A-League live scores, blog: Brisbane Roar vs Sydney FC

Round 15, 2018
Monday January 8th, 7:50pm AEDT
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

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    The Brisbane Roar and Sydney FC do battle at Suncorp Stadium to open Round 15 of the A-League. Join The Roar for live scores and commentary from 7:50pm (AEDT).

    Two teams with more diametrically opposed form lines could not be found. This is a clash between the juggernaut that is Sydney FC and the embattled Roar; playing without luck and victories.

    With a considerable injury toll and the return of Eric Bautheac the only change that will please manager John Aloisi, the Roar will face an uphill battle on their home turf.

    Sydney welcome back Alex Brosque from injury and continue to put their best eleven on the pitch most weeks.

    The smart money will suggest that the Milos Ninkovic and Adrian Mierzejewski show will continue and Sydney grab the points on the back of their solid defence.

    The Brisbane faithful will see this as a chance to shock the champions and grab the spoils before their season is officially on life support and their semi-final chances have well and truly evaporated.

    It is impossible to tip against Sydney in this one and any other result will be a shock. The question really is, will it be convincing or will Brisbane put up a good fight for their home fans?

    Sydney FC 4, Brisbane 0

    Catch all the action on The Roar, live coverage from 7:50pm (AEDT).

    Brisbane Roar
    2.Dane Ingham, 3.Luke Devere, 4.Daniel Bowles, 5.Corey Brown, 7.Thomas Kristensen, 8.Jacob Pepper, 9.Massimo Maccarone, 11.Corey Gameiro, 14.Fahid Ben Khalfallah, 16.Mitchell Oxborrow, 19.Jack Hingert, 21.Jamie Young (Gk), 22.Eric Bautheac, 25.Rahmat Akbari, 27.Adam Sawyer, 31.Brendan White (Gk), 33.Petros Skapetis, 36.Daniel Leck

    Sydney FC
    1.Andrew Redmayne (Gk), 4.Alex Wilkinson, 5.Jordy Buijs, 6.Josh Brillante, 7.Michael Zullo, 8.Paulo Retre, 9.Bobô, 10.Milos Ninkovic, 11.Adrian Mierzejewski, 13.Brandon O’neill, 14.Alex Brosque (C), 16.Anthony Kalik, 17.David Carney, 18.Matt Simon, 21.Charles Lokolingoy, 22.Seb Ryall, 26.Luke Wilkshire, 30.Thomas Heward-Belle (Gk)

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    Sydney FC


    94'B. O'Neill
    86'D. Carney
    85'L. Wilkshire
    83'M. Simon
    C. Brown69'
    50'A. Mierzejewski
    38'J. Brillante
    18'D. R. D. Silva

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    • 11:23am
      Cool N Cold said | 11:23am | ! Report

      Keep curiosity about the ability of the coaches of Brisbane Roar. Why starting both the inexperienced young Ingham and Leck at the right flank? Why Hingert has to be benched instead?

      The coaches are not good enough.

    • 8:24am
      Nemesis said | 8:24am | ! Report

      Enjoyable enough match for the neutral. The difference between the teams – Sydney are clinical with finishing, work harder for each other for the whole match – not just when they feel inclined – and, they hardly make errors.

      No other team in the ALeague comes close to this level of consistency of professionalism, which is why Sydney will win the Premiership with ease, unless something dramatic changes. Like the coach leaving, or significant injury to Ninkovic or Adrian.

      Calling Brisbane last night “Dad’s Army”? Seriously? I expect such factually incorrect stuff, cheap one-liners from people who don’t follow ALeague and they just parrot the nonsense they’ve heard. Expect much better from people whose football musings I highly value, like Stuart Thomas.

      Last night’s Starting XI

      Average age
      BRI = 27
      SYD = 30

      # of players aged 30 or older
      BRI = 4
      SYD = 6

      60% of Sydney’s outfield players who started were aged 30 or older. Zullo & Buijs are aged 29.

      If Sydney FC continues to be the benchmark for the ALeague, then, sadly, the ALeague is a Dad’s Army football competition.

