Australian Cricket

Alongside England, the Australian Cricket team is the equal oldest Cricketing nation in the world, having its Test status granted in 1877. Since their inception, Australia have dominated in most forms of international competition, winning 47% percent of its Test matches – and losing just 27%.

Since the International Cricket Council began officially raking Test nations in June 2003, Australia have been ranked number one a total of 83 months – nearly double that of the next best nation (South Africa, 42).

Australia have also won five One Day Cricket World Cups, including four of the past six. No other team has won more than two, while Australia are also the only team to win the tournament on three consecutive occasions.

The ICC World Twenty20 is the only international competition that has eluded Australia, with their best result a grand final loss to England in 2010.

The Australian Cricket team’s most eagerly anticipated series, however, is ‘The Ashes’ against England – easily cricket’s most illustrious Test series.

After claiming a 4-0 win in the most recent Ashes series, Australia holds a narrow 33-32-5 overall lead in Ashes series.

Australia are currently ranked 3rd in the official Test rankings, 5th in One Day Internationals and 7th in Twenty20.

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Last updated: 8 February, 2018