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We have to have 3+1 anyway. If we had 7 foreigners like the APFCA is proposing, some clubs would have to drop 4 players for ACL, which would not bring quality up. The A-League’s focus should be on keeping their best Australians such as Goodwin and Davidson, by matching the offers asian clubs are giving to these caliber players with the removal of the salary cap and more rich owners such as Redbull.

Why Bosnich and Slater are both right about foreign players in the A-League

Les Murray Cup every day of the week

Should the A-League champions be called something different?

they did pay an entrance fee

Union Berlin's lesson for the A-League

I would like to see Perth glory do something similar to the endlich dabei in glory’s first Asian champions league game, and maybe when an ex nsl club eg Souths become an a league club

Union Berlin's lesson for the A-League

I believe that when they transitioned from heart to city the Storm had a 20% stake.

Will Western United be the A-League's first super club?

cats or bulldogs

Will Western United be the A-League's first super club?

What would the name, ‘Perth Swans’, possibly achieve? Perth Glory is a recognisable name for anyone in Western Australia, due to the clubs 23 year history, so I can’t see any reason anyone would want to change that, other than supporters of other clubs who think it would be a funny name to take the mick out of.

Ranking the A-League logos

sorry, meant the foreign players cap

The price of an independent A-League

Not sure what people are thinking with increasing the salary cap. We will end up with more average foreigners like Georg Niedmemier, not more brilliant players like Bruno Fornaroli. To be honest, as a glory fan I would rather have a striker like Andrew Nabbout or Jamie Maclaren than Andy Keough.

The price of an independent A-League

If I know anything, its that getting rid of the foreign players rule is not going to help us in Asia. The 3+1 rule is imminent in the Asian champions league and doesn’t look like it will be scrapped anytime soon.

Football will never be king until the salary cap is abolished

us perthites are very hungry for a legitimate derby outside of AFL

How a second A-League team in Perth would work

we don’t need 14 to 20 teams, the Scottish league keeps a competitive top 6 while only having 12 teams. I believe a sustainable model would consist of 12-14 teams in the first division (with no salary cap but a salary floor, teams that get promoted must be professional or they will not be allowed in the first division), 8-12 teams in the second division (with a salary floor that ensures all teams are at least semi professional. I’m not sure if pro/rel to NPL would be possible but if it is that should be applied.

Three reasons why the A-League should adopt promotion and relegation

I would say a possible pro/rel formula would be having requirements to get promoted like they do between Japans first and second division. In my scenario where there are 14 A-League teams and 10 second division teams, it would be very likely that not all second division teams are fully professional, and that some clubs would have poor attendances. I would say that the requirements for a club to get promoted would be an average attendance of at least 4,000 (That number would grow if they got promoted) and that they are reaching a salary floor, that could be slightly less than the A-Leagues current salary floor.

The A-League ten-year challenge: 2019-2029 edition

Yeah it’s a really interesting story. Thanks for reading my first article, I wrote this story for a school project at the beginning of last year, and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.

Wimbledon's way to winning

It is ridiculous that we only got an attendance of 9,000. I cant believe we’re in round 13, have been top of the league since round 3, and haven’t got an attendance above 10,500. You’d think with the cheaper family tickets for summer of heroes we’d at least get 10,000.

Ten talking points from A-League Rounds 12 and 13