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Hi JSJ, yes seen that journey also. AFL national expansion was inevitable but I look back fondly at East Perth (my team) v West Perth derbies! You’re right re voting protocols – the ‘non-rugby’ states do need their voice. The debate about number of SR teams is over , surely. We will keep 5 so let’s ensure they are competitive

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

Thanks for comments, James. A pity you have moved but that is why rugby administrators need to act quickly. At least I’m an example of someone coming into the sport, which I wanted to share

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

Yes, he was in that last steal, wasn’t he? Now, that is an 80 minute performance!

Rugby Championship turnaround: What a difference a Quade makes

Thanks Nick. What a story! You captured it well, Quade now being able to handle ‘not overplaying’ as Rennie asked, because it’s not just about him (Quade) anymore – it’s the team, I liked the stills and explanation and learned a lot, actually. I had always associated Quade’s impact with playing ‘flat’ and not too deep but you showed how he varied his positioning to have the impact. Bring on next week!

Rugby Championship turnaround: What a difference a Quade makes

Impressive. He deserves credit for the way he’s spoken. It would not be easy to put yourself in the spotlight again the way he has. As with JOC, I am pleased they have both had chance to find their own identity while still playing.

Quade's quest: 'I've lost things in my life. Had people removed. Being a better man is my focus now'

Back to the future! Friday morning here in UK so just caught up with news re QC. I think it is the right call, despite the risks. With NL playing, our chances of beating Boks would have been 10%, now 40-50%? As discussed in a previous post, the model for QC impact has to be Finn Russell in the 3rd test of Lions v Boks. Before Russell came on, there was no penetration, no variety -suddenly, the Boks defence looked human and there was go forward ball. QC can do the same. I think others are right that the risk is that the other backs have to be ready to respond to inside passes, chip kicks etc, otherwise impact may be limited.

Really pleased to see Rodda starting -he now has the chance to cement spot for RWC 2023 and beyond. Disappointed Naisarini not in picture, even on bench, Swinton is fortunate. I think Banks is most fortunate. I would have started Hodge at 15. Why was Banks kicking balls into touch only 10 m ? It was bizarre. Should Ikitau be using left foot and kick for touch on occasions?

WB do have a chance with QC selection. NL should not be in 23 until autumn tour, I feel

CONFIRMED: Quade Cooper returns for Wallabies at No.10, Rodda starts, two debutants

I agree with RS 69 comments re Tupou. I think he needs to start and make an impact early on. I worry that WB could end up like Argentina against Boks going nowhere -it was not pretty to watch. Tupou should be challenged to bring that intensity and sustain it for time on field. I think Swinton would be lucky to keep starting spot -Samu or wilson

I agree also that Hodge should get a crack at 10 before Hooper (we assume now JOC will not play). Is it stretching it to say that Hodge has elements of a Larkham like 10 with the ability to run straight and almost ghost through defenders? You have the goalkicking also.

2023 is too long away, anyway,. Australian rugby needs a strong performance (and hopefully, a win) in this test. I would even accept Cooper as 10 in current situation if Rennie prefers Hodge at 15

'He's a freak': Quade questions won't go away, while legend calls for 'Thor' to start

That was hard to watch. I expected more, I expected WB to front up, to defend better and run hard -didn’t really happen. I think Lolesio does need replacing now -he may still have a future but he is not going to get better starting 10 for the RC out of form. I’d like JOC, if fit, otherwise it’s Hodge for me, despite not being long term solution; he made a difference when he came on, running straight and gave the other backs, including Petaia some confidence. I would start with White at 9 and Hodge at 10 with Tate giving some energy late in game. If JOC fit, at 10, Hodge to 15. If Hodge 10, Petaia to 15? Banks outclassed

MATCH REPORT: Rennie called for a foot on the throat, but All Blacks' response was 'ruthless'

Thank you , Nic. Great article and elicited some good responses. I am ridiculously excited about seeing Samu Kerevi back. I think he will rejuvenate the backline and imagine if he passes and off loads as well as running straight ! I must admit that I was not for QC even in 23 before reading article but the Finn Russell example has got me thinking. Maybe QC on bench in this game and, depending on JOC recovery, starting against Boks – did I just say that?

Can Quade and Samu wind back the clock for the Wallabies?

Or a ‘bad heyday`!

Can Quade and Samu wind back the clock for the Wallabies?

