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Ten years to beat the crusaders, and the Force give them a hiding! Remarkable the free fall the crusaders are in, almost fascinating to watch 😱

Beale, Rodda shine on Super Rugby return as Force smash Crusaders to keep finals hopes alive

There ya go! Are these Super rounds stuck in Melbourne? Pity it can’t be shifted.. Anyway good win by the Tahs. This could be the beginnings of the growing pains the Crusaders might have to go through for awhile. Loss of a few major key components will always take its toll.. I’m curious to see how the Crusaders develop not just from round 2, but over the next few years. I have a hunch it might slip back into a.. type of Blackadder era. Which is Great! For the rest of Super Rugby, especially the Aussie boys. Maybe Teams like the Tahs & Highlanders can fight there way up the ladder.. At lest a bit more 😛

'No one backed us': $8 outsiders Waratahs upset Crusaders AGAIN as Edmed steps up to deliver famous win

Nothing surprises me from ARU.. im assuming they’re still throwing money away paying off Eddie Jones & McLennan. throwing money at league players. Im also assuming the board and Waugh are still being handsomely rewarded for all their amazing work recently.

Leaked document says RA out to 'destroy Super Rugby' and 'turn members against each other' as Rebels' pain comes to light

Gees.. if Schmidt is a massive gamble. What is throwing in an untested international coach called?
Putting EJ in was a massive gamble. That blew up in your face. Using some brains and actually hiring accordingly is rear for ARU. Like Schmidt says, its a rebuild so I wouldn’t be expecting anything to spectacle for awhile.. But already I can tell by the journalist poor attitude that they expect to win everything or its a fail.. Thats the most misinformed thing I’ve ever heard.

The damage that ARU & Eddie Jones inflicted on Australian Rugby will take time to undo. This could be another Rennie if ARU don’t put their whimsical ideas away and do whats best for ARU for a change.

COMMENT: In trading Greatest Showman for 'boring' and 'pragmatic' Sleepy Joe, RA gambling with game's future

Makes me laugh how a lot of you make it personal.. But he’s a kiwi mate. Get over yourselves! Who has more experience than Joe Schmidt in Australia? Who has more qualifications? Larkham?? Just because he was a player doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be an amazing coach. How much international rugby has Larkham had? Not much.. has he ever been an international head coach?? No

Put your little cry baby issues aside and think in terms of business, it’s a no brainer. Schmidt’s only handicap is the ARU board and it’s administration.. Also the narrow minded public who aren’t capable of thinking logically.

'We'll sack him and be in the same position': Ex-Wallaby condemns Larkham snub as Schmidt deal CONFIRMED

Wow.. that’s the best the wallabies could hope for. A proven international test coach of the highest caliber. No more excuses now boys…. This is the real deal now.

Exclusive: Wallabies to turn to Kiwi Schmidt as Eddie Jones' replacement

Interesting.. can’t help but wonder if you would be so philosophical if what happened to the ABs happened to SA?

Scoring the winning try.. hear the ref yell.. went backwards play on! Then a TMO interrupts the celebrations with a call back? You honestly telling me you’re all sweet with that if that happened to the Boks? An opportunity that could of won the WC? We both know Rassie would be furious.

I’m not saying the ABs didn’t blow it. After some time to dwell on it. Let’s face it, we had opportunities to win and we didn’t. Very similar to what we did to Ireland in the QF. SA won it. End of..

But cut the nonsense with this attitude of looking down of kiwi supporters who aren’t happy with the outcome, like the Bok supporters are far better behaved. I’ve seen and heard Bok supporters for decades and they are some of the most anti ref anti the opposition supporters I’ve ever met. they would be rioting if the shoe was on the other foot.

Rugby News: RWC final TMO quits over 'torrent of abuse', Wallabies Grand Slam tour touted, Fiji lock facing jail

Agree.. with the bulk of the AB starting team missing you have to expect some growing pains unfortunately. Not saying there isn’t a lot of good quality players coming through. Just the lack of experience will be a challenge to replace. See what happens

Rugby News: Raiwalui to step away from coaching as new role confirmed, Razor won't rush call on All Blacks captain

ARU administration needs to wise up quick smart though. Hopefully this new look head of ARU actually put what’s best for Australian rugby ahead of all else.