      • Columnist

        Stuart Thomas said | 9:04am | ! Report

        Agreed Nemesis. Fair point, even though the question references the whole squad and not last nights team alone. If Holman McKay and co are back in, that average elevates considerably.

        Much criticism of the squad pre-season based on their age and make-up, Aloisi kept insisting that due to those factors it would take them a while to gel, however he was assured they would pick up points late in the season.

        Looks like he may have been a little off the mark with his faith and I think people’s pre-season concerns have been validated to some degree.

        • 9:29am
          Nemesis said | 9:29am | ! Report

          True enough, Stuart. The average age of Brisbane’s XI would increase with the names you mentioned, however, let’s be clear…

          The success of Sydney FC with an aging XI, with 60% of the outfield 30yrs or older and 2 more outfield over 29yrs, it could be argued that a Dad’s Army approach is the blueprint to achieving success in the ALeague.

          Sydney FC is a very old squad & it’s doing fine.

          • Columnist

            Stuart Thomas said | 9:39am | ! Report

            I agree mate, Sydney far from youthful, however many questioned the mix that Aloisi had at the start of the season with a significant number of older players. A quick check shows me there are eight players in the squad over 33. Sydney have five. But I see where you are coming from.

            Perhaps the difference is that vital tipping point where older players hit that wall and it starts to fade. Most, if not all of Sydney’s appear to still have that spark, perhaps Aloisi’s error is more a case of some of his cattle just starting to lose that 5 to 10%.

            Thoughts? I am interested.

            • 10:10am
              Nemesis said | 10:10am | ! Report

              It’s obvious SydFC has chosen absolute gems with its older players – especially the foreigners. Also the elderly Aussies have been chosen perfectly: Wilkinson, Wilkshire are not just filling space, they’re shining.

              So, Arnie got that spot on & that’s credit to the recruiting staff.

              Then, there is the lack of injuries. Is this good fortune, or good sports science? Maybe a bit of both?

              Also worth mentioning the away travel for teams like Brisbane, Perth & NIX will have far heavier toll on the body than the 4 clubs based in NSW.

            • 10:25am
              Lionheart said | 10:25am | ! Report

              Nine of last nights Roar team that got game time were quite young (Bowles 26, Brown 24, Pepper 25, Ingham 18, Oxborrow 22, Skapetis 22, Akbari 17, Gameiro 24 who was replaced pre-game by Leck 18). With a couple of exceptions, they are either recently back from long term injury or on debut.
              Roar has an aged squad, but this is commentary is on last night’s match afterall.

              • 10:38am
                Sydneysider said | 10:38am | ! Report

                Arnold’s recruiting is the key and his salary cap management.

                Players like Ryall, Grant, Brosque who have been at SFC for more than 5 years, have some of their salaries discounted in the salary cap as long serving players.

                It also helps having a good solid defensive structure with Wilkinson marshalling the defence (he has been brilliant again this season), and Brillante and O’Neill screening in front of the back 4.

                But the difference is that Bobo, Ninkovic and Adrian are a class above anything else in this league when they are playing together. Bobo isn’t the best striker this league has seen but he’s a professional and doesn’t miss tap ins that other Aussie players would miss.

                That’s the difference. Got to hand it to Arnold and his coaching team (Corica, Andrew Clark, Crawley etc…)

                I expect Arnie to get his AFC+1 player in the next couple of weeks, because the club is targetting a good run in the ACL this year.

    • 12:50am
      Lionheart said | 12:50am | ! Report

      The dust has settled but arriving home not as disappointed as the commentary here suggests I should be. A poor defensive display by Roar allowed two of the goals, and poor passing too often stopped our go forward. Despite the score, I thought Roar were well in the match with about 15 minutes to go, and so did Arnie watching his antics on the sideline (my seat is close). Sydney defended very well, but I was expecting them to blow us away in midfield, never happened. Indeed, we blew ourselves away by passing them the ball. We’re still very much a makeshift side, changes even tonight made in the warm-up due injuries. To write the side off as Dad’s army is simply lazy journalism (or arrogance). I’ve not checked ages, but my guess, discount Macc and BKF, average age less than 25. Inexperience and lack of game time was more the killer for Roar tonight, than old age or a dominant opposition.
      Sydney are good, that’s obvious, and deserved winners tonight. They’re well drilled, pass accurately, quick and defensively, very tight. They look like they’ve been playing together all year, maybe longer. But given the makeshift nature of Roar at present, and take out a couple of SFC’s visa players and honest, I didn’t see anything special. Maybe it was their short turnaround.