I agree with with Peter and Bobby that Noah’s form has been poor and he will be fortunate to start (at least) but if we don’t invest in him now, when will we? At least, he should play within a backline running hard and straight rather than sideways. There’s a 50/50 chance he could be part of a winning team in Perth; let’s face it, the chances of being part of a winning team in Auckland were virtually zero. Also, after this game, he can face some different opposition – let’s see where he (and team) are at end of RC

Also, what are the other options. Like many JOC would be my first choice but he remains injury prone, Toomua I would n’t have in 23 , Hodge at 10 -no way, so where are the ‘world class’ options? Maybe Harrson will rediscover form, young Donaldson from NSW looks promising, but I think Noah’s the one

RENNIE SPEAKS: Kerevi set to play as two key Wallabies ruled out, positive JOC, Quade updates

I like choice, PK , 2 changes from me, though. I would go with NL starting at 10 and QC on bench. I think starting QC after all this time against AB is too big a risk. Banks (just) over Hodge for me to start as I think he will have more opportunities with Kerevi at 12. I like Ikitau’s left boot option at 13 as well as his attack

11 -Koroibete
12 -Kerevi
14 -Kellaway
15 -Banks

I would like Kaitu’u and Rodda to start also. Relieved Paisami not playing -needs to clear his head

RENNIE SPEAKS: Kerevi set to play as two key Wallabies ruled out, positive JOC, Quade updates

Sorry, Brett!

The Thursday rugby two-up: Biggest lesson from Wallabies' 'brutal' review

Agree. The Darwin cohesion argument does not suit Italy’s context, for example. Two fully professional teams , Zebre and Bennetton/Treviso, puling the best players from the 10 (I think) competition below. Plenty of ‘cohesion’ in Italian side with virtually all players from 2 teams but without talent, not successful.

Retract or expand: Where to for rugby in Australia?

Thanks Geoff and panel.

My stand-out players so far

WB: Tate McDermott. I just love watching him play and run. With Nic White around for next couple of years, should help Tate continue to improve, and as Will Genia, said, next 10 years could be WB number 9

AB: Retallick; what an engine and he has such an impact on the team, and he’s not back to full fitness yet!

SB: de Allende: this kind of player is who WB are missing , can tackle, hit up, and , unlike Kerevi (who may be WB counterpart) can even pass the ball

Arg: Facundo Isa -some great runs and skills – a pity now injured

The Thursday rugby two-up: Biggest lesson from Wallabies' 'brutal' review

Thanks for the article. I have enjoyed following MLR this year and, as others have said, would be great for rugby overall to see USA (and Canada) competitive and eventually being able to beat the big boys. My team is New England Freejacks as I spent a few months in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard many years ago but great places -Freejacks have had a good year. Would love to get to a game sometime -no doubt, an American experience. I think the Rugby Network site has been excellent, streaming games but I liked the content and shows. Interesting that American Rugby Pod nominated their 3 best MLR players of the year -Billy Meakes (even had a game at 7!), Angus Cottrell and Harrison Goddard, all LA. I know the standard is not yet SR but even so Cottrell and Meakes could be worth another Wallabies shot. I don’t know enough about Goddard, was at Rebels, I believe.

2031 World Cup for USA would be huge, if they get it. After 10 years of MLR, you would expect they should have a team that could make quarter finals, as Japan did in 2021. If I’m still kicking by then (will be almost 70!) I’d certainly want to see some of those games

Major League Rugby: The sleeping giant takes its first steps

I agree, RW about Godwin and Kerevi. I believe Godwin is underrated and can still deliver the good if he is given the chance

Why the Wallabies are still looking for fool’s gold

Thank you for article, Nick. As you and others have said, the mental frame of mind is what needs strengthening to reduce the errors and build some confidence. I am frustrated that Rennie and coaches (Is there a defence coach?) have not made us a ‘hard grafting, hard to beat’ team as Peter K says above. Surely, that is the priority

Look at the impact Shaun Edwards has made with France since joining them as Defence Coach last year. The impact has been considerable -defence brings unity, discipline and belief, most of all, a standard to hold to. The Boks were impressive against Argie also, getting off the line and maintaining discipline. I think a strong D would give the team the confidence lacking

