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Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

Usually, this is the time of year when people are enjoying the start of their preferred football code’s season – or looking forward to the finals in the case of the A-League – and the most common type of article is one concerning the season ahead.

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Checkside Round 1: Suns' God rises for Easter

Any other time I talk about Demons beating Giants I’m discussing a fantasy novel; if I bring up the time the Swans beat the Magpies I’m on about something illegal; and if I want to chat about Suns beating Bombers it’s usually about something I imagined after a late night out.

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The songs AFL clubs should adopt for their 'fanthem'

Early this year I spent a month in the United States, and experienced three of the most popular American sports. At each event I noticed that there were several times during the event that the crowd would join in the singing of ‘traditional’ popular songs, or ‘fanthems’.

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Randomly predicting the 2016 AFL Ladder

As at the start of every season, there are people who look carefully at the results of the pre-season, the last couple of seasons, scoring and defence trends, possession stats and team lists and use these to try and accurately predict just what the standings will be at the end of the season. (Although the […]

Jeremy Cameron has kicked 72 goals and Finlayson has kicked 42 goals. Add in Himmelburg as third tall with 37 that’s 151.
It also wasn’t the Lions first preliminary final since 2003 last weekend. It was their first semi-final since 2009. Their last prelim they won in 2004.

Five predictions for this weekend’s AFL preliminary finals

If that happened I could stomach a GF loss on the scale of Port on 07. I don’t think I’d stop laughing all summer.

AFL preliminary finals: can the underdogs rise up?

Except there’s no evidence he did any eye gouging.

Also unless you’re suggesting he eye gouged with his voice it’s “allowed”

Hawkins, Greene to front AFL tribunal

Why the last 12 finals series? 03, 05 and 06 were years where the premier was also a semi-final winner.

AFL semi-finals rarely matter. Did these?

If you’re on Facebook and haven’t already you should join the GWS fan chat group. A fun place to chat about footy with real passionate people. Building slowly can mean a stronger foundation.

Why being despicable legitimised GWS as a football club

I get it! It’s a Wheel of Time reference…

Don Pyke quits Adelaide Crows

Surprised that this happened before Hinkley got the axe, not surprised that it happened. Have to wonder whether the Crows will rebound next year or if they’ll crater.

Don Pyke quits Adelaide Crows

Hoping that this week’s finals will have closer results than last week. Don’t want another finals series like 2017.

2019 AFL finals series: Week 2 preview

Speaking as a Western Sydneysider, it’s not totally wrong. The area is close to the quintessential example of urban sprawl.

Rugby union could be the first casualty in the war of the west

As a Pac-12 and Big 10 fan it’s an interesting year. Pac-12 won’t compete for a playoff spot but the title race is wide open. And while I think Ohio State will take the Big 10 title, there are plenty of banana peel games for them this year.

College football 2019: Week 2 winners and losers

Cats v Eagles will be close. (I don’t think Saint Jude the Apostle needs to be beseeched just yet.)

I’m nervous about the Lions v Giants but since we smashed the Dogs I’m ok with how the season has gone.

Straight-sets exits await Geelong and Brisbane

What a sook.

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

Imagine the name: St George Canterbury-Bankstown Illawarra Bull Dragons

The death of a Sydney NRL club is inevitable

I got a feeling it’ll be a game of two halves. One side, most likely Geelong, will be up by 4-5 goals at the long break but by 3/4 time the margin will be less than a goal. Think the Pies will kick the last 3 or so goals in red time to get them the win.

Geelong vs Collingwood: AFL qualifying final forecast

Really good article. Disappointed but not surprised that the film won’t lead to as many people changing their minds as should but at least a few have. That’s not nothing. Mind you, considering how many people deny that the Confederacy was fighting for slavery I guess people will do whatever they can to avoid harsh truths.

The Final Quarter reaction – I lost faith in Australia

Word is he stepped down. Was probably told he wouldn’t be there next year so decided to save some time. Wonder if that’s all the coaching changes now because I still think Port could part with Hinkley at the end of the year.

St Kilda parts ways with Alan Richardson

The Lions are really good to watch. Think my random pick might actually come through this year.

Thriving culture the key to clubs’ success

New Zealand deserve to win if there’s going to be a countback. Boundaries should be the 5th or 6th countback stat not the first.

England win World Cup final in thrilling super over finish against New Zealand

I’m also an umpire in a similar situation to you. I hate this attitude. Especially since it seems to be taking over the way we train too. There’s never any time taken for self-reflection or criticism of our fellow umpires’ performances.

The one word that isn’t in an AFL umpire’s vocabulary

That he wasn’t even sent to the sin-bin is an absurd decision. There’s no point to having it if you’re not going to use it in cases like this.

What do you need to do to get sent off?

I had a feeling this round could throw up a few upsets. A fair few as well as a couple that could have gone the other way too. Wonder how much the byes have to do with killing momentum/recharging the batteries depending on where you are.

2019 AFL power rankings: Round 15

The League should invest in some high-speed cameras. They aren’t that expensive and I’m sure there’s plenty of companies who’d give them cheaply as a sponsorship arrangement. At least then they wouldn’t be trying to see between frames

Don’t get rid of the score review, just review it

If this didn’t seem the round for a few upsets before, the homogeneity of the tipping sure made it one.

I’d personally be fine with that as long as my team beat the Bombers tonight and my “pick” for the flag best the Demons.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 15

As a Giants fan and member I can agree with some of the points here and add in some more.

The trains in Sydney are some of the worst designed and run in the country. This year there have been multiple instances of trackwork on the lines that one would need to get to Lidcombe to change trains to get to Olympic Park. Around where I live I’m not the only one making the multiple changes to get to the ground but I sure can’t blame others who don’t feel like putting in that much effort.

Driving is often out because Olympic Park parking is really expensive and parking at Lidcombe is scarce. Plus while at the SCG it’s a bit of a walk to Central station, the walk is passed many nice bars and restaurants instead of the warehouses of Homebush.

One positive I’ll add is that the Giants have made the right approach in building the fanbase. As much as people scoff at the tickets they give to Auskick kids it means that those kids will attach to the Giants first. It means the club is going for a generational build which means it’ll be a firmer foundation than what the Swans tried in the 80s.

Worthwhile things take time and if you love the sport then surely getting more and different people into the sport is worthwhile.

GWS are tearing up the AFL, so where are the fans?

One player and someone who hasn’t been at the club for 6 years. So built-in… It’d be like calling the current Swans players thugs because of Barry Hall.

GWS are tearing up the AFL, so where are the fans?