      • Roar Rookie

        Stevo said | 6:01am | ! Report

        Agree with much of this. That was pretty much the best side that SFC could put on the pitch but Brisbegas have injuries. Having said that, SFC do have a knack of winning or at least drawing even when teams take it to them as with the game against the Jets. However in a knock out finals series anything can happen.

      • 9:24am
        j,binnie said | 9:24am | ! Report

        Lionheart – Much is being made of the Roar’s injury list as being the problem in Roar’s woes.
        Most experienced viewers over the last few years would argue that the real problem Roar have is their inability to convert possession into goals.
        The injury list yesterday had 8 players who between them have put together some 516 games for Roar’s run – on teams.
        In those 516 games those same 8 players have scored 23 goals.
        I would put it to you that if those 8 players suddenly became “available” it would make very little impact on that perceived “problem.”
        The only recognised “striking players” in the “missing” 8 ,Holman and A’gostino, have managed 7 goals in 42 games between them
        I would suggest that figures like that would hardly guarantee “improvement”. Cheers jb..

        • 10:00am
          LuckyEddie said | 10:00am | ! Report

          No, SFC have had few if any injuries this season and Roar have had a truck loadl. Even a Rugby League fan could analyse the fact that no team can have an impact if most of their main/best players are out injured or suspended.

        • 10:03am
          Lionheart said | 10:03am | ! Report

          I can’t disagree with you JB, they are quite hopeless in front of goal, even with Maccaroni’s skills. They had fewer long speculators last night (I can only recall 1) but poor passing accuracy is what really stood out for me, even when not under pressure. Surely that’s a basic skill that every professional player should have.
          The good thing about our injuries is that a number of our youth are gaining some valuable experience. I also though Eric Bautheac shined for his few minutes last night.

          • 11:50am
            j,binnie said | 11:50am | ! Report

            Lionheart – I wish I was as sure as you are that the type of “experience” the young lads are getting in these games is doing them much good.
            Much has been made of recruitment at Sydney ,and there is little doubt youngsters playing beside Nincovic, Bobo, and Adrian would pick up some of the finer points of our game.
            Get back to Roar’s recruitment. Last season Roar scored 43 goals in their league campaign and Jamie McLaren scored 20 of them. Borella got 4,,Broich got 2 ,and and Petratos got 2 So, 28 of those 43 goals were scored by people who have now gone from Roars books. leaving 15 goals for the season to be scored by others ,that is 15 goals in 27 games, not very high,is it?,
            The problem has not gone away. Cheers jb.

            • 12:13pm
              Lionheart said | 12:13pm | ! Report

              someone’s got to find something positive JB – otherwise, what’s the point in being a fan?

              • 2:31pm
                j,binnie said | 2:31pm | ! Report

                Lionheart – As a loyal fan you are completely entitled to say your piece but that should not necessarily mean that it is always going to be positive.
                There has been very little to be positive about this season despite the many “statements” and “promises” emanating from the management and it is only now becoming more and more obvious that fans like yourself are starting to “vote” with their feet and staying away in their thousands.
                Just ask yourself, why has ;last years average attendance at all games ,13,890, now sunk to 9,450 and still sinking?
                .That is one helluva drop,at 32%.
                That means 32 fans out of every 100 from last season are no longer attending.
                As I have said before, fans such as fellow contributors like yourself, Waz, and Realfootball deserve better, much better. Cheers jb.

              • 6:31pm
                Betty B said | 6:31pm | ! Report

                their pleasure will be so much shallower than mine JB, when we eventually get back our winning ways, and we will.

              • 6:31pm
                Lionheart said | 6:31pm | ! Report

                you know she’s been at my desk again, but it’s my comment, again

    • 12:24am
      Midfielder said | 12:24am | ! Report

      South Gosford FC are going to take some beating… MV on paper have the best squad in the league …. Is their trainer sorry coach up to it …

      Popa Smurf has a lot of critics but he knows how to set out a team to win….

