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2005 NRL grand final. Enough said.



As far as I know, it’s his final year of his contract. If he doesn’t come back to V8’s, he might go to Penske for 1-2 years before making a charge on supercars. Just a theory of mine

Is it time for Ambrose to return to V8 Supercars?

My solution?
Listen to Test Match Sofa. Much better than the ramblings of said channel 9 fanboys.

SPIRO: Big Bash a hit as Channel Nine opts for Mickey Mouse antics

Over/under 50 finishers today?

Elite Men’s Road Race: 2013 UCI World Championships live updates, blog

Awesome day, and an awesome win for a team that really deserves it!

On another note however, Sky have been disappointing. They aren’t the cohesive unit they were last year. Froome especially needs to learn how to take position at the front, or otherwise he’ll get ripped in the Mistral on stages 5 and 6. Evans, on thee other hand, is riding a solid race, and is definately positioning himself better in case of a crash. That’s just something I’ve noticed.

2013 Tour de France stage 3 analysis - Gerrans wins for GreenEDGE

Shame about the Sestriere climb being cancelled. Was really looking forward to a challenge before the last climb.

2013 Giro d'Italia - Stage 14 - Cycling live updates, blog

And Cuddles is still in front of captain sideburns! Surely he couldn’t ask for much more

Giro d’Italia 2013 – Stage 8 – Cycling live updates, blog

Wiggins goes through the 51.5km marker. Almost 1 minute down.

Giro d’Italia 2013 – Stage 8 – Cycling live updates, blog

Wow. If Scarponi made time on Wiggo, how good must his form be today?

Giro d’Italia 2013 – Stage 8 – Cycling live updates, blog

And in the worst news of the day, Sky have resigned Richie Porte…

Giro d’Italia 2013 – Stage 5 – Cycling live updates, blog

Well the Seahawks got an absolute steal here. William’s game does need refining, but Pete Carroll is the man for the job. The Hawks are going to have a veryyy good team

Williams drafted by NFL's Seattle Seahawks

I’ve seen no massacres yet over this squad so it must be okay. However, making Haddin VC is very strange. I honestly would’ve had siddle to step up to the role, because of his use as a workhorse who plays most games in a year.

I would only swap out Haddin for Hartley, and possibly one of Warner, Cowan or Faulkner for SOK. Other than that for once, the NSP has given Australia a chance.

Ashes Test squad announced: Who's in, who's out

Sadly, the real problem lies within the strange qualification system that Augusta uses. It’s an Asia – Pacific amateur. Note, not the US or British. But an Asia – Pacific amateur. Sure, I understand expanding the game, but we are talking about what was a relatively weak field playing for a masters spot.
However, he’s there on merit, so for that, kudos. I’d love to be in his position, shame I can’t putt but

Augusta welcomes its youngest to the first tee

You’d think that by looking at this, that Queenslanders really suck at cricket…

Cricket Australia contracted players list for 2013-2014 announced

Looks like Tejay has the leading role at the TdF now

Evans adds Giro to season schedule

I’m sick of this.
If any other young, promising bowler did this, CA would come out saying that he needs at least another two consistent years before getting selected.
It feels like that if you’re barely state quality in NSW, you’re good enough for the baggy green.

Steve Waugh medallist Gurinder may be a bolter for the Ashes

I have a couple of opinions on the matter.

Firstly, the use of “Multi 21”. While it supposedly is an engine map, could it also be code for a multiple formation finish, car #2 (Mark) in front of car #1. It’s a fairly plausible reason to use code I suppose.
Secondly, Horner is backed into a really tight corner. He, realistically, has two choices, either give Seb a slap on the wrist or ban him for one race. Considering China is the next race, I can see Horner finally laying down the law and saying to Seb ‘mate, enough’s enough, it isn’t your team, so you can sit out this race to think about it’. And that is all possible, because China isn’t a Red Bull type of track, so less points would be lost in doing so.

But can you really ban your main marketing tool or even one race?

Emotional Webber dirty at Vettel after Red Bull fiasco

… Is this nightmare over yet?

Anger as Pattinson, Watson, Khawaja, Johnson banned

It would’ve been a perfect chance to send over a Hartley or a Nevill for experience, but hey, we have to trust what the NSP are doing. Right? Right?

With one eye on the Ashes, Australia must change Test lineup

Red Kev, I was at the Gabba yesterday, because I had nothing better to do, and I watched a bit of the game. I’ll just say this. Burns is ready. It’s not an easy pitch to play on either, but Burns looked comfortable at the crease. Good to see he’s playing county cricket as well.

Is this the last chance for Ed Cowan?

Let’s be clear here, Nike clubs just don’t hack it. Hell, even Mizuno’s are better these days

Rory McIroy trades good sense for dollars

Now, I know that I’m not a sports scientist or anything, but there is one apparent problem that bowlers face. CA’s intention is to create, for lack of a better term, ‘athletes’, and to be an athlete, your body has to be symmetrical to each other. However, it’s the symmetrical bodies that are causing bodies to break down. Sports scientists always say to strengthen the weak areas of the body, however, cricket might be proving different. By strengthening muscles cricket bowlers don’t usually use, they eventually weaken the important muscles until they either tear, fracture due to stress or break.

So where does this leave CA? Hell, who really honestly knows.

Get our fast bowlers out of the gym and back in the game

Not only do we fly over SOK, but we should fly over Burns, even if it is for the experience. He can’t do any worse than Cowan/Watson/Hughes and co.

Thrashed in Chennai, will Aussies hit back in Hyderabad?

The only place Lord Stanley will head this year is to the TD Garden.

My sporting loyalty is finally paying off

Danica Patrick? She’s won one indycar race. In her life. And that was in Japan, with a reduced field due to travel costs.
She has done nothing, and quite likely won’t do anything in NASCAR (Then again, come back to me when she wins the 500 on monday, it could happen)

The 'Babe' the best: My top 20 sportswomen of all time

I don’t think so, partially due to the fact that the rivalry is slowly dying, and that the division is so much more competitive than what it was. The only thing, realistically, keeping it alive, is the aura of ESPN and their “Sunday Night Baseball”.

While there are a lot of rivalries, Bruins – Canadians should be number one. Two original six teams that hate each other. And are surprisingly good this year.

The top 5 best sporting rivalries since 1970