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Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

Usually, this is the time of year when people are enjoying the start of their preferred football code’s season – or looking forward to the finals in the case of the A-League – and the most common type of article is one concerning the season ahead.

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Checkside Round 1: Suns' God rises for Easter

Any other time I talk about Demons beating Giants I’m discussing a fantasy novel; if I bring up the time the Swans beat the Magpies I’m on about something illegal; and if I want to chat about Suns beating Bombers it’s usually about something I imagined after a late night out.

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The songs AFL clubs should adopt for their 'fanthem'

Early this year I spent a month in the United States, and experienced three of the most popular American sports. At each event I noticed that there were several times during the event that the crowd would join in the singing of ‘traditional’ popular songs, or ‘fanthems’.

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Randomly predicting the 2016 AFL Ladder

As at the start of every season, there are people who look carefully at the results of the pre-season, the last couple of seasons, scoring and defence trends, possession stats and team lists and use these to try and accurately predict just what the standings will be at the end of the season. (Although the […]

It sure does. And of course people will come out and claim that any discussion of the issue is “virtue signalling” (an oxymoron).

The main issue that causes racism in sport is that sport is a reflection of society, and society is still quite racist. Better than it was, perhaps, but still got many problems.

Thank you for a well constructed piece.

The AFL’s uncomfortable relationship with racism

I’ve gone Port and Dockers too. That Freo game is the hardest of the round along with Crows v Eagles.

Feel a bit better about my G-men since someone isn’t tipping them this time. Perhaps Damocles won’t drop this time.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

Yeah round 2 sounds right. I was hoping it was a sign of maturity and ‘any team, anywhere” coming through. Not quite…

MCG form matters in the AFL, just not how you think

We did manage to beat you there last year. Albeit in the H&A season and not when it would have been useful

MCG form matters in the AFL, just not how you think

Well I could do it to 2008 and guess what changes: the only extra GF involving Vics and non-Vics is the 2012 GF where the Swans beat the Hawks. Every other GF for the last decade (not counting the ones I mentioned) was Vic v Vic.

I actually intended to use the 18 team comp as the basis but miscounted the years. As it is, not much changes.

MCG form matters in the AFL, just not how you think

The Giants play Hawthorn at the MCG twice in the home-and-away season? And people say Victorians aren’t favoured by the comp…

But interestingly, since 2013 the GF has been between a Victorian and non-Vic team and the non-Vic teams have won once. They also should have been hosted outside of Victoria had home ground rights been based on ladder/season performance on all bar one occasion. Yes it’s been argued to death but it is an unfair advantage that has been chosen to be entrenched rather than just something that is caused by circumstance.

MCG form matters in the AFL, just not how you think

Longmire’s first win at the G was in a Grand Final. The first time Brisbane beat the Bombers in Victoria was in a Grand Final. Only need to get it right at the right time.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round Nine

As disappointed as I was that we didn’t get a 100 point win, I think there’s an element to the Giants win that people haven’t discussed: we kicked 20 goals and none of them were by our leading goal scorer. While it’s a bit of a shame that Cameron won’t get 100 goals, it’s nice to know that we can score so much when he’s inaccurate/playing a different role.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round Nine

Was also disappointed by that less than a century victory. If we kicked a little straighter it would have been easy.

That’s a good friend to have with you while blogging. Deserves all the pats.

Five talking points from AFL Round 9

Wasn’t “Formal Clarity” an album by the Cure?

Bombers to demand 'formal clarity' from AFL on goal post saga

I wouldn’t want percentage to be replaced with just the For stat. Maybe use the NRL’s system of For minus Against instead of percentage. That way winning 100-70 is worth the same as winning 60-30. Means teams may not worry so much about keeping their opponents’ scores down as much as ensuring that they score more.

The easy fix to the AFL's scoring woes

It’s a mess but I can’t imagine them overturning the result. It would mean awarding points that a team didn’t get rather than taking points off a team that shouldn’t have had the opportunity a la Sirengate.

The holding the ball is a complete shambles. If you drop it straight away you’re fine; if you make the effort and manage to kick or handball it while on the ground it’s a free kick against?

The 6-6-6 is waste of time and has only made things worse.

Plus can people be punished for things that can cause injury (but are luckily enough to not) that are illegal more? Anyone pushing a player into the fence should have a week off because there’s no reason for it and it’s so dangerous and Ablett should have a suspension for hitting two players in the head twice in a couple of weeks. Get your elbows down ya fool!

The AFL’s administration has failed and it must be changed

He really wants this to be his martyrdom moment. Not only does he not follow the rules set by his employer, then refuse to talk to them when they want to, now he’s calling them agents of Satan. I have a feeling there’d be a few religious people on the Rugby Australia administration who wouldn’t take kindly to that implication.

Folau confirms he knocked back RA's peace offering

Shocking that the worst commentator continues to be the worst. Remember when he casually dropped a homophobic slur during a broadcast because he didn’t like how someone waved?

Just say his name right, BT

I really don’t like it when everyone tips my team in a game we “should win”. Just makes me feel wary.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 8

A hypothetical I’d be interested in asking the umps would be if Ben Brown played on after his run-up, how far would he be allowed to run before having to bounce it?

Eight talking points from AFL Round 7

No, teams want MCG experience because they play in a competition that forces the championship to be decided at that ground every year no matter who earns the right to host it.

How Geelong gets robbed by the AFL

I literally said you’re ignoring race because it is relevant. You mentioned Sharpe but didn’t mention the racist undertones the interviews surrounding that event had. You’re agreeing with the idea that someone has to take drugs to make them not who they are to match proscribed norms in this case; but not when it’s someone like Phelps even though there are a lot of parallels.

Caster Semenya loses landmark case – possibly ending her career

That’s gotta be a yikes from me.

Semenya is a cis woman who happens to have an elevated production of testosterone. Lyndsey Sharpe came sixth and the woman she hugged later said she was proud to be the “first European and second white” in that race. There are so many problems here to do with race and gender that you are just ignoring.

Caster Semenya loses landmark case – possibly ending her career

I really hope that it’s a close tight contest. I have a bad feeling that Port might surrender a lot sooner than neutral watchers would like

Collingwood vs Port Adelaide: Friday Night Forecast

I’m offended that you’d think The Big Bang Theory is an acceptable example for any approach to jokes

"I am not gay": James Faulkner clarifies Instagram post as CA issues apology

Would love for the War in Heaven to be the match-up on Good Friday. But I think North should be involved. Maybe make that the Easter Sunday afternoon game and put Carlton or the Bulldogs on the Friday.

It's time to make a call on Good Friday Football

Good list AD. Gotta say though that this round was a real handbrake on my enthusiasm for the season. Not because your team beat mine, but because none of the games were close.

The closest game by numbers was the Tigers-Swans game and when the winner scores more than 90% of their score from the other team’s mistakes that’s never a good sign for quality of a contest. The closest game in feeling was the Giants-Dockers game and for some reason my team decided to not come out after 3/4 time.

Very glad that today is the only day between rounds so that our palette might be cleansed quickly.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 5

Awesome. Great piece of satire.

Plans revealed for new AFLB league to begin in 2020

It depends on how you frame and phrase it. If you use racist tropes and language then it’s not fair criticism. Same as criticism directed at other minority groups or figures.

Can rugby really embrace diversity?