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I am really passionate when it comes to football, especially Liverpool Football Club. Apart from this, I indulge in long hours of conversation with my friends (about football), drink (watching football), and sleep (dreaming about football). Other than that, I work with a 360-degree digital marketing agency in Mumbai.



Well, I only wrote this piece keeping in mind that it’s not always the money that attracts players. There are high chances that a player would love to play at an attractive project. Liverpool are certainly a project that he is interested in. I am aware that the chances of Mbappe joining Liverpool are slim to none, but I do think there is slight interest. These few thoughts of mine just reflect that!

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Liverpool can afford Kylian Mbappe - and here's how

I respect your opinion John, but Liverpool have scored just six penalties (4th highest) this season, while eight (2nd most) have been awarded against them. United, Chelsea and Leicester have gotten more penalties and goals from those penalties than Liverpool. The late goal by Alisson was a brilliant goal. As for late goals, LFC we’re denied wins against Newcastle and Leeds because of conceding late goals rather than scoring them. But I do feel they LFC are back in great form having been unbeaten over the last 8/9 games and will be making it into the top 4 at the expense of Leicester. But then, only time will tell.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool never give up, they are comeback kings

Mane, should not have behaved the way he did, specially not after a huge win like this. He should have sorted out his issues in the dressing room and not in front of the camera. Knowing Klopp, he might just about keep Mane on the bench for this.

Anger as Sadio Mane snubs manager for leaving him out of Liverpool's team

Hi Lesterlike, I understand your point of view and agree, that a local analysis is missing. But that does not take away from my feeling that if they undo those mistakes over a period of time and as mentioned by Vas above, improve their relationship with the fans by helping improve the standard of living, they are still better owners to have as compared to many of our rivals.

Liverpool's owners haven’t been as bad as everyone says

Hi Vas, I understand your point of view. And do consider each one of them. Yes, a local flavour would have added a lot more depth to my analysis as well. Something that I hope to experience soon in my life which then by interacting with the local fans might change my point of view. Appreciate you taking out time and putting your point across like that. I really hope their next step is to help uplift the standard of living because, somewhere I believe that this entire debacle of the ESL might open their eyes up a little wider.

Liverpool's owners haven’t been as bad as everyone says

I am a Liverpool fan, when I saw that, I was so angry. In any other normal circumstance, he takes a proper shot into a corner. Had he done that, at 2-0, Chelsea had no way of coming back. The Chelsea win hurts given the scramble we are in for a top 4 spot.

Sergio Aguero in disgrace as showboating 'panenka' penalty backfires horribly

Well, I went on and did some research and found out that over 15 players played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid. Which is quite crazy given that they are massive rivals.

As for Arsenal and Spurs, there are also a few that jumped between the ships, but I purely attribute that to the players wanted to live in London.

Which players have played for both Liverpool FC and Manchester United in the English Premier League?

I would love for Curtis Jones to play against Manchester United. Yes it might be a slight risk, but putting in a local lad who understands the significance of this game, will be very helpful!

The academy stars who will have important roles at Liverpool next season

Well, I do believe that at some point he could have made a decision not to join a rival club, specially Liverpool’s arch rivals. However, from his perspective, he had the chance to join a big club towards the end of his career which he found alright to do. He has an EPL medal to show for it. However, yes, he did give his best playing days to Liverpool. So for him personally, it worked out. But I understand why Liverpool fans were unhappy!

Which players have played for both Liverpool FC and Manchester United in the English Premier League?

I do believe that very few players get a second chance at a club that they’ve represented before. I am sure Owen tried, but what you said was right, Benítez did not need a player like him and that is when we went for Crouch the season after. Torres however joined us 3 years after Benítez did and he goes down as one of my favourite strikers to have ever played for Liverpool.

Which players have played for both Liverpool FC and Manchester United in the English Premier League?

Like we’ve always said, England have had a strong squad and the one you’ve chosen is capable to do well. However, I’d love to see James Maddison playing. When he is on fire, he makes Leicester tick according to me. Also, I am feeling really bad that Joe Gomez might miss out cause of his injury. Other than that, an attacking unit of Sterling, Rashford, Kane is actually very strong!

