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Putting all the political debate aside about the positives and negatives of illegal substance abuse, I will make it very simple for you all.
Playing AFL is a job. It is a workplace. The code of conduct for this workplace has parameters in place about the use of illegal substances. They are protecting their brand.
If footballers wish to ingest illicit substances then they should quit their high earning job and do something else. Just like the majority of us workers in the regular world.

Drugs in football: Why am I supposed to care?

GWS present a very interesting story going forward. With all of there quality players locked in for 2019 do they take one more roll of the dice for a premiership knowing the exodus will inevitably come at the end of the season or start preparations a year early. Shiel and Coniglio are worth 2 first rounders but if held onto will achieve teir 1 compensation being only one mid first rounder. Kelly will attract 2 first rounders at the end of next season – probably mid first rounders, Lobb should attract a first rounder from a desperate Freo, as could Patton or Tomlinson.
Big decisions to make and interesting times ahead. With multiple first rounders to compensate for losing 3-4 major superstars then hopefully the list transition won’t be too painful for the Giants.

GWS are staring down the barrel of a 2019 contract crisis