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Mate, he’s a good coach and a top man. His removal at Carlton was that clubs nightmare. He and Hardwick had a similar profile, experience, that time. The blues board were stupid. Extremely. Peggy and co held their nerve with Hardwick and they reaped benefits, through patience, perseverance and supporting the man they appointed. Faith! Not saying you’ll get immediate benefits but that guy knows footy backwards and back again. I’m a little sad Carlton didn’t restore him. He’ll sort the players out. Just let him.

Who's set to rise and fall in the AFL next season?

I don’t want a national competition. The insular, semi pro days were better. For everyone except Gil & co. You could have state of origin program if u want national. I’d love to know why it’s seen as better? Semi pro, the players had a better life balance, there was actually more diversity then. The only white guys at AFL now are private school kids.

What the AFL must sort out by the end of the next decade

True. But to win it, you have to still defeat what’s in front of you. I can’t think of an unworthy premier. The commission needs to be redrafted. Too much power in hands of people living outside our experience. Kinda like the ALP, rank n file vs caucus. Who do they represent?

What the AFL must sort out by the end of the next decade

Elvis, you haven’t left the building. If the national comp fell over. I’d be rapt. Why cos it was better. Princess park, Western oval, Waverley. Standing room, decent beer in a can, reserves….heaven. Stuff the AFL, no one barracks for Gil and parasites,they can fall. Clubs with culture are gold.

What the AFL must sort out by the end of the next decade

Shooting from the hip and gathering the vibe of comments (I haven’t heard the pod yet). AFL needs to be careful. I think the commission and head honcho model (Demitriou, Gil) are not good. Gold Coast is a disaster, for all reasons. Can’t attract players, fans, staff…and never will. It amazes me that people like McGuire, Costa, all signed off. It’s sucking life, players, money, joy out of the comp. Ditto GWS, their success helps but in 10 years. We’ll see. Should’ve gone with gas and Hobart. Soccer so nearly could’ve, should’ve stole Tassie thru A league expansion. A mistake for sure as the enmity Tss has for AFL poor treatment should off chilled Gil, as Muslim conversions hurt Father Bob. You sell your base out, people will defect. Forever. There are some dodgy crowd numbers furnished. EVERYWHERE, ALL TIMES. It is such a sterile experience. Lawyers, h and s,some massive errors. How to alienate your fanbase. Be arrogant

What the AFL must sort out by the end of the next decade

Good work. I perused the BBL9 lists recently. The team, on paper, most threatening, I believe is Hurricanes. You sum them up nicely. Imagine how potent they’d be with one J. Archer in. Strikers seem to be on a good thing. I fancy those two this year. An aside Sydney thunder I rate too. Chris Green is a talent that’s not obvious to spot, but I’ve noticed his handy all round performances over the years. Someone in IPL did too. He’s one of not many Australian picked. At minimum chips but he’s in the door. Smart move.

BBL power rankings: Week 2

I have to comment. For me, Bolts had to go. Young guys can’t bust a gut and lose, lose, lose. It’s crushing. Your point on the hawks game is spot on. But it wasn’t to be. I agree with the assessment of strategy by him and SOS. There’s been an investment. But the circuit had to be cut and the wins came. As for sons of SOS, it’s difficult. But other list decisions like Pat Kerr need mention. I haven’t seen Ben.
The error was sacking Rats. We were similar to Tigers then. They held their nerve and Malthouse was a disaster. The prez is the other exit I’d like to see.

Sacked SOS will watch the success he set up at Carlton from afar

That’s a bit harsh. Yet I noticed comments “he’s got another bouncer yet in that left arm’, Fleming. I think he’s been heroic. Don’t forget all their plans with the ball went up in smoke when Ferguson went down on day 2?

Neil Wagner on song, but needs policing on short-pitched bowling

It’s a VERY fair point you make. I read a comment only yesterday from Langer, regarding stability etc…but what’s the saying about change being constant!! Something will happen. Of the outsiders Harris was stiff, lucky perhaps to be selected initially, but I thought he showed an application, a resolve and he did OK. Patterson is the another who I’m sure we’ll see again. His youth and ability ensure it. Nonetheless I agree with you. The all deserve their spots and have earnt them. I suspect the captaincy will make something happen. Paine’s done OK, but they love Smith. Warner may yet pay a bigger price for SA. He won’t deputise for Smith again and many begrudge him. Burns and Labausagne are solid types,so the dearth of leadership that led to SA won’t occur. You don’t wish misfortune on any of em, but sh$t happens.

