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Australian Paralympic Team for Tokyo 2021

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Here, you can view the team Australia sent to the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics. Here you can find every athlete in the full Australian Paralympic team.

Australia had a total of 174 athletes at the Paralympics and was represented in 18 of the 22 sports on offer.

Australia finished eighth in the Paralympic medal tally with 21 gold medals, 29 silvers and 30 bronzes.

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Information on a sport-by-sport basis, listed in alphabetical order, can be found below.

Australian Paralympic Team (by sport)


Men’s individual compound: Peter Marchant, Jonathon Milne
Men’s individual recurve: Taymon Kenton-Smith
Women’s individual recurve: Imalia Oktrininda
Mixed team recurve: Taymon Kenton-Smith, Imalia Oktrininda


All of Australia’s archery competitors were eliminated in the first or second round of their respective competitions.


Athlete Event(s)
Luke Bailey 100m T54
Daniel Bounty 1500m T38
Sam Carter 100m T54
Jaryd Clifford 1500m T12
5000m T12
Marathon T12
Sam Harding 1500m T12
Deon Kenzie 1500m T38
Sam McIntosh 100m T52
Evan O’Hanlon 100m T38
Jaydon Page 100m T47
Chad Perris 100m T13
Scott Reardon 100m T63
Michael Roeger Marathon T47
James Turner 100m T36
400m T36
Corey Anderson Javelin T38
Michal Burian Javelin F44
Ari Gesini Long Jump T38
Guy Henley Discus F37
Nicholas Hum Long jump T20
Todd Hodgetts Shot put F20
Jayden Sawyer Javelin F38
Eliza Ault-Connell 400m T54
800m T54
Marathon T54
Angie Ballard 100m T53
400m T53
Rhiannon Clarke 100m T38
Christine Dawes Marathon T54
Madison de Rozario 800m T53
1500m T53
5000m T53
Marathon T53
Isis Holt 100m T35
200m T35
Alissa Jordaan 400m T47
Robyn Lambird 100m T34
Ella Pardy 100m T38
Sarah Edmiston Discus F44
Rosemary Little Shot put F32
Vanessa Low Long jump T61
Samantha Schmidt Discus F38
Maria Strong Shot put F33
Sarah Walsh Long jump T64

Madison de Rozario was Australia’s track and field star, claiming gold medals in the 800m T53 and marathon T54. She also won bronze in the 1500m T54.

Vanessa Low set a new world record while claiming gold in the long jump T63.

James Turner claimed Australia’s only men’s Paralympic athletics gold after setting a Paralympic record in the 400m T36. He also won silver in the 100m T36.

Jaryd Clifford collected silver medals in the 5000m T13 and marathon T12 and a bronze in the 1500m T13. Isis Holt won silvers in the 100m and 200m T35, while more silvers went to Rheed McCracken in the 100m T34 and Michal Burian the javelin F64.


Bronze medals were claimed by Sarah Edmiston in the discus F64, Nicholas Hum in the long jump T20, Deon Kenzie in the 1500m T38, Robyn Lambird in the 100m T34, Evan O’Hanlon in the 100m T38 and Maria Strong in the shot put F33.


Men’s singles WH2: Grant Manzoney
Women’s singles SL4: Caitlin Dransfield

Badminton made its Paralympic debut at Tokyo and we sent two athletes. Unfortunately, neither progressed past the group stage.


Mixed individual BC3: Spencer Cotie, Jamieson Leeson, Daniel Michel
Mixed pairs BC3: Spencer Cotie, Jamieson Leeson

Daniel Michel claimed bronze in his Boccia event, but none of our other competitors were able to medal.



