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I founded The Roar in 2007 and continue to manage it alongside our growing team.



Classic 80s Tooheys ad

Anyone who grew up in the 80s will remember this classic Tooheys ad. As a kid I dreamed of being Mike Whitney and hitting the winning runs against the Windies at their peak. This was a ‘big ad’ before the days of the big ads…and it sure makes me thirsty!


The Roar's content

Zac writes: The Roar is all about your sports opinion. We see it as a platform for sports lovers to read, comment and write about sports. In the age of citizen journalism, we see you as controlling and contributing to the content on our site.

New Reds coach, Phil Mooney, talks to The Roar

Resident The Roar columnist, Garth Hamilton, talks to the new Queensland Reds coach, Phil Mooney. Mooney was previously the coach of the Australian Under 19 team and inherits a team that struggled badly in last year’s Super 14. In this interview, Garth tackles the challenges ahead for the Reds, the perceived lack of junior talent […]

Spiro Zavos on the Rugby World Cup [2]

In the second interview of the series, resident The Roar columnist, Garth Hamilton, talks rugby with Spiro Zavos on the upcoming Rugby World Cup. In this chat, they delve into the weekend’s upset win by Scotland over Ireland, the England v France match, and the implications of the results of these matches on the Cup. […]


Going to France for the RWC?

Zac Zavos writes:  For those of you lucky enough to be going to France for the Rugby World Cup, you should check out some of the unique events that ex-Wallaby centre Daniel Herbert is putting on. Daniel is a great supporter of The Roar and we’ve heard really good things about the events that he […]

Spiro Zavos discusses the Rugby World Cup

Resident The Roar columnist, Garth Hamilton, talks rugby with Spiro Zavos in the first of several discussions on the upcoming Rugby World Cup. In this far ranging interview, they discuss the impact that South Africa fielding a B-team in the TriNations will have on their Cup chances, the potential for the All Blacks to field […]

Daniel Herbert speaks to The Roar

Daniel Herbert, former Wallaby and Rugby World Cup winner, is currently based in Montpellier, France. In the lead up to the World Cup, we spoke to him about the upcoming tournament. In the interview, Daniel discusses why Montpellier is a wise location for the Wallabies’ base, the events he’ll be running during the World Cup, […]

Socceroos perform when it matters

Australia turned on a sparkling display late in the match to defeat Thailand 4-0 in their must win group match. They now move into the quarter-finals and travel to Hanoi for Saturday’s sudden-death match against Japan.Michael Beauchamp scored early for the Socceroos, leaving up to the experienced stars of Mark Viduka (2) and Harry Kewell […]

The Roar tackles rugby's problems

On 20th May 2007, after weeks of negative comments about the state of Australian rugby, The Roar ran an article titled: Let The Roar of the crowd fix up rugby. In this article, we asked our readers to tell us the three main problems facing rugby, and three solutions to the problems, for submission to […]

John Williamson talks to The Roar

Last week we wrote an article praising the reinstatement of John Williamson singing ‘Waltzing Matilda’ before each home test. The singing of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ coincided with the first win against the All Blacks in 4 years. The Roar spoke to John about the impact the song has on the Wallabies, why he stopped singing it, […]

London 2012 - the logo

There’s been a lot of talk about the London 2012 logo. Some say it’s a fresh, creative logo that reflects the dynamism of the great city of London. Others describe it as ‘most unpopular logo in British marketing history’. Then there’s the fact that Wolff Olins, a brand consultancy, was paid £400,000 for designing the […]

The Langford-Smith jig

One of the surprise packages from the 2007 Cricket World Cup was the success of the Ireland in reaching the “super eight” stage of the tournament. This is a remarkable achievement for a nation where cricket is a marginal sport, at best. Dave Langford-Smith was a club cricketer for University of NSW before moving to […]

Let your opinions be heard

The Roar regularly receives email and contributions from our readers that offer great insights into sports and current sporting events. In the past, because some of these were short, or didn’t fit with our current articles, we weren’t always able to run them in the main section of The Roar….which frustrated us. So, we’ve enabled […]

Rod Macqueen speaks on the new Laws of Rugby

Rod Macqueen, the most successful Wallaby coach ever and the mastermind of the Wallabies 1999 Rugby World Cup triumph, spoke exclusively to The Roar today on the Stellenbosch Laws. Rod has been on the IRB’s The Law project Group which since 2006 and has been driving the assessment and implementation of the Laws which are […]

Let The Roar of the crowd fix up Rugby

At the beginning of the 2004 season Australian rugby was loaded with cash, the Wallabies had almost won the Rugby World Cup, playing numbers, spectator and television viewing numbers were soaring, and the game looked likely to fulfill John O’Neill’s vision of becoming the second largest football code in the country. Now in 2007, another […]

Origin football - the best of all?

Every year since 1980, the best players born in NSW clash in a three match series against those from Queensland. The media hype leading into the match is huge – with good reason. The Origin series is one of the biggest sporting events in Australia, up there with the Melbourne Cup, the Boxing Day Test […]

Let them play for other nations if not selected

We received this email recently from Roger Levey who argues that the quality of world rugby would be improved with a broader representation policy. His argument is below. Interested to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below. Says Roger Levey: ‘Very few countries have a realistic chance of winning the Rugby World Cup. The top […]

Roarers – we’ll chip in $50 for The Footpath Library charity which is a particularly relevant one for our site to support I think. All good fun and a great cause.

