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Great career and by all accounts a great bloke. 6 Grand Finals, 2 Premierships and 5 Origins, what a resume. Smart and wise decision. Well spoken and the guy can sing, no doubt he has plenty of good things ahead.
Meanwhile the NRL need to start getting serious about concussions. It currently seems Micky Mouse.

'There were no decisions to make': Skipper drops retirement bombshell after doctors' grave warnings

Agree Bazza, the headline indicates the Chooks were robbed. I didn’t see much in either of the aforementioned tries. The Roosters attack was very one dimensional and predictable. The Teddy trip was unbelievably stupid, they just got back to 12-12 and he does that. The Storm scored the go ahead try from
the next set. Edwards has to be the Blues fullback, not even up for debate in my view.

'Both were really clear': Roosters in a rage over ref's contentious calls as Storm win on the back of two dubious tries

RIP David Lord, an iconic journalist. I really enjoyed his contributions on the Roar. He was a character and a great Aussie. Thoughts and prayers with his family.

RIP, David Lord: Australian sports journalism icon was 'always thoughtful and thought-provoking'

Great article thanks Harry and totally agree. Time to ditch the Giteau law. You could largely pick Australia’s strongest 1st and 2nd XV’s from overseas based players.

Scrap the Giteau Law: Rugby Australia should look to Rassie's 'Boks RWC recipe if it wants to re-join the big boys' table

Agree Steven, whilst JD has rightly copped a lot of flak, why isn’t the Chairman, Board and CEO also in the firing line ?? They have presided over this complete mess and didn’t listen to Sam allowing him to leave early. Not only does the roster need a clean out, so does the front office. The same Front Office that let Reyno leave for some unbeknown policy about not signing older players to long term deals. That was criminal letting him go and still stings today.

Demetriou to be 'given the time he needs' as Souths back coach - for now - after Mal all but turns down job

Big Mal didn’t cover himself in glory with some of his comments. Clearly the media were drumming up this story and he should have played the straight bat and made minimal if any comments at all. Instead he got involved when he should have shut it down as soon as the story came out.

Demetriou to be 'given the time he needs' as Souths back coach - for now - after Mal all but turns down job

He has done a terrific job at the Drua. Well done Mick Byrne.

Former Wallabies assistant poised to take over as Fiji national coach

Thanks Geoff, not sure if Mike Cron will still be smiling regarding Angus Bell. Looks like his season is over.

The Wrap: 'Take them to a dark place' - A quiet round grabs eyeballs for all the wrong reasons

Agree however if Sam ever does come back as coach it would likely only be when Mitchell and Walker have departed the Club.

Latrell cops lengthy ban for high elbow hit on Johnson as Souths coach laments 'stupid' acts

Other than cash, why would Bennett go anywhere near this basket case. I’m sure he could salvage the wreckage to a degree but geeez the Bunnies demise has been shocking.
The lack of leadership from the Owner, Board, CEO and coach has been staggering. Latrell is now a fully fledged liability at the Club. I don’t think anyone could argue this point now.
If he wants to retire, that’s fine and his perogative. That would allow South’s to start a rebuild.
South’s demise should act as a template of what not to do as a sporting organisation when it comes to managing a marquee player.

'I don't know what goes through Latrell's mind': Mitchell on report twice as Wahs dominate sorry Souths

Totally agree Steven, the Club have to make some tough calls now or the season will be done soon if it’s not already. However I don’t have faith in the front office making the tough calls. Mitchell will be rubbed out for a couple of weeks which he won’t mind. He looks totally disinterested in Football. I hear Lachie sufferered a bad injury which is no good at all.

'I don't know what goes through Latrell's mind': Mitchell on report twice as Wahs dominate sorry Souths

Great game, these two teams have developed a great rivalry. Thought the Reds were going to jag it at the end but lacked the composure.

'It was brutal': Clutch Lolesio kicks Brumbies to 'Test match intensity' win over Reds as Wright shines again

Good to get that signing done by Rugby, don’t think there was any real doubt he was going to switch with what’s coming up in the years ahead. I do think after the 2027 RWC he will have a crack in the NRL.
The Tahs backline next year, looking very good. However as for the forwards…

'Best place for me': Wallaby-in-waiting Jorgensen commits to Aussie rugby in boost ahead of Lions series

With Leichhardt nestled in between two state of the art Stadiums in Allianz and CommBank, there is a snow flakes chance in hell the Govt will commit funds to it. Penrith is a different scenario, the area desperately needs an upgraded / renovated venue.

