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Ben Simmons booed in the 76ers' lacklustre NBA playoffs opener

The fans weren’t happy as Philadelphia suffered a surprise loss in their opening post-season match against the Brooklyn Nets.

Aside from Jimmy Butler, who put up 36 points, the majority of the 76ers struggled to have an impact.

And Ben Simmons, who scored nine points and registered seven rebounds was among the 76ers in the firing line as the home crowd made their frustrations clear, with the Australian booed after missing a free throw in the third quarter.

A disappointed Simmons returned serve after the game.

“If you’re a Sixers fan and you’re going to boo – stay on that side,” Simmons said.

Meanwhile, Joel Embiid and Amir Johnson could face consequences after the duo were spotted looking at the latter’s phone while sitting on the bench during the match.

The act, which isn’t allowed under NBA rules, was roundly criticised even by 76ers coach Brett Brown who described it as “completely unacceptable”.

Embiid told reporters Johnson had been using his phone to check on his daughter who is “extremely sick”.