How McLennan departure could help Wallabies land ex-Ireland, All Blacks coach as Eddie's replacement

The Wallabies should look at how successful Ireland has become in recent history, proves no matter how low or how bad past performances were anything is possible with a clear plan and vision.

Ireland gets its players from their academy system that’s run by the four professional teams (Leinster, Munster, Ulster and Connacht) also the extremely generous ‘tax back’ system in Ireland helps them keep their players on the island..

Not saying it’s perfect, and there’s still a big gap between the four professional teams and the amateur All-Ireland League club competitions. But whatever they’re doing it’s clearly working!

Also Ireland’s under-20s have emerged as a force in the Six Nations tournament. Ireland puts a lot of emphasis and professionalism into their players from an early age. What Aussies need to look at is how Ireland is very efficient with every high-performance dollar spent on a relatively narrow base on players.

Each year, a team such as Leinster might take about six players into their academy as ‘first-year’ players, to join a similar number of ‘second year’ and ‘third year’ players.. So, they’ll have about 18 academy members at any point in time being integrated into the Leinster way of playing, with another pool of ‘sub academy’ players beneath them.
And because Leinster has a critical mass of excellent first-team players and coaches, what the academy members lack in NPC-style game time, they make up for in consistently training and competing with some of the best players in the world.

Ironically, the system was actually based on a model that Australia used to run, and Irish rugby’s high-performance star, David Nucifora, got the job because of his knowledge of the Australian system, not because he was Ireland’s first (or even second) choice of candidate.. Fancy that!!!

Aussie needs to learn from past mistakes! In Ireland Nucifora calls are made with a focus on improving the Ireland team. Of course this can create tension and Nucifora wouldn’t win any popularity contests in Ireland..
But, if you look at the quality of coaches that have been in the Irish system in the past decade or so (including Rassie Erasmus and Jacques Nienaber), then you have to give Nucifora credit.
Joe Schmidt also played a significant role. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s what’s best for Ireland rugby! ARU hopefully learns this lesson.

Basically it’s not by luck Ireland is now or were the number one team. Ireland was getting beaten 60-0 in 2012 by the All Blacks! Now they’re one of the most formidable teams. The wallabies can be too.. just have to be smarter with their spending and decision making.

Cash-strapped Rugby Australia sign $80m debt deal to help give game second life ahead of Lions, World Cups

Ok now that’s settled. ARU need to learn from this and make sure this wishy washy approach doesn’t happen again!

Rugby is the priority. Grass roots to international level, what’s best for the game in Australia is all that matters. Egos, cashing in on deals, marketing budgets.. throwing money at deep rooted problems is never the answer. Rugby in Australia needs to literally start from scratch, back to basics boys.

There was a time and place that ARU drifted way off course, with Hamish it was finding the closest cliff to fall off. Time to get back in line and start again. Might take time. But I have the feeling that this point in time should be remembered as the turning point.

COMMENT: 'Best interests of the game'? Hamish's dummy spit proves RA was right to cut him loose

Don’t blame all of NZ because of a few people in NZ.. imagine if we all believed every South African reacts like Rassie after a loss.. if you believe SA wouldn’t be throwing toys around and spitting the dummy if the Boks were in NZ position.. think we both know all hell would break lose.

Rugby News: World Rugby warns Kiwis' over 'robbery' whine, Barnes hits back at ABs, damning report into 'toxic' culture

Warns kiwis.. what load of nonsense! NZ isn’t alone in being upset about a loss. Love how the Aussies act like they always take the high road 😂
All fans hate a loss. SA have made it into an art form, some Aussies have made whining part of every day life. It’s done.. it’s over. Move on

Rugby News: World Rugby warns Kiwis' over 'robbery' whine, Barnes hits back at ABs, damning report into 'toxic' culture

Again.. so was Kolisi. It’s the inconsistency that’s the big issue.

Sam Cane cops ban for World Cup final red card

So did Kolisi.. just luck these days more than anything else. Roll the dice and see. The HIA rules haven’t made any difference! Hasn’t changed players approach to tackling, it’s now farcical.