'I don't have spare dollars': Death sentence for Leichhardt as NSW Premier rejects Tigers' reno plans

He has two great options, would be surprised if he switched with the Lions tour next year. He may revisit at the end of next year depending on how the Wallabies are travelling under Schmidt. He is young enough to tick the Rugby boxes ( Lions and World Cup ) and then switch.
On the other hand, he could be the heir apparent to Teddy and playing under Robinson would be great. The Chooks have a lot of talented youngsters coming through so another dynasty is a possibility. Not to mention the coin would be excellent. Interestingly his old man Peter switched codes in 1995 which was a World Cup year. Granted he was probably the 4th or 5th choice winger in Aust Rugby at the time.
Big decision for young Max to make.

NRL News: Panthers unfazed by Cleary injury, Sivo tightens up tackling technique to avoid further bans

Thanks Geoff, when are the Tahs ever going to win a close game. They just lack the killer instinct and ability to close out a tight game. They could easily be 4-1 with a bit of composure and execution. Great win by the Force.

The Wrap: Wallaby's brain fade that cost the Tahs, con job worthy of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Steven, the fall from mid season last year has been astonishing. They have gone from the look of contenders to bottom feeders. The culture appears to be rotten which the coach has presided over. Graham and Arrow huge outs whilst Walker looks well past his best. Latrell just doesn’t get involved enough. It’s a complete mess. Not sure how much longer JD stays in the job. I would take Bennett back in a nano second.

Demetriou has 'no doubt' he can turn around Souths after disaster derby sees Latrell binned in Roosters riot

EJ, the Campbell Graham situation was farcical. He carried this injury most of last year. How on Gods earth did he not have surgery straight after the season beggars belief. The Club is in a right mess at the moment.

Too much to Bear: Danger signs emerge as Rabbitohs start to unravel after years of near-misses

Sea Eagles were impressive, if they keep everyone fit Brookie will be a fortress this season. Brooks and Koula have added another dimension to the attack. Sea Eagle fans should really like what they see so far.

Sea Eagles rock Roosters to show they're the real deal in 2024 - with a little help from Bunker's blurred tunnel vision

The Blues were wasteful all night keeping the door ajar for the Tahs who never looked threatening until it was too late. The Edmed drop killed them. The Tahs lack dynamism up front, too many plodders. The effort is there and they are competing however they are really lacking a game breaker.

'Philosophical, disappointed but excited': Tahs lose another nail-biter as wasteful Blues hang on to make it 10 straight

Great game and fantastic run chase, the Bison and Carey were terrific. Thought Bison was a bit unlucky with his dismissal whilst Carey deserved a ton ! Great support from the skipper at the end. Surely he supplants Starc at Number 7 now.

Carey the clutch king: Gloveman's stunning 98, Cummins heroics keep Kiwi curse alive in thrilling comeback win

Thanks Geoff, firstly congrats to the Reds on a great win.
The unapproved spend of 2.6 mill beggars belief. How on Gods green earth does the CFO hold onto his job ? The passive board looking on also included Phil Waugh correct or Waughy as McLennan dubbed him. What a total sh!tshow.

The Wrap: The two massive power shifts shaping Australian and New Zealand rugby

Congratulations Reds, fantastic win, very guttsy to hold on at the end.

'Over the moon': Reds deny Chiefs for 23 PHASES to win 'titanic' trans-Tasman clash as Kiss' revolution continues

each to their own JD.

The Wrap: ‘World’s best provincial rugby competition’ delivers a superb Super Round

No issue with Penney defending a coach publicly. However I think he should have kept it on point, short and sharp. Instead he also took a shot at his former employer and then gave himself a wrap by labelling himself a good coach. These are the two things he shouldn’t have said publicly in my humble opinion.

The Wrap: ‘World’s best provincial rugby competition’ delivers a superb Super Round