Athlete Event(s)
Grant Allen Road time trial H4
Road race H4
Gordon Allen Time trial C1-3
Alistair Donohue Individual pursuit C5
Road time trial C4
Road race C4-5
Darren Hicks Individual pursuit C2
Road time trial C2
Road race C2
Stuart Jones Road time trial H4
David Nicholas Individual pursuit C3
Road time trial C3
Road race C3
Stuart Tripp Road time trial H5
Road race H5
Carol Cooke Road time trial T1-2
Road race T1-2
Paige Greco Individual pursuit C1-3
500m time trial C1-3
Road time trial C1-3
Road race C1-3
Meg Lemon Individual pursuit C4
500m time trial C4-5
Road time trial C4
Road race C4-5
Emily Petricola Individual pursuit C4
500m time trial C4-5
Road time trial C4
Road race C4-5
Amanda Reid 500m time trial C1-3
Road time trial C1-3
Road race C1-3

It was a strong cycling meet for the Aussies, with Paige Greco (individual pursuit C1-3), Emily Petricola (individual pursuit C4), Amanda Reid (500m time trial C1-3) and Darren Hicks (road time trial C2) all netting gold medals. The three women all set world records in the process.

Hicks also claimed silver in the individual pursuit C2, Petricola added a silver in the road time trial C4, while Alistair Donohoe (individual pursuit C5) and Carol Cooke (road time trial T1-2) also grabbed silvers.

Greco added two bronzes to her tally in the road time trial C1-3 and road race C1-3, Meg Lemon collected two bronzes (road time trial C4 and road race C4-5), Donohoe nabbed bronze in the road time trial C4 and David Nicholas claimed bronze in the individual pursuit C3.


Individual competition: Emma Booth (Mogelvangs Zidane), Victoria Davies (Celere), Sharon Jarvis (Romanos), Amelia White (Genius)
Team competition: Emma Booth, Sharon Jarvis and Amelia White


Australia was not able to claim and equestrian medals.

Football was a male-only sport at the Paralympic games and Australia were unable to qualify.


Women’s team: Jennifer Blow, Meica Horsburgh, Raissa Martin, Amy Ridley, Brodie Smith and Tyan Taylor

Australia’s women’s team recovered from a shocking start to the group stage – losing 11-1 to Israel and 6-0 to China – with wins over Canada and Russia to make the quarterfinals.

Their campaign was ended with a loss to Tunisia.



Men’s half-lightweight: Wayne Phipps

Australia was represented in Paralympic judo for the first time since Beijing 2008 after Wayne Phipps qualified in the men’s half-lightweight category. He was eliminated in the preliminary rounds.


Men’s KL2: Curtis McGrath
Men’s KL3: Dylan Littlehales
Men’s VL3: Curtis McGrath
Women’s KL2: Susan Seipel
Women’s KL3: AJ Jennings
Women’s VL2: Susan Seipel

Curtis McGrath claimed gold medals in both of his events, while Susan Seipel netted a silver in the women’s VL2.



Men’s PTWC: Nic Beveridge
Men’s PTVI: Jonathan Goerlach, Dave Mainwaring (guide)
Men’s PTS5: David Bryant
Women’s PTVI: Katie Kelly, Briarna Silk (guide)
Women’s PTWC: Lauren Parker, Emily Tapp

Lauren Parker claimed Austrlaia’s only paratriathlon medal – a silver in the PTWC.


Australia did not qualify any athletes in powerlifting at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics.


Men’s single sculls: Erik Horrie
Mixed double sculls: Simon Albury, Kathryn Ross
Mixed coxed four: Renae Domaschenz (coxswain), Tom Birtwhistle, James Talbot, Nikki Ayers, Alexandra Viney

Erik Horrie’s silver in the men’s single sculls was Australia’s only Paralympic rowing medal.



Christopher Pitt: Men’s 10m air pistol SH1, mixed 25m pistol SH1
Natalie Smith: Women’s 10m air rifle standing SH1, mixed R3-10m air rifle prone SH1, women’s 50m rifle three positions SH1, mixed 50m rifle prone SH1
Anton Zappelli: Mixed 10m air rifle prone SH1, mixed 50m rifle prone SH1

None of Australia’s shooters were able to qualify for their respective finals.