Sam Cane cops ban for World Cup final red card

Yet Ardie Savea actually got smashed in the face by Kolisi who hit with real force..

He should of done a Bokke and gone off for an HIA to milk a red card. World Rugby is becoming a joke!

Sam Cane cops ban for World Cup final red card

Totally.. it’s not all the head coaches fault. The fish rots from the head down.

'That's one of the options': Foster admits Test coaching return possible as he reacts to Wallabies link

Actually Foster could fit nicely with the Wallabies.. Seems to me the Wallabies don’t adapt well to strong egotistical personality like Cheika or Eddie Jones. Foster has almost a nurturing personality.. a father figure. That might gel better with the Wallabies than a harsh critic type.
No doubt Foster will utilise Hansen and any other top coach he can get his mits on to help rebuild the Wallabies.. Tony Brown, maybe Jamie Joseph. There’s still a lot of good quality coaches floating around who could lend a hand or offer input.. Graham Henry, John Harts still sharp as a tack.

'That's one of the options': Foster admits Test coaching return possible as he reacts to Wallabies link

What about the fact there’s a lot of kiwis and Pacific Islanders in the team? Not exactly true blue Aussies mate. If you want that you should probably watch more AFL

'That's one of the options': Foster admits Test coaching return possible as he reacts to Wallabies link

Pity.. He was one, if not the best ref around. Unfortunately I expect test rugby to lose more good refs.
World Rugby needs to get its officiating sorted, the ref is no longer in control of the game.. Not many good refs left, pretty soon we’ll have very average refs because anyone decent won’t want the fallout.

'Just a game, k---heads': Why world's top rugby ref has decided to give the game away

Good wrap Geoff, finally over. I’m actually relieved it’s finished. The Boks win the cup..again. Congrats to them

What I learned from this is the RWC isn’t anywhere near as important as it use to be. This emphasis on it is overrated, coaches saying they have a 4 year plan is complete nonsense!

Look at the Irish or the French, 4 years of preparation timing to be in the perfect position to finally collect a WC.. out at the quarter final. The ABs, I didn’t expect them to make the final.. I expected Ireland to knock them out in the QF.. Losing badly at Twickenham, then again against France, their preparation was just a few weeks in the making to get them into the final.

Sorry to say but World Rugby is anti rugby. The bunker business.. TMO dictation of the game and how it unfolds being left to a person sitting in a room in front of multiple screens, determining the outcome is rubbish.

The Game is now out of the hands of the teams. Out of the hands of the ref, now a TMO can narrator his way through the game determining the outcome as he pleases.. cherry picking what he wants.

If Rassie was in the ABs position.. their would be hell to pay! Expect a three part mini series all about the ref and the state of the game. It is what is. But the game is heading into oblivion if this is what we can expect.

The Game lost its identity.. I don’t even know what I’m looking at now! This stop start affair is not Rugby. Naturally everyone who supports the Boks will be very pleased with the outcome. But Geezas at what price are we paying to get there.

The World Cup Wrap: France 2023 got a final befitting the host nation - imperfect, baffling and historic

Why they need to get Hamish out and Waugh and replace the entire board. Clean slate with new rugby personnel and rugby being the only focus and goal.. or this cycle will only continue

Eddie Jones quits as Wallabies coach - 'Sometimes you have to eat s--t for others to eat caviar'

Still getting paid by England too 👍

Eddie Jones quits as Wallabies coach - 'Sometimes you have to eat s--t for others to eat caviar'

Get Andrew Friend, maybe Jamie Joseph.. Fozzy is available 😛

Eddie Jones quits as Wallabies coach - 'Sometimes you have to eat s--t for others to eat caviar'

I’m not buying that bro.. that’s just a misconception pushed by individuals who are fanning the flames of racism for personal gain or power. It died out a long time ago.

Unless you can show me a law or policy that gives one race an advantage over the other then I’ll be on your side. As far as I can see it’s equal opportunity for all.

'There's never a winner, just the next battle': The intense 102-year old rivalry that 'neutrals can't quite comprehend'