Joe Burns, Matthew Wade and Travis Head are here to stay

Fyffe is a super player, as is Cripps. We all should know that. I thought Grundy was the most influential player I witnessed this season. As a Blue’s man, that’s objective. Another midfielder sort of hohum. Strange to think there was a time when ruckman dominated. Thompson, Moss, Moore… I’d like to see that again.

Nat Fyfe wins second Brownlow Medal

Do people like you know. Anything. Are you aware of the ‘domestic violence’, substance abuse and sexual violence that occurs in indigenous communities? Don’t trust me or take my word. But don’t take an exploitive doco as Gospel. Find out for yourself. I and my friends have lived and worked among these people. Don’t be shamed by a scam. This country is good, it used to better. That’s why illegals want to be here. Kinda obvious. But mainstream media humiliate and ridicule the same culture that has afforded them a reasonable life. I don’t know why, you need to ask them. But just because it was on TV doesn’t validate it’s assumptions. F@ck the Vietnam war was live for a generation. Didn’t make that valid either now. Did it.

The Final Quarter reaction – I lost faith in Australia

Mate, don’t let it bring you down. But if you insist you will. Goode’s a top footballer chose to make a spectacle. No one is guaranteed a response, nor should they. Let’s face it and I’m NEARLY certain of this. If those boos where all cheers, the same people would be writing how brainwashed we all are. For me, it’s a crap doco on a vague topic that’ll be forgotten soon.

The Final Quarter reaction – I lost faith in Australia

Stoinis has been run out twice as well, that stat deserves considering

Maxwell, Stoinis handed no guarantees to play semi-final

I hope and think there will be no change bar Handscombe inclusion. Interesting looking back at when squad’s were announced initially, I know I’m only a rookie but I said these changes may happen. 😉

Dropping Glenn Maxwell against England would be a huge mistake

Brian,and it seems so. His non selection. Most Aussie’s, particularly in BBL 17/18, would’ve thought it a certainly. 18/19 not as good, but still an obviate talent. Interestingly a few current players had concerns, even speaking to media about it! In Aust that’d likely received a fine/reprimand. I find that intriguing. Any comment?

My England World Cup squad

I honestly don’t think the squad is final. Reading the press releases today, the board hinted so. I’ve never seen so many squads in my life. Come June there will be near to 50 Aussie’s in England. For eg if Pattinson stars for Notts in 50 over games and he will have played in some. There is a cut off date to alter it, 23 May. Still a lot of water to run under this bridge. But I like others thought Handscombe as a lock.

Australia's 2019 Cricket World Cup squad: Expert reaction

Is that true, they use Kookaburras in England Odis?

Australia's 2019 Cricket World Cup squad: Expert reaction

i2i, the same guy is plumping for Stoinis to be given the flick as at 14/4.19!
Little bit ac/DC doncha think?

Five games an eternity in fickle selection surrounds

What exactly is stamped on Wade’s papers. Travesty.

Who should be Australia’s back-up Ashes keeper?

Agree. Once the tournament reaches knock out stage, England will be shaky.

Shane Warne has picked his preferred World Cup squad, and it's peak Shane Warne

Why is there a love affair for Carey? What does he bring that Handscombe, who should play valuing his batting to spin? Also Wade, can ANYONE explain his fall from grace at all? Or will that require a defamation case? It’s very odd.

Shane Warne has picked his preferred World Cup squad, and it's peak Shane Warne

I agree on Carey fully. What’s overlooked in all this is that nearly all spots where up for grabs not so long ago. Finch made a stack of runs against a half strength Pakistan. Prior to that his recent record was poor and the ? was being asked. Ditto Khawaja. A lot of weight has been put on those 5 match’s! Nonetheless it’s interesting discussion and illustrates the difficulty selectors face. I think JL has done OK, he’s exposed new talent at international level, kept the teams competitive and encouraged everyone. Which is an achievement that we all would of taken post Sth Africa 12 months ago.

Is Stoinis still in Australia’s best one day XI?

Wow! Tough crowd. Though I’m a Stoinis fan and I think his performances warrant a start. Consider 1) He played the bulk of the past two years with the weight of a dying father. Usman was allowed some slack! 2) He’s carried a few niggling injuries hand and foot 3) He’s shown match winning performances his 140+ vs New Zealand was rated by the likes of M. Crowd as great and he’s shown an ability to bowl at the death too.
As a WA man he’s fought tooth and nail to be seen when establishment favourites like Marsh have kept him in the shadow most of his career.
I reckon he’ll shine come the time and I hope they keep the faith.

Australia needs a backup all-rounder for the World Cup