My England squad for the European Championships

I agree with you 100%. The finishing has hurt us a lot this season. However, signing Kabak and Konate will help bring us much required depth in defence. Matip and Gomez are injury prone players, hence these signings are important. However, you also did hit the nail on the head with the fact that our in-game management has been poor. I attribute a little bit of that to the lack of VVD and Henderson on the pitch, their vocal presence makes a difference. This season is done and dusted, a top 4 chance looks tough, unless Chelsea wins the UCL or loses 2-3 EPL games (both options look dicey!)

With Ibrahima Konate joining Liverpool, they finally have some depth at center-back

Hey mate, well, the numbers might be a little up and down due to conversions and yes, I could have added Hoever as well. My bad.

How well have Liverpool done in the transfer window?

Let me begin by saying, I am a Liverpool fan. However, I do believe that Jose has put together a team with quality and depth. Bale brings a lot of experience that most players in that squad do not have. A winning mentality and a leadership style that most players at Spurs might not have witnessed. However, we might not see the darting runs that he has managed in the past or some of the spectacular goals he has scored during his younger days, but a couple of minutes of magic in the odd game is something we are sure going to see. I still believe it is an exceptional signing for Spurs.

Can Gareth Bale take Spurs to the next level?

I could not agree more Arnab. The passion and never say die attitude Lovren brought onto the pitch was unparalleled. That was one of the reasons I believe Klopp stuck with him for as long as he did.

I admire Dejan Lovren for his Twitter spat with fans

Well, now its fact it’s three players who have tests positive. Shaqiri was declared positive yesterday. Things are not looking good. Tsimikas was positive last month and then recovered. In stead of the international break, they should have had a 14-day self-isolation to ensure that the number of cases in the football fraternity reduce.

Second Liverpool player tests positive for COVID-19

Watching this game just hurt. The team was directionless and flat. Worst performance under Klopp for sure. However, if there is a game to prove that they can bounce back from anything it is the game against Everton who are currently at the top of the table. This might end up being the most fiesty Merseyside derby in a while!

Aston Villa shock Liverpool with SEVEN goals

Sorry to hear that you got stick for furnishing your opinion, that is plain wrong. I have a personal policy of just rerooting and blocking hateful and harmful people who tweet rubbish for no reason at all. That’s the least we can do.

I admire Dejan Lovren for his Twitter spat with fans

Yes, I have, but I am not sure how effective it will be to be honest. I do not know how difficult will it be for AI to intervene and ensure that such tweets with targeted hatred just don’t get published!

I admire Dejan Lovren for his Twitter spat with fans

Couldn’t agree more. It gives a loud voice to people who end up using to get attention and make a point rather than use it constructively. Hence, I liked what he did, he really stood up to fellow footballers having to read vile comments about their performance in one single game.

I admire Dejan Lovren for his Twitter spat with fans

I agree. Michael Edwards has been brilliant. Even with us on deadline day today, we could end up selling 3-4 players and recuperating at least 50 million of what we spent. Wilson, Grujic and Shaqiri all seem to be on the move based on multiple reports.

Rumours of Kalidou Koulibaly joining Liverpool are back

Hey Juzzmonk, the EPL is surely the best and most exciting league in the world. The top four race is surely heating up. As a Liverpool fan, I am glad we are not in the middle of the dog fight and are fighting for the title. However, in my opinion, more than Arsenal’s defence flopping ( which they have been for the last 3 seasons), I would have rather fit Chelsea under Sarri in there. He came with a reputation of attacking football, started the season very well only to have hit rock bottom now. What do you think?

The top three flops and shocks of the Premier League season

Hi there Kay, I am so glad that you have begun watching Football. No better manager and team to follow as of now 😉 Thanks for taking the time out to read 🙂

Forget trophies, Jurgen Klopp is the best thing to happen to Liverpool since Shankly

Thanks a ton mate! 🙂

Forget trophies, Jurgen Klopp is the best thing to happen to Liverpool since Shankly

Hi Dhruvh, I respect your opinion a lot, given that your football loyalties lie with the Reds of a different shade. I do hope that your words ring true and Klopp drives us to some trophies. The direction is visible, getting over the finish line is something that has been a problem, I am sure that will be resolved soon! I believe that Klopp will certainly prevail.

Forget trophies, Jurgen Klopp is the best thing to happen to Liverpool since Shankly