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Well whatever the resolution its heaps better than the resolution that Optus dishes up.

Hey A-League, wake me up when September ends

Great – I didn’t know that … I currently watch La Liga in High Definition on Foxtel but can now look forward to watching it in Low Definition on Optus . F@#%^v $%^& !!!!!

Hey A-League, wake me up when September ends

Not hearing ‘Ole’s at the wheel’ being sung anymore.

Juan Mata channels Fernando Torres with this unbelievable miss

OGS likes to wait till the 80th minute before making a change. Just play him from the start.

Manchester United must treat Mason Greenwood well

I am sure you will survive.

The Tayla Harris statue transcends sport

Love it.

Paul Gallen shamelessly compares his field goal technique to JT

i’m always happy when I find Blocker is commentating on the Sharkies games.

How to fix rugby league commentary

Very upset right now. Rest in Peace Danny. You will be missed.

Danny Frawley killed in car accident

I’d rather stick an electric drill in my ears than hear Dean Lewis and Conrad Sewell.

The AFL finally got grand final entertainment right

Alex Sexton is a very under-rated footballer and clearly loves the Suns. He is a better leader than the man-child that is Tom Lynch.

AFL 2019 top 100: Gold Coast Suns

If you learn to love NRL & Soccer there IS no bye. 😊

The EJ Whitten game makes a mockery of a legend

They had a few other experienced players that had zero impact – Jared Brennan and Nathan Bock spring to mind. Josh Fraser was ok for a few years but well past his prime but Danny Stanley & Michael Coad were very solid. Nathan Krakoeur sadly had some personal problems & left early. Michael Barlow also did some good things up there.
Just found a list of all the Gold Coast players .. I forgot the Western Bulldog’s Jarad Grant went up there. He was touted early in his career as a future champ and that prediction was a farce. Scott Clayton (who was Bullgog & Suns recruiting manager) said “If Jarrad Grant’s not the best player after them (Kreuzer & Cotchin) , then I’ll swim to Williamstown from here” ..
Looking at the amount of turkeys that Scott Clayton drafted at the Suns , i think HE was a big part of the reason why the Suns faltered so early on.

The AFL should continue to follow the Hodge and Brisbane experiment

Good call – When Saad is in full flight he is electrifying.

AFL All Australian squad: Who got snubbed and who's lucky to be there?

There were so few people at the game the umpire would have heard it for sure.

Was Jeremy Cameron awarded a mark after the siren?

Sounds like the players absolutely loved him – Ryan Crowley was singing his praises last night on the news. One thing they cannot say is that he had lost the dressing room.

'I think he'd be welcomed back': Brendon Goddard urges St Kilda to reinstate Ross Lyon

Somewhere out there poor old Todd Curly is shaking his head ..

Umpire knocked out after accidental collision with Docker

First half – Chelsea could EASILY have been in front. No reason to panic at this stage.

Man United decimate Chelsea on Frank Lampard's EPL managerial debut

Don’t worry – be happy.

Bulldogs blast past the Bombers in enormous victory

It was so much better when there wasn’t advertising on the jerseys.

Cronulla have released a Paul Gallen retirement jersey and it's the worst thing we've ever seen

They should scrap the pre-season & have every team play each other twice.

AFLX officially scrapped

She looks 13 or younger pal – Anyone saying otherwise is an utter liar – Take a look for yourself:

No excuse to boo Goodes

She looked 13 pal.

No excuse to boo Goodes

The sharkies have been struggling to get through sets of late (not to mention the problems kicking for goal) & i think we are going to get smashed.

Cronulla Sharks vs North Queensland Cowboys: NRL Thursday night forecast

It should be fun this weekend then as the Western Bulldogs have also been unwatchable this year with their scrum style play which basically involves endlessly hand-balling to players under pressure with the occasional kick.

Ross Lyon goes from clashing with journos to cracking jokes in bizarre presser

Zlatan is king

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores a worldie and celebrates right in front of opposition coach