A-League live scores, blog: Sydney FC vs Perth Glory

Round 13, 2017
Saturday December 30th, 7:50pm AEDT
Allianz Stadium, Sydney

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    Sydney FC and Perth Glory meet at Allianz Stadium as the champions look to continue their dominant record over the men from the west. Join The Roar for live scores and commentary from 7:50pm (AEDT).

    It is hard to keep coming up with superlatives to describe the machine that is Sydney FC. All aspects of their game have been in tune over the course of the last month and they are really an automatic pick for tipsters each week.

    This week will be the same, however, Perth are doing a lot of things right at the moment and should not be discounted.

    Sure their record against Sydney is poor recently yet they are within a win of third of the ladder and despite not being as consistent as manager Kenny Lowe would like, they are doing well.

    Coming off two wins in a row, the Glory will look to surprise the home team. Graham Arnold’s men must be wary of complacency against a team that can score goals if allowed to run.

    Both teams have almost everyone available and there should be some real passion in this one.

    Sydney are great front runners and the best chance that the Glory have is to grab an early lead; easier said than done however, and then use the goal to apply some pressure to a Sydney defence that has answered all challenges so far this season.

    This could be a high scoring affair, with Sydney in goal scoring form and Perth always a little prone at the back, despite recent improvements. For Perth, that could be a dangerous combination.

    Sydney FC 4, Perth 1

    Catch all the action on The Roar live coverage from 7:50pm AEDT.

    Sydney FC
    1.Andrew Redmayne (Gk), 4.Alex Wilkinson, 5.Jordy Buijs, 6.Josh Brillante, 7.Michael Zullo, 8.Paulo Retre, 9.Bobô, 10.Milos Ninkovic, 11.Adrian Mierzejewski, 13.Brandon O’Neill, 14.Alex Brosque (C), 16.Anthony Kalik, 17.David Carney, 18. Matt Simon, 21. Charles Lokolingoy, 22.Seb Ryall, 26.Luke Wilkshire, 30. Thomas Heward-Belle

    Perth Glory
    2.Alex Grant, 4.Shane Lowry, 5.Jacob Poscoliero, 6.Mitch Nichols, 7.Joel Chianese, 8.Xavi Torres, 9.Andy Keogh (C), 13 Nick Feely (Gk), 14.Chris Harold, 15.Brandon Wilson, 16.Joseph Mills, 17.Diego Castro, 18. Andreu Guerao, 19.Joe Knowles, 20.Jake Brimmer, 26.Jacob Italiano, 29.Jeremy Walker, 33.Liam Reddy (Gk)

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    Final Scores

    Sydney FC


    Match Complete

    Perth Glory


    D. R. D. Silva95'
    D. R. D. Silva90'
    D. R. D. Silva67'
    66'J. Poscoliero
    A. Brosque62'
    A. Mierzejewski58'
    35'J. Mills
    B. O'Neill21'

    On Target
    Red Cards
    Yellow Cards

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    • 6:32pm
      Cool N Cold said | 6:32pm | ! Report

      It is right to say that Sydney FC is very good in this season.

      However, is it also right to say that Sydney FC’s good performance in this season is because of worse performance of other A-league teams?

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:25am | ! Report

      It is getting tough to continue to find ways to express the dominance of Sydney FC at the moment. The latest installment in their title defence has seen them pile six goals on Perth, who once again, can’t seem to find the defensive mode required to match it with the big guns in the A-League.

      A second hat-trick on the trot for Bobo and goals to Brosque, Mierzejewski and Brandon O’Neill made up the half dozen and Sydney was clinical up front, organised at the back and irresistible in the second period.

      Going into the half time break at one-nil, after the early goal from Brandon O’Neill, there weren’t obvious signs that Sydney would go on a five goal route in the second. In fact, Perth had competed well in the first half and looked like they were in it for the long haul.

      Sadly, Mierzejewski’s goal early in the second opened the floodgates and the remainder of the game was really a procession.

      It was great to watch and Kenny Lowe’s analysis of the game was blunt yet accurate. His concession to the better team who played beautiful football was honest and fair.

      Sydney march on with a few big games coming in the next two rounds. Can they be stopped? Of course they can. There is a way to beat every team. However, at the moment, finding the secret to achieving that is proving difficult for the rest of the A-League.

      Sydney 6 Perth 0

    • 9:04am
      Buddy said | 9:04am | ! Report

      Good to see the attendance rise by a few thousand for last night’s game. The club should be attracting more support the way they are playing but there appears to be little correlation between the number of people who participate in the sport and those that go to watch the professional game.

      • 9:31am
        LuckyEddie said | 9:31am | ! Report

        You’re right Buddy. Although we all like to shout out what great participation numbers we have in football a closer look reveals a bit of a false ‘economy’. I’ve coached at a few clubs at junior level and apart from one or two parents most have no clue about the game and are happier to talk about their favorite code e.g. league, Afl.

        A lot of the kids are their in teams up to about u12 to keep mum happy while Dad is off to see the Broncos that night. Conversley if you go to AFL junior football in Brisbane where AFL has pretty low numbers compared to football, all the parent are avid AFL supporters,

        Similarly with the FFA and their Football Family where a lot of people join because because it’s free and for some ridiculous reason these people get some sort of preference for big games. Another false ‘economy’ because if you charged even $5 a year to join the family 90% would turn their back on it.

        So sadly what we have is a lot of kids using up facilities etc. but mostly their parents only have them there to keep them amused for a few years. Then we have a football family where most only join to get the jump on the public if a big game comes to town.

