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Euro 2021 Fixture - Australian times

(Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

The UEFA European Championship (more commonly known as the ‘Euros’) is a football competition held every four years, contested between the national men’s teams that are members of UEFA. The 2020 tournament, which took place in 2021, saw Italy defeat England on penalties to win the title.

Of the 55 eligible countries, 24 qualified for the finals. The finals were then contested throughout a month of intense competition.

In total, there were 51 matches. The tournament was hosted at 12 cities around Europe instead of in one individual country as has been the story in the past.

Group Stage
Group Fixture Venue Time
Saturday, June 12
A Turkey vs Italy Rome 5am
A Wales vs Switzerland Baku 11pm
Sunday, June 13
B Denmark vs Finland Copenhagen 2am
B Belgium vs Russia St Petersburg 5am
D England vs Croatia Wembley Stadium 11pm
Monday, June 14
C Austria vs North Macedonia Bucharest 2am
C Netherlands vs Ukraine Amsterdam 5am
D Scotland vs Czechia Glasgow 11pm
Tuesday, June 15
E Poland vs Slovakia Dublin 2am
E Spain vs Sweden Bilbao 5am
Wednesday, June 16
F Hungary vs Portugal Budapest 2am
F France vs Germany Munich 5am
B Finland vs Russia St Petersburg 11pm
Thursday, June 17
A Turkey vs Wales Baku 2am
A Italy vs Switzerland Rome 5am
C Ukraine vs North Macedonia Bucharest 11pm
Friday, June 18
B Denmark vs Belgium Copenhagen 2am
C Netherlands vs Austria Amsterdam 5am
E Sweden vs Slovakia Dublin 11pm
Saturday, June 19
D Croatia vs Czech Republic Glasgow 2am
D England vs Scotland London 5am
F Hungary vs Frace Budapest 11pm
Sunday, June 20
F Portugal vs Germany Munich 2am
E Spain vs Poland Bilbao 5am
Monday, June 21
A Italy vs Wales Rome 2am
A Switzerland vs Turkey Baku 2am
Tuesday, June 22
C Ukraine vs Austria Bucharest 2am
C North Macedonia vs Netherlands Amsterdam 2am
B Finland vs Belgium St Petersburg 5am
B Russia vs Denmark Copenhagen 5am
Wednesday, June 23
D Czechia vs England London 5am
D Croatia vs Scotland Glasgow 5am
Thursday, June 24
E Sweden vs Poland Dublin 2am
E Slovakia vs Spain Bilbao 2am
F Germany vs Hungary Munich 5am
F Portugal vs France Budapest 5am
Round of 16
Fixture Venue Time
Sunday, June 27
Wales vs Denmark Amsterdam 2am
Italy vs Austria London 5am
Monday, June 28
Netherlands vs Czechia Budapest 2am
Belgium vs Portugal Seville 5am
Tuesday, June 29
Croatia vs Spain Copenhagen 2am
France vs Switzerland Bucharest 5am
Wednesday, June 30
England vs Germany London 2am
Sweden vs Ukraine Glasgow 5am
Fixture Venue Time
Saturday, July 3
Switzerland vs Spain St Petersburg 2am
Belgium vs Italy Munich 5am
Sunday, July 4
Czech Republic vs Denmark Baku 2am
Ukraine vs England Rome 5am
Fixture Venue Time
Wednesday, July 7
Italy vs Spain London 5am
Thursday, July 8
England vs Denmark London 5am
Fixture Venue Time
Monday, July 12
Italy vs England London 5am

Euro 2021 venues

Group stage
Group A: Stadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy) and Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan)
Group B: Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg (Russia) and Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Group C: Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Arena Nationala, Bucharest (Romania)
Group D: Wembley Stadium, London (United Kingdom) and Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland)
Group E: San Mames, Bilbao (Spain) and Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Group F: Allianz Arena, Munich (Germany) and Puskas Arena, Budapest (Hungary)

Knockout stage
Round of 16: Wembley Stadium, London (United Kingdom), Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark), John Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Arena Nationala, Bucharest (Romania), Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland), San Mames, Bilbao (Spain), Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Republic of Ireland), Puskas Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
Quarterfinals: Stadio Olimpico, Rome (Italy), Olympic Stadium, Baku (Azerbaijan), Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg (Russia), Allianz Arena, Munich (Germany)
Semi-finals: Wembley Stadium, London (United Kingdom)
Final: Wembley Stadium, London (United Kingdom)

The structure of the finals sees six groups of four teams compete to qualify for the knockout Round of 16. Teams must then win their fixtures throughout the Round of 16, quarterfinals, semi-finals and final, to be crowned the champions of Europe.

In 2016, France played host to the competition, with Portugal claiming victory for the first time.


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