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I did stop short, and purposely because that wasn’t the implication, but believe me women tend only to talk to other women about these issues – “men don’t get it” it seems, so maybe just be cautious on seeking feedback especially when it’s contrary to what is being overwhelmingly expressed elsewhere.

It’s a bit like when you’re pulled over by the coppers and they ask you if you were speeding …. my instant reaction is to say “no” even if I was, we are conditioned to tell the copper what we think s/he wants to hear even while holding the speed gun and we all know s/he’d appreciate some honestly …

I understand the economic argument you are making, but this is way bigger than basic economics – plus, if you want to think of it in economic terms think of it like a “start up” which needs investor capital to reach its potential.

Matildas' equal-pay reports capture football's optimistic outlook - and the PFA's crucial role

Maybe they’re just telling you what they think you want to hear, some males can come across over-bearing and intimidating (not saying you are, but you do have a seemingly entrenched and strong opinion – when I disagreed with your opinion you were quick to hurl the insults so maybe that coloured their feedback to you?).

Maybe try doing some additional research. It’s readily available on-line, go see what women are saying about this and what many men are saying also.

Finally, come back to the point you keep stepping over – the (men) Socceroos think this is a good idea. That matters.

Matildas' equal-pay reports capture football's optimistic outlook - and the PFA's crucial role

I refuse to accept your critique of my argument, even though I accept your right to a differing opinion.

People who have mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends, daughters, and/or are involved with a club with female participation will find the women/girls in their lives think this is a good thing.

Any arguments offered by privileged males will fall on deaf ears; and thankfully our male footballers can see the benefit in this and have chosen this path. Well done to the Socceroos.

Have a great day. We’re done I think.

Matildas' equal-pay reports capture football's optimistic outlook - and the PFA's crucial role

“Market economics” are one thing but those people in support of the so-called free market are missing the obvious – what about freedom of choice?

The male footballers have executed a freedom of choice to share a joint pot. That freedom of choice trumps “market economics” every time!

And this will benefit grassroots, more so than money or marketing campaigns. Women are unfortunately discriminated (against whether men like to admit it or not) and that’s what they strongly feel and believe everyday, including within football.

This move will have a major positive impact on every woman player, coach, administrator, volunteer and mum (and many dads too) from the top of the game right down to the bottom. That’s gold.

And if you don’t believe that is true please go and look at the comments from women, women’s groups and women role models over the past few hours.

You talk about “market economics” but inequality is demotivating, while equality motivating – this move just motivated the biggest growth segment in our code: women’s football …. you’d think anyone interested in “market economics” would see that as a good thing?

Matildas' equal-pay reports capture football's optimistic outlook - and the PFA's crucial role

There’s no sense to that statement – clearly Bury and Shrewsbury didn’t think he was good enough.

Riley McGree finally sheds the jinx of Joyce

I think under Joyce City did get it wrong tbh

Riley McGree finally sheds the jinx of Joyce

The two statements are compatible for a club like City. They place a big emphasis on developing players for overseas

Riley McGree finally sheds the jinx of Joyce

That may be the case – but then if you look at similar Aussies moving abroad. I’m just saying we need to figure it out and “put in” whatever bit is missing.

Riley McGree finally sheds the jinx of Joyce

This is s great move. I don’t get the Angst towards this decision – while it’s obvious the men’s game pulls in more money at the moment, it’s also obvious where the major growth sits – in the women’s game.

This move provides an excellent boost to both brands, and provides a fairness that is not evident in other aspects of women’s Sports including many areas of our code – well done everyone involved.

Matildas set for equal pay under landmark deal

Ben – it wasn’t necessarily a comment aimed just at him personally although there’s a risk he follows the same path as those before him … he’s already taken the first step with a failed overseas venture.

Joyce may have seen what others saw and it’s best we learn what that was and correct it before he goes overseas again, rather than tell him how good he is all the time only to come up short in Europe like so many have done before.

Something is missing in our players and we need to fix it.

Riley McGree finally sheds the jinx of Joyce

I know. And I like McGree as well.

But the evidence is on my side.

Riley McGree finally sheds the jinx of Joyce

It’s impossible to get VAR right, it’s incompatible with the very nature of football.

Imagine if, before we had VAR, someone had said words to the effect:

“I’ve got this great idea to introduce to football. It will use video technology to check every time a goal is scored that the goal is legitimate and no rules have been broken in the act of, or leading up to, the goal being scored.

