iPhone Application

The Roar’s iPhone app is now live. Please download it now.

Roar iphone app
What’s in The Roar’s iPhone app?

In short, a lot. But this is just the start. Here’s a summary list of features for release 1.0:

* All content available offline (means it’s real fast to use and can be used while commuting)
* Loads content over Wifi and Data networks
* User option to disable data load over data carrier (in case you don’t have much bandwidth on your plan)
* Loads images for each article
* Enables a YouTube video for each article if embedded
* View reader comments for each article
* Ability for users to post comments to the website via the app
* Auto-saved user details for posting comments
* Email article links to friends
* View articles by category

Sounds good, can I have a peak?
Sure! Here are some images from the app.
Roar iPhone App - comments Roar iPhone App - article Roar iPhone App - home

Download it now using the link above. And PLEASE review the application and pass on to your mates!

FAQs and Support
Q: Does it remove the old content when updated with a new synch?
A: On refresh, the application updates the last 30 posts by dates; so some older articles will drop off each time. It also gets fresh comments on each article.

Q: How long do the articles stay on the iPhone (does it change daily or with each synch)?
A: Content only changes when you refresh (synch).

Q: I just refreshed and it gave me 2 articles. Why?
A: If this happens, it’s a bug and we’d like to know about it. The application should always show about 30 articles. Try refreshing again; it should fix it.

Please contact us with any iPhone application support issues.

Can I get this iPhone application for my website?
Yes. We have engineered this app so that it is whitelabelled for any content oriented website or intranet. Contact us for further information.

You can also see the app in action on our trends site, Lost At E Minor.