Why the Wallabies are still looking for fool’s gold

I agree. The Australian players lack intelligence, confidence and game management at the moment against NZ, but they fronted up against France with those traits (yes, not all top French players playing…) . If it was clear that the actual rugby ability of our players was nowhere close to AB and never would be, I’d agree -reduce Bledisloe, but I don’t think it is. The fact players like Giteau, Arnolds, Gill, Skelton etc can match it with the best in the world shows it. I accept Bledisloe not competitive at moment but it can be and will be

The simple, infallible way the Wallabies can stop losing the Bledisloe Cup every year

I’m not buying in to this narrative about ‘end of code’ or ‘few fans left`. I care and believe the Wallabies will be increasingly competitive over the next few years but this loss was painful and embarrassing and it should hurt those players -until Bledisloe Cup won again, never should there be comments like ‘we don’t fear them’, ‘aura gone` Win something or shut up!

What is so painful is how good a lot of that first 46 minutes was , even scoring on half time, a la AB’s, and dominating immediately after half time. The next 10 minutes against 14 men,. is the worst 10 minutes I think I’ve seen by the WB since I’ve been watching them over the past 35 years -and that’s what hurts.

Game management – as others have said, went missing. It was time to maintain forward dominance, control territory, get ABs to take risks. I think the team should be made to watch that 10 minutes over and over so they realise it is unacceptable, not unfortunate. Unacceptable.

I will be watching and cheering them on in 2 weeks and, win or lose, let’s have some control, no intercepts and game management

MATCH REPORT: Rennie's Wallabies sent out to go big or die trying - it was the latter

Thank you, Nick. Great article. I am fascinated by the impact the make-up of the back row has in terms of how we rate Hooper. I think he has had to try and cover too many roles in weaker teams and , as you say, if he is also partnered with a big, physical 6 and 8 , gives him more scope to link with 9 and 10, as he has done in last 2 tests.

Where would the Wallabies be without Michael Hooper?

I agree, Tim O. Possibly Kerevi, Arnold and Skelton but even then they would have to prove their worth back in Australia.

Thanks BH, for the post -the right questions and issues, I’m not sure about the suggested solutions, though. Short term sabbaticals like Hooper and AB’s, yes, but contracts longer don’t usually work. Once you leave a job, even if you’ve liked it there, it’s never the same when you go back!

Operation McMahon: How Aussie rugby can keep its cattle

Agreed. Fardy type player is what we’ve been missing and I think we have that with Swain and Swinton, potentially. I like the focus of the article and comments -about doing the ‘small things well’ and the intensity that comes from a mindset that connects with each player being accountable rather than sound -bites about ‘world-class’.

I think we need to be realistic about this year and even next against top 3 in the world -just checked, we are 6th -but I would be happy with first 20 mins at Eden Park retaining some of the grit, physicality and go-forward, and be in the game at half -time. I liked the stat about the WB scoring each time in response to a French score – how often do we see the AB increase the intensity and put 2 or 3 tries on in 5 mins -that shouldn’t happen.

There will be ups and downs, but i definitely think the corner has been turned

Wallabies break six-year series drought on the back of doing little things well

Felt gutted after red card but knew that today would tell a lot about where this team are, in terms of how they respond. I didn’t think we’d win but I hoped we’d show heart and be competitive. It was enthralling, what a game. As others have said, good to see some impact up the middle and earning the right to go wide. I do think Hooper debate over until World Cup -time to think how to build the team and tactics around him. I thought Naisaraini was immense and should start against AB. I think Swain has real X factor also. I would keep Noah as 10, he just needs to keep playing, hopefully with JOC at 12 if fit. After so many games where I doubted the bravery, this was one I’ll never forget.

'That wasn't about rugby, it was about heart': Brave 14-man Wallabies' stirring win

Ken, I agree with your last suggestion re incremental change totally – a good base to work from. I agree with other comments that it is difficult to find the balance between giving some players the chance to develop in new set-ups, cultures but, while doing that, they’re not playing for Wallabies. Skelton and Arnolds are good examples, Skelton in particular has transformed over here in Europe but no benefit for Wallabies. I like the idea of some continuing hybrid of ‘Giteau’s Law`, maybe involving Japan, as suggested or even saying a certain number of o/s players (e.g. 2-4) will be picked in a squad each year and those players take the risk. The bottom line is if we can improve the Wallabies performance in the meantime, most players will want to be part of that

I still call Australia home: Why do we turn our backs on ex-pat Wallabies?