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Fan of the AFL, will watch most things though.



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Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

Usually, this is the time of year when people are enjoying the start of their preferred football code’s season – or looking forward to the finals in the case of the A-League – and the most common type of article is one concerning the season ahead.

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Checkside Round 1: Suns' God rises for Easter

Any other time I talk about Demons beating Giants I’m discussing a fantasy novel; if I bring up the time the Swans beat the Magpies I’m on about something illegal; and if I want to chat about Suns beating Bombers it’s usually about something I imagined after a late night out.

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The songs AFL clubs should adopt for their 'fanthem'

Early this year I spent a month in the United States, and experienced three of the most popular American sports. At each event I noticed that there were several times during the event that the crowd would join in the singing of ‘traditional’ popular songs, or ‘fanthems’.

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Randomly predicting the 2016 AFL Ladder

As at the start of every season, there are people who look carefully at the results of the pre-season, the last couple of seasons, scoring and defence trends, possession stats and team lists and use these to try and accurately predict just what the standings will be at the end of the season. (Although the […]

Imagining the banner goes up and the entire crowd erupts into “Somebody once told me…”

AFL reveals State of Origin sides for charity match

I really hope the entry music includes Smash Mouth. That would really set the tone just perfectly.

AFL reveals State of Origin sides for charity match

Forgot about that game. But the rest of that finals series was awful

The best worst game ever

I enjoyed it. Would rather watch that game again than any final from 2017.

The best worst game ever

Seen like the stats picking Eddie as their chairman might have led to them becoming the Collingwood of the BBL. They certainly have trend of the Colliwobbles

BBL final winner unexpectedly determined by game of cricket

I feel like a system of 6 games in Hobart and 5 in Launceston (alternating) would help the club get sponsors and fans across the state. I hope the Tassie Devils/Thylacines/Salmon get onto the field soon

Tasmania eyes AFL team by 2025: Report

Between two captains of the most successful international teams in men’s and women’s sport?

Expanding AFLW faces a test that it will pass with flying colours

Really? Don’t recall Steve Smith working at an advertising agency during the off-season.

Expanding AFLW faces a test that it will pass with flying colours

Just switch to Eagle Rock permanently

What do you make of West Coast's new club song?

Nothing wrong with nationalism? There’s a lot of things wrong with that.

Sponsors come and go, but Hyundai's reported FFA exit a symptom of greater ills

Except for the fact that women still have to have other jobs in many sports, yeah there’s absolutely nothing that needs to be done to equalise opportunity. Liz Ellis was the captain of the Diamonds and was still working as a barrister.

Expanding AFLW faces a test that it will pass with flying colours

That was meant to be about the Cats. Not sure how that happened…

One of the longest premiership droughts is about to end in the AFLW

No they aren’t. Megan Markle actually had some success in her career

My predictions for the 2020 AFL season

It’s a bold strategy, Piru. Let’s see if it pays off for them.

I’m thinking it’ll be 9ers vs KC

Why the Tennessee Titans are Super Bowl favourites

Love the finals results. Would not be upset at all.

Predicting the 2020 AFL season

Hoping for an injury free second half of the year and a big push to go one better next year.

What do the AFL clubs want for Christmas, and what does the new year hold? Part one

I think you need to read Frankenstein because it seems the point of that story missed you by.

Coniglio unveiled as new GWS skipper for 2020

Neither Bama or Clemson have beaten a ranked opponent. Ohio State and LSU are going to blow the other semi-finalists out of the water

College football 2019: Week 14 winners and losers

I think it’s rhyming with Dennis’ last name

103 people more likely to captain the Wallabies than Israel Folau

That Prelim final was the most nervous I’ve ever been watching a game. Was a great following week with all the big, big sound memes. Shame they had to cancel the Grand Final…

The best 2019 games to get you through the off-season

Have to say that the Minnesota win really sets them up. Plus it’s rare to see them and Baylor having won more games against ranked opponents than Clemson or Alabama.

College football 2019: Week 11 winners and losers

Japan should join the Rugby Championship. It’s closer to Aus and NZ than to Europe.

Japan must join the Six Nations

So you’re saying the Irish and Americans should stop playing their traditional sports? K…

Cooper Cronk joins GWS Giants

May as well ask what would it look like if the USSR merged with the USA.

Fun thought experiment though.

What if Carlton and Collingwood joined forces?

I’m so mad that Marngrook was cancelled. Someone’s gotta bring it back, right?

AFL media axe falls on diversity, individuality and quality