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Xavier works for a tech start up in NYC and in his downtime loves to watch basketball, eat pizza, and attend comedy shows. IG: xavi__p Twitter: Xavi__P



I still see LeBron going to the Finals this year. Boston doesn’t have enough offense and I don’t trust Toronto.

Why LeBron is going to stay in Cleveland

Definitely agree the shot is the only concern and he needs a threat of a mid range game. Once that is sorted out I don’t see why he wouldn’t make a coupe of all star teams if his team is winning.

Lonzo Ball: The bust that never was

I agree it looks like Balor could have been the guy. He beat Roman on his first night on Raw clean in the middle of the ring. And then a few weeks later he pinned Rollins clean as well. Maybe he will show up at the Royal Rumble if he is a fast healer.

Why the WWE must grab Kenny Omega

They definitely need someone soon and I would love to read that list!

Why the WWE must grab Kenny Omega

Imo James Harden deserves the MVP this year. He has team on pace to win about 62 games this year and the Rockets look like legit challengers to the Spurs and Warriors. I don’t think anyone saw this coming or James Harden being this type of play maker. The Thunder are probably going to fall into the 7th seed.

Of course LeBron deserves it every year but that wouldn’t be a lot of fun.

Forget stats, LeBron James is the NBA's MVP

Matt Ryan also got to play 4 games against the Panthers and Saints. Just between those two teams he put up over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns. Great opportunity to pad your numbers.

Aaron Rodgers is your 2017 NFL MVP

I don’t see Paul Millsap significantly helping either plus he is 32 years old looking towards his next contract. I think they need a star who can command a double team down low but I don’t see who they can get in the near future to compete with the super powers.

The Toronto Raptors need to make an all-in move

Agreed, Matt Ryan is having an amazing year but I don’t think anyone has done more to get their team out of critical situations than Rodgers this year. Though he had some part in why his team started 4-6 it is incredible that he was able to get them out of it.

Aaron Rodgers is your 2017 NFL MVP

It’s tough with Brady for me. At the end of the day I just don’t think it’s fair to other plays who didn’t break any rules (though still will never be 100% sure if Brady knew those balls were deflated or not).

Aaron Rodgers is your 2017 NFL MVP

I’m not sure the Dubs will beat the Cavs in the Finals. Curry has performed terribly against the Cavs the past two years (don’t give me the injury argument, everyone plays hurt) and I believe Durant is 4-18 against LeBron all time. It seems LeBron and the Cavs just have their number.

The Warriors need to embrace cavalier basketball to beat Cleveland

I think she just needs a change in coaching. Stand up is her primary weakness and it doesn’t look like they worked on it at all.

WATCH: Rousey rocked by Nunes in 48-second demolition job

Bummer for Mariota today. Seems he will not able to finish the season.

Can the Titans save the dreadful AFC South?

Anyone who can drive to the rim and expose their lack of rim protection can give them a bit of a hard time but the only one team has shown to do that effectively and they’re in the East.

Let's finally move on from the LA Clippers

It’s so hard to win in the NBA with young players (unless you have a LeBron or KD). It just doesn’t usually happen. I think once they get some more veterans they’ll be fine.

Is it time to start worrying about the Timberwolves?

All very valid points and giving up a draft pick is indeed huge. Thanks for the feedback!

MLB GMs are following the NBA’s lead this offseason and it’s great

If it’s not too cold in Foxborough the Raiders have a good shot at beating the Patriots as well imo.

Can the Titans save the dreadful AFC South?

I couldn’t agree more.

LeBron James can play whenever he wants - deal with it