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We encourage all of our contributors to actively increase their audience (and influence) for their own ‘Roar of the Crowd’ articles.  Here are some great ways that you can help boost your article views and interaction with your ideas!

10 Simple Ways to Promote your Roar of the Crowd Articles

  1. Send an email out to friends and work colleagues with a direct link to your article, let them know you’ve just been published on The Roar and encourage them to leave a comment on your article and / or share it on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Post your article on Facebook with a great headline. Ask your friends to share their thoughts and opinions on your article. Tag anyone in the post who you think might be interested.
  3. Share your post on Reddit – Please remember that Reddit is different from many other sites and has a dedicated self promotion policy. As a general rule, 10% or less of your links should be your own and you should actively contribute in other ways to subreddits. You should not just start submitting only your links – it will be unwelcome and may be removed as spam, or your account will be banned as spam. Please remember to follow reddiquette, each subreddit’s rules and post to the most appropriate community possible. Redditors will respond to interesting and unique content – when you’re creating a Reddit headline don’t be vague; your post title can be provocative but it should also be relevant to the content you are sharing. Here are some popular sporting subreddits where you could post your article:
    You should also consider cross posting content if it’s appropriate to one or more subreddits that might enjoy your content.
  4. You may also want to post your content on Delicious, Stumbleupon, and Digg (If you use these sites).
  5. Share your post on Twitter – when tweeting your article, shorten your link using and tag @theroarsports so we can follow you back. Use event hashtags like #stateoforigin, trending hashtags like #goKnights or those for specific sporting codes like #NRL, #AFL – If your post is about a specific team, you may want to give your team a shout by tagging them in your tweet , for example,@NRLKnights – using a combination of meta tags can help make sure the right people see your post.
  6. Post your content to your friends and acquaintances on Google+ 
  7. If you write on other sites, consider including a link in the article to your Roar piece.
  8. Add a link to your Portfolio on your Linkedin Profile – If you’re looking to showcase your writing work, you can now create a professional portfolio to wow prospective employees – get started here.
  9. Cross-link between your own posts. If you’ve already written about a similar topic, mention your previous post in your submitted article and include the link back to it.
  10. Add a link to your Roar profile page into your email signature so your friends will know to check it out. This tool is great for creating HTML email signatures – when you’re done creating you easily add your signature to Mail or Outlook (Windows7). 

Good luck with spreading the word! If you have any tips for sharing your content please let us know!