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 10:12pm | ! Report

      Sydney FC have ventured to Brisbane and claimed the three points from a disappointing Roar team that never really looked like threatening the ladder leaders.
      Despite some early pressure and a few promising moments, the Roar fell behind after the eighteenth minute goal from Bobo and never really looked like clawing back the advantage.
      An Adrian Mierzejewski free kick doubled the sky blues’ lead just after the break and there appeared to be nothing that could stop the champions.
      Chance after chance loomed in the second half and David Carney eventually slotted home the third to finally put the disappointing Roar out of their misery.
      As dominant as Sydney have been over the last two seasons, Khalid Ben Khalfallah’s comments after the game shed light on the reality that faces the other nine clubs.
      Whilst citing the skill of the conquerors, the losers must concoct a way to improve, grapple with Sydney FC and find a way to dismantle their structure.
      Sydney were not brilliant tonight, yet Brisbane were awful at times. There is much to be considered in terms of John Aloisi’s future at the Club. He told us the senior players would take time to gain fitness and to gel.
      I am not sure that fifteen weeks was an acceptable time frame for the Roar faithful. Perhaps Dad’s army is exactly that.

      Sydney FC 3 Brisbane Roar 0

      • Columnist

        Stuart Thomas said | 7:00am | ! Report

        Have just noted an error in the above, apologies. Long day.

      • 2:47pm
        j,binnie said | 2:47pm | ! Report

        Stuart – Being wise after the event I know, but can you explain something to me.
        Roar had a player on the bench last evening so one has to assume he was fit to play.
        That player, the French winger, was brought on at half time (when the temp. had probably dropped a degree) and proceeded to give the Sydney right defence a lot of trouble, albeit he had very little support in the finishing department.
        Question—- If the player was deemed fit to be on the bench and therefore fit to play, why was an 18 year old ,inexperienced kid, preferred to such an experienced player when playing against what is the best team, with one of the most frugal defences, in the league.???
        Surely the player, the vastly experienced Frenchman, would have been better tried in the first half ,even if the excuse was that he was only being “tried out” Thoughts? Cheers jb.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 3:33pm | ! Report

          100% agree that you should always start with your best eleven. Bench = fit. An early injury means immediate action. I was just struggling the exact minute when Bautheac came on yet as you present things it does seem a little weird from Aloisi.

          Personally, I feel he is a bit of a straw clutcher at times as a manager. I would like to see a clearer purpose. However, I guess that all comes back to the eleven you can put on the pitch as well.

    • Roar Rookie

      Stevo said | 9:51pm | ! Report

      Boringly predictable outcome. However watching SFC slice and dice their opposition makes fascinating viewing.

      • 9:54pm
        punter said | 9:54pm | ! Report

        I’m enjoying the outcome, even allowed Roar to stay interested with some poor finishing & good Goalkeeping.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 10:18pm | ! Report

          It can get a little boring yet Khalfallah’s words were telling. Stop bagging the blogger, the pundit or the tipster. Get better or lose. Sydney are no doubt a great team, as were Victory, Adelaide, Mariners and Jets in years past, however others need to step up, look in the mirror and show some fight. They were awful tonight despite the confidence of some in the pre-season, I called it…………….many refused to listen.

      • Columnist

        Stuart Thomas said | 9:55pm | ! Report

        I feel very conflicted sometimes Stevo but the analysis of Khalfallah on fox just put everything into perspective. As clinical as Sydney are, the opposition need to come to the party as well.

        • Roar Rookie

          Stevo said | 10:08pm | ! Report

          IMO there isn’t a side in the HAL this season that can boast the quality that SFC can put on the park. If you add Arnie’s steely determination to succeed then who have a great formula for success.
          Tonight SFC had pretty much their best players on the park but Brisbane didn’t. It was a lopsided contest to start with.
          I thought Brisvegas tried hard but lacked quality at key moments. Thems is the breaks.

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:48pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      90‘ – Brosque leaves the field with seconds remaining and the game ends with a three goal win for Sydney FC and the Roar will lick their wounds tonight.

      Brisbane Roar: 0
      Sydney FC: 3