In his last 4 years after returning from UK his form deteriorated every year and his reputation was propped up by continual undeserved WB selection by Cheika. So under the Cheika era any Tah player could make 98 Tests and not deserve it. All you had to do was be one of his favourites.

There’s a long list of those eg Foley, Phipps and how did Hanigan ever get selection for even 1 Test. How many caps does he have now – none deserved imo 🙂

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp


Yes, but I wouldn’t count out Banks for the FB position either.
We’ve only seen 1 round.

But your backline looks much better than 2019 imo…. or 2018 or 2017 ……….

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp

@Red Rob

Sounded exactly like a performance speech to me Rob.
If Penney had restricted it to service to NSW then fine but he didn’t.

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp


I see your most recent top 5 game is 2011 – fair call.
And these 2 under performing states haven’t put on a great game since.
Do we have to wait another 9 years? 😛

Ranking the top five Reds-Waratahs clashes in Super Rugby

G’day Nick

Yes Maddocks was excellent and NSW now at least have a good FB.
Beale’s exit from Australia is a big plus imo as he kept several much better players out of the WB squad.

And I burst out laughing when you quoted Penney’s crazy comments.
Who was he talking about (Pocock?) – couldn’t have been Beale.
Penney made a total fool of himself with those comments.

And thanks to you for another great article and giving us a good laugh 🙂

Australia’s other forgotten man stands up at Suncorp


Yes good summary imo.

I agree with you on the Aust / NZ comparisons.
I’m not doing any until they play each other and I’m enjoying the development of some excellent young Aussie talent that could well lead to WB success if they’re handled with skill.

McReight, Wilson, Wright, Lolesio, Harrison, Banks, Maddocks, McDermott all look to have exciting futures. And with both O’Connor and Toomua Aust may have depth and talent at nos 10 and 12, and in the backrow, for the fisrt time in 10 yrs 🙂

The Wrap: Be patient and Super Rugby AU will stand on its own five feet

The major weakness of Swinton atm is his ordinary breakdown work imo.

While he’s nothing special as a link man, or ball carrier, either great breakdown skills are the major expertise every backrower needs. Swinton is like LSL in not being a natural jackal at the breakdown and is rarely effective there atm.

So the Reds 3 backrowers clearly dominated the breakdown and won the game in this area imo.
Swinton needs to improve his breakdown skills, ball carrying, link play and discipline greatly before he should be considered for any WB squad imo

Michael Hooper's starting Wallabies spot is at risk


Well obviously no player should ever be guaranteed any position in any WB squad.
Certainly not Hooper as he wasn’t ever the best player in Australia anyway.
He was not even the best no 7. (unless Pocock was unavailable).

Against the Reds, Hooper played well imo and he was no more, or less, a leader than when he was captain. The players never listened to him anyway as captain and he just routinely put in his 80 min performances and hoped others would follow. Mostly they didn’t.

You over-rate Swinton imo – he not as good as you say and he’s got major discipline issues imo.
He’s keeping Dempsey out but that’s not hard given his ordinary form for the past 2 yrs.
Swinton is way down the list of Aussie backrowers imo.

The Reds backrow of McReight, Wilson, Wright clearly outplayed the Tahs backrow.
These 3 are future Wallabies imo long after Hooper is moved on 👍

Michael Hooper's starting Wallabies spot is at risk


No problem with Maddocks defence imo.
And no way Beale would have stopped McDermott to save that try 🙂

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

yeah Tahs weren’t bad in this game but let’s see how they hold up as the season progresses.

At least they have a good FB now – Maddocks is much better than Beale.
He was last season too 🙂

Super Rugby AU: A new hope for the Waratahs?

Cowan is too old now but Frisby might be a good buy for Force.
I’m hoping they’ll finish ahead of the Tahs 🙂

Western Force sign two more former Wallabies for Super Rugby AU

Coaches have finally got some run on selections right imo.

LSL at lock
Hodge at outside centre
McReight in backrow.

Hopefully, they’ll keep these players in those postions and let them settle and improve.

And what of Dempsey – is he injured or just continued to disappoint?

Super Rugby AU Round 1 teams: No Banks for Brumbies, Tahs and Rebels load up on debutants

Brumbies far and away have the best squad and coach imo.
How will the Reds go after losing Rodda and Speight?
Rebels are always dodgy so can’t expect much from them.
Hopefully Force will knock off Tahs and come 4th.
Tahs for wooden spoon imo 👍

What we know ahead of Super Rugby AU Round 1


I agree.
While Messam may not have been a natural leader he was still a much better captain than Hooper imo.

Hopefully, Rennie will see leadership potential in some of the young guns coming through.
That’s where the future success of the WBs lies imo.

The old Waratah nucleus of that squad needs instant ditching as they’ve proven not to be top 5 nation material. Hooper has served well and should be retained as a player only for a season or 2 until we find better 🙂

A Chiefs fan’s tribute to Dave Rennie

Great story JD 😊

You’ve given me some hope that Rennie could somehow pull off a similar miracle with the WBs.

He’ll need all the ingredients you’ve listed including new leadership.
I never thought Hooper was a Test standard captain and being far too much a cliche ridden company man the players obviously never listened to him.

Rennie will also need the full support of Aussie fans, media and RA at all times.
And I worry that the disgraceful prejudice and white-anting that ruined the Deans era may re-appear here.

A Chiefs fan’s tribute to Dave Rennie


While I agree with you on the pointless ABs v Kangaroo game the Beldisloe draw issue is but a moot point now.

When does anyone expect the WBs to have a drawn series aganinst ABs ?
First question should be – when could WBs actually win 1 game – any game.
Maybe 3 yrs from now?

So let’s start there – win 1 game against ABs and see if a drawn series is even feasible 😊

The time has come for extra time in Bledisloe Cup deciders


Yes I agree with you again 🙂
Hodge has been another Aussie coaching/selection disaster so far imo.
A great talent wasted.

For me his best positions are 15 and 13 but he should pick 1 of those and stick to it.
Coaches need to stop moving him around, let him settle and coach him into being the best he can at 1 position.

Allowed to settle and improve in 1 position he could develop into an outstanding Test player in 1-2 yrs imo. Hodge was a far better FB than Beale last yr when KB was undeservedly picked and then absurdly given game time during the RWC 😡

Will Dave Rennie remember Australia’s forgotten man?

Never learnt how to consistently take a high ball under pressure either.

These failures to learn and improve over time we see from so many Aussie players of past 15 yrs are obviously poor attitude issues

Beale exits Waratahs

Can only partly agree with you on Pocock in 2019.

Yes, he was way underdone for the RWC after 6 months injured.
Yes, he was nowhere near his best and no one should have expected him to be with such a poor prep.

But still, as Nic Bishop recently documented with stats, Pocock at the 2019 RWC was still one of the WBs best players. If he’d gone there with a full seasons form as prep I’ve little doubt he would have been the best again.

We can largely blame Cheika’s absurd Feb 2019 “fitness sessions” for that.
That caused 5-6 long term injuries from memory 😡

Beale exits Waratahs