It will mean immediately after a goal has been scored fans will have to wait between 30 seconds and two minutes to know for sure the goal should stand. But once we’ve confirmed the goal is good fans will be able to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow”.

That’s what we’ve got. But it’s not what was offered before.

Time to pause VAR. it can’t work in football.

Is it time for the A-League to scrap VAR?

Club Brugge wouldn’t play him in their first team either so let’s not lay the blame entirely at Warren Joyce’s feet – just maybe he could see what Brugge saw?

There is a reality building that many of brightest prospects aren’t good enough to play in bigger and better overseas leagues. That is not Joyce’s fault and the best thing we can do for these players is tell them why they’re not good enough to advance, and what they need to do to change that – instead (at multiple levels) we seem to fall in to some kind of “love-in” where no one wants to mention the inconvenient truth.

Riley McGree has found his level. And he’s not good enough to go anywhere else and probably never will be.

There. I’ve said it.

Riley McGree finally sheds the jinx of Joyce


We need a derby in Brisbane (not a QLD one) but I’m not sure where it’s going to come from without a new side turning in to Heart (or Roar turning in to Heart).

The North v South thing is a fantasy, there’s no passion in that any more (I blame the Clem 7 personally!) and there’d be more passion in The Gap v Kenmore tbh.

Strikers offer the glimmer of hope that a rivalry could develop just based on history – but they’re such a messed up club in many ways it’s hard to see how they could do it, and certainly not within 1-3 years

Are there enough football fans for two teams (I doubt it) and is there enough commercial support (defiantly not, Roar get most of their backing from out of State $$$) so it’s not an easy question to address.

Will this be the most entertaining A-League season in years?

Had to feel for WSW with that inexperienced midfield which probably resulted in Duke sitting too deep. The positive is you got a point

Will this be the most entertaining A-League season in years?

“It begs the question if we should already be looking for another two to get us towards the coveted one home one away scenario”

Yes we should, and from next season as well – time to be bold and move to 16 in 3 years time.

Wolves and South Melbourne would provide a surge of interest next season, the only downside is smaller markets (and QLD) will have to wait a few more years.

Will this be the most entertaining A-League season in years?

Can’t believe you stepped over the game of the round there Mike; football purists would have been salivating over the Bankstown 0-0 where Babbel set his his side up to counter-attack only they forgot to do the attack bit!

But things do look closer this season. The much maligned salary cap is designed to keep things close but the last three seasons have seen a widening gap between the top 2 or 3 sides and the rest. This season shows the promise balance has been restored as Uncle Frank intended it and, if we are to have a Cap, it should at least work as intended.

Will this be the most entertaining A-League season in years?

At least those “lower league journeymen” have produced the competitions best defence conceding fewest goals and fewest chances …. maybe Glory, Victory & WSW have quality problems then?

A-League Round 4: Who's hot and who's cold

For the third game running Roar left points behind due to an inability to finish chances off. I’ve no doubt O’Donovan will score plenty by the seasons end but the question for Fowler is does he stick by his man in next weeks starting XI or drop him to the bench?

My wrap-up of Round 4 of the A-League

“The scoreboard rarely lies”, actually it often does – if there’s been one trait of this season it’s that the team that “deserves the win” often fails to get it – and that’s a good sign it’s a competitive league.

Six talking points from A-League Round 4

oh dear, bitter and twisted … and with multiple identities
Ha Ha, I just realised you got your identities mixed up and forgot which thread you were in 😂
Oh, and …..

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 4

Too young or something ???

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 4

It’s funny how age is a problem when they’re wearing Orange but not when they’re running out for Glory and WU, you don’t seem to tro!l those teams?
He is out of form, but he’s still running with one goal every two games (even this season) so maybe wait a few games to see if he finds firm …. and you write he’s “noticeably slower” and believe what you write. Just because you can post it doesn’t make it true – he’s clearly fit, fast and strong otherwise he wouldn’t be running that hard for 90 minutes lol.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 4

Half is maybe a bit aggressive. But ROD fits right in:

Reddy 38
Castro 37
Djulbic 36

ROD 34

Juande 33
Kilkenny 33
Fall-n-Roli 32
Velaphi 32
Franjic 32
Meredith 31

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 4

Aging? He’s younger than Castro and half the Glory squad!

Out of form? He’s scoring one goal every two HAL games!

You have to be very careful when analysing players form – an out of form ROD is still better than half of what the HAL’s got. An in form ROD is as good as MacLaren.

3-5-2 formations should see goals coming fairly event from five players. That’s where the goals will come from.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 4