        It’s a tricky one but the first step to test your and my theory about no correlation between participation and HAL would be to charge the mostly non-going football family $10 a year to support the game they supposedly love. If they all paid up that’s about $10m that could be pumped into football.

        If they bolt well what purpose did they serve in the first place, apart from trying to jump the queue.

    • 8:54am
      LuckyEddie said | 8:54am | ! Report

      Good effort by Sydney and a poor Perth. Perth actually had a 15yo on the bench and no matter how good that kid is it is a bit of a joke for our top league.

      Interesting that while most teams have been hammered by injuries SFC have been able to put their best team out week after week. Because of the small squads and the number of good players on the sideline we may not know how really good SFC is until the Asian Championships.

      When they play a team like the Kasima Antleers we will see how good they are or maybe how ordinary HAL is. Either way it will be very interesting to see how they go.

    • 10:19pm
      bobbym said | 10:19pm | ! Report

      Verrrrry poor crowd again symptomatic of A league

      • 10:28pm
        Kangajets said | 10:28pm | ! Report


        Tears from a Salty Perth fan or waiting for tje Alf .

        Fantastic A league team Sydney .

      • Roar Guru

        Cousin Claudio said | 12:31pm | ! Report

        Hey gloomface,
        there were 20% more people at the SFC v Perth game than last nights Everton v Bournemouth English Premier League game.

        The death of the EPL is nigh too!

    • Roar Guru

      Cousin Claudio said | 10:07pm | ! Report

      I don’t care how many people turned up tonight or how many AFL fans start calling the death of the A-League because only x number of people watched the game on TV.

      If you really love football you must have enjoyed the football on show tonight from my team Sydney FC in my city of Sydney.

      Sky Blue till I die and the rest of you can just rot in hell.

      • 10:12pm
        Kangajets said | 10:12pm | ! Report

        Terrific Claudio

        And what a round of really good gsmes so far .

        This is why we love the A league

        Now for Newcastle to stop Sydney on Wednesday. Mmmmmm well …

        • Roar Guru

          Cousin Claudio said | 10:25pm | ! Report

          Good luck to the Jets kanga.
          Looking forward to the match and I’m sure the Jets will put up an excellent game.

          • 10:31pm
            Kangajets said | 10:31pm | ! Report


            Can Sydney give us a 3 goal head start

      • 10:20pm
        bobbym said | 10:20pm | ! Report

        You better start caring because if it continues the league will disappear in 5 years!

        • Roar Guru

          Cousin Claudio said | 10:24pm | ! Report

          By the look of it its already gone Pippinu.
          They have cancelled the remainder of the A-League season and will play Victorian Rules instead.

          Well done maaaate!

          • 10:29pm
            Kangajets said | 10:29pm | ! Report

            Bobby is just sad ?

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 10:00pm | ! Report

      Thanks for being on board for the blog tonight, despite my little emotional digression just after half time. Hopefully the eds see fit to allow me to blog in the future, starting tomorrow with the New Years Eve match between Central Coast and Wellington.

      Well played to Sydney FC and Brisbane Roar, you have both ended the year in the right way. Who will take the initiative in the New Year?

      • 10:06pm
        Kangajets said | 10:06pm | ! Report

        Well done Stuart .

        Hope u spend a nice day with your family tomorrow.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 10:12pm | ! Report

          Thanks Kanga, I really appreciate the gesture. I’m still pissed off at some of the nonsense over the course of the last few days, but I guess some people get a little brave in front of a keyboard.

          No hard feelings from me, I love everyone, there isn’t a person, team or sport in the world that isn’t worthy of attention and adoration. Except synchronised swimming…..that’s just silly.

      • Roar Guru

        Cousin Claudio said | 10:23pm | ! Report

        Thanks Stuart.
        You are doing a great job mate, a good football analyst and you always give a fair and honest assessment of Australian football, which does by the way, have some positive aspects.

        I agree Mister AFL Pippinu and his multiple personalities do become very annoying at times, but we need to be strong and rise above it, because we are better.

        Thanks for being so honest about your family situation. I hope things improve dramatically and you all have the best year ever in 2018.

        I must confess in a selfish sort of a way that 2107 was the best year of my life so far, in a number of ways and not just because Sydney FC have won 3 trophies and broken just about every A-League record on offer.

        I wish them well in the Asian Champions League to prove that we are the best domestic football team in Asia.

    • Roar Rookie

      Stevo said | 9:59pm | ! Report

      Just hand Sydney the silverware now!

      • Columnist

        Stuart Thomas said | 10:02pm | ! Report

        We are full, but this team would love a little more. Wonderful performance.

      • 10:03pm
        Kangajets said | 10:03pm | ! Report


        Sydney FC still have the acl to compete in and who knows , they might get an injury or 2 to give the other teams a chance .

        Sydney are a very good team but I’m still looking forward to the semi finals where it’s a cup competition.

        • Roar Guru

          Cousin Claudio said | 10:31pm | ! Report

          Its a knockout and the top 2 get a second chance, which I hope will be Jets with SFC.

    • 9:57pm
      bobbym said | 9:57pm | ! Report

      Time to sack Lowe and appoint Chris Coyne!

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:53pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      90‘ – What a wonderful performance from Sydney as they thump Perth 6-0. Probably not a true refelction despite Sydney’s dominance, however, the machine keeps rolling and the Asian champions league looms for this wonderful squad.

      Sydney: 6
      Perth : 0

      • 9:59pm
        Kangajets said | 9:59pm | ! Report


        So much for my prediction of 5-0.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 10:01pm | ! Report

          How could you have missed that on the unders? I had Sydney to lead at the end of both halves.