Comment below if you want to contribute too.

FitzSimons vs Waterhouse: the lesser of two evils?


I asked Peter his view of this article. He read it and responded. The point of Fitzy’s comment should not be lost: he hasn’t stated he’s risking his livelihood from this action. This is worth considering.

Two further observations, for what it’s worth:

1. Fitzy refers a significant number of young writers to The Roar. I’ve seen first hand how much energy he puts into helping others get going in this industry. Like his writing or not, he does help early stage sports writers and I respect this.

2. I have seen stats from Fairfax which show that his column is read by something like 80% of everyone who picks up the Saturday paper. It’s literally off the chart when it comes to readership when compared with any other column. It polarises, but it’s immensely popular.

FitzSimons vs Waterhouse: the lesser of two evils?

Watching at Byron Bay hotel. Why did the guys just have a drinks break??

Waratahs vs Blues: Super Rugby live scores, blog

Cracking piece The High Shot! You had the office laughing out loud.

Doping fallout: new evidence emerges

Enjoyable call Chad.

Sonny Bill Williams vs Francois Botha: Boxing live updates, blog

Enjoying the call Chad. What’s your card reading?

Sonny Bill Williams vs Francois Botha: Boxing live updates, blog

Was it a real hit or a glancing blow and fall?

Quade Cooper vs Barry Dunnett: Boxing live updates, blog

Quade Cooper Blog and updates here:

Sonny Bill Williams vs Francois Botha: Boxing live updates, blog

Relaying the comment Adam left above for you: Mundine fights generally start around 10:45-11pm AEST.

Anthony Mundine vs Daniel Geale II: IBF Middleweight live updates, blog

I loved reading this piece; great insight into what it’s like Jono. Thanks!

The psychology of a cycling crash

Cracking piece Rath – this is the type of writing that makes, in my opinion, The Roar so unique.

Thanks for sharing your views with us.

RATH: Lancing Faith

It’s a rambling interview. No shape really.

Lance Armstrong Oprah interview: Live coverage, blog [LIVESTREAM]

Nick – the writer’s confirmed as an insider.

cheers, Zac
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THE INSIDER: 2013 - The Year of the Beast

Atawhai – sorry about the autoplay. It only happens on iOS 6 and we’re TRYING to fix it.

Stick with us!

Cheers, Zac

Warne refuses to rule out Test return

A note to inform Roarers that the Waratahs have responded to this article. Please refer back to the original article for their comment, and Spiro’s response.

The Roar

Quade's baaaccckkk!!! And his Wallaby mates aren't happy

And Campo’s exclusive column on this issue, Roarers:

Campo, don't let the hair and boobs fool you: women are equals in sport

Roarers – Campo explains his views on The Roar:

Campo, don't let the hair and boobs fool you: women are equals in sport

Roarers – stay tuned as we have a piece by Campo about this issue coming to the site shortly.

The Roar

Campo, don't let the hair and boobs fool you: women are equals in sport

planko – clearly I don’t think it’s self serving dribble. But you’re entitled to your opinions.

HOLMES A COURT: Why Russell was so good for Souths

We invite numerous writers to write on our site. We’ve had every CEO in Australian sport write guest columns. And we invited Peter to write a piece.

We just aren’t prepared for the threads to be overwhelmed by guys who clearly just want to air their concerns over and over again.

I might add that Godfrey & The Spook aren’t Roarers; they only comment on posts like this related to South Sydney.

HOLMES A COURT: Why Russell was so good for Souths

Roar columnist Geoff Lawson reckons there’s nothing but Adelaide belter in this wicket.

Australia vs South Africa: 2nd Test, live cricket scores (Day 1)

OK Godfrey – your points have been made and we all understand your opinions on this matter.

We’re closing your comments down on this thread in order to keep the balance of voices fair.

The Roar

HOLMES A COURT: Why Russell was so good for Souths

Nice analogy Ridley!

Welcome to The Roar cycling Sam & Dylan.


Is this the Golden Age of cycling?

Well said Marlins tragic and thanks for the support.

I’d like to address Sportym’s comment and explain to all Roarers what’s behind the ads. The Roar is an advertising funded business like almost all media businesses the world over. The point of ads is that they need to be seen in order to have impact. But we work hard on ensuring that the most important element on every page is the content.

To this end, our ad placements are clean (we run 3-4 ads per page, not up to a dozen as other sites do) and we work with quality brands to reach our audience.

Advertising has allowed us to continue to grow the writing and coverage on the site. We live blog almost every sport, have an amazing stable of expert and fan writers, and we’ve invested in things such as the mobile site which is the subject of this comment.

We always listen to our audience and value your feedback.

But in this case, if Sportym doesn’t want to see our ads then we understand this and say you are welcome to stop visiting the site and try your luck with other sites.

The Roar

Sleepy Brumbies set for $15 million move

I built it Matt.

It handles 500,000 people and almost 40,000 comments each month across mobile, iPhone and web. Not sure what you saw, but I suppose from time to time small things get through when you get this traffic. Welcome you pointing it out directly via the Contact Us page.

BROWNIE: Why I'm backing the Storm to go all the way