Sitting volleyball

Australia was not represented in sitting volleyball at the Tokyo Paralypmics.


Athlete Event(s)
Jesse Aungles 400m freestyle S8
100m backstroke S8
100m butterfly S8
200m individual medley SM8
Ricky Betar 100m freestyle S14200m freestyle S14
100m backstroke S14
Blake Cochrane 100m breaststroke SB7
Rowan Crothers 100m freestyle S10
50m freestyle S10
Timothy Disken 50m freestyle S9
100m breaststroke SB8
Thomas Gallagher 50m freestyle S10
100m freestyle S10
400m freestyle S10
Brenden Hall 400m freestyle S9
100m backstroke S9
100m butterfly S9
Benjamin Hance 100m backstroke S14
100m butterfly S14
Timothy Hodge 100m butterfly S9
100m backstroke S9
200m individual medley SM9
Braedan Jason 100m freestyle S12
100m butterfly S12
400m freestyle S13
Ahmed Kelly 50m breaststroke SB3
150m individual medley SM3
Matt Levy 50m freestyle S7
100m breaststroke SB6
William Martin 50m freestyle S9
100m freestyle S9
100m butterfly S9
Jake Michel 100m breaststroke SB14
Grant Patterson 50m freestyle S3
200m freestyle S3
50m backstroke S3
50m breaststroke SB2
150m individual medley SM3
Col Pearse 100m backstroke S10
100m butterfly S10
200m individual medley SM10
Ben Popham 100m freestyle S8
400m freestyle S8
Liam Schluter 200m freestyle S14
100m butterfly S14
200m individual medley SM14
Alexander Tuckfield 50m freestyle S9
400m freestyle S9
Emily Beecroft 100m freestyle S9
Ellie Cole 100m freestyle S9
100m freestyle S9
100m backstroke S9
Katja Dedekind 50m freestyle S13
400m freestyle S13
100m backstroke S13
Jasmine Greenwood 100m freestyle S10
100m backstroke S10
100m butterfly S10
200m individual medley SM10
Kirralee Hayes 50m freestyle S13
100m butterfly S13
Paige Leonhardt 100m butterfly S14
100m breaststroke SB14
200m individual medley SM14
Ashleigh McConnell 100m freestyle S9
Madeleine McTernan 100m backstroke S14
Lakeisha Patterson 400m freestyle S9
Keira Stephens 50m freestyle S10
100m breaststroke SB9
200m individual medley SM10
Ruby Storm 200m freestyle S14
100m backstroke S14
100m butterfly S14
200m individual medley SM14
Tiffany Thomas Kane 100m breaststroke SB7
50m butterfly S7
200m individual medley SM7
Ashley Van Rijswijk 100m breaststroke SM14
200m individual medley SM14
Isabella Vincent 100m freestyle S7
200m individual medley SM7
Rachael Watson 50m freestyle S4
100m freestyle S4

As with the Olympics, Australia sent a mammoth, 32-athlete swim team to Tokyo. We cleaned up too, with eight gold medals, ten silvers and 15 bronzes.

Australia’s Paralympic swimming medallists were as follows.

Gold: William Martin (400m freestyle S9, 100m butterfly S9), Lakeisha Patterson (400m freestyle S9), Rowan Crothers (50m freestyle S10), Ben Popham (100m freestyle S8), Benjamin Hance (100m backstroke S14), Rachael Watson (50m freestyle S4) and the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay team.

Silver: Paige Leonhardt (100m butterfly S14), Rowan Crothers (100m freestyle S10), Ahmed Kelly (150m individual medley SM3), Jake Michel (100m breaststroke SB14), Grant Patterson (50m breaststroke SB2), Jasmine Greenwood (100m butterfly S10), Timothy Hodge (200m individual SM9), mixed 4x100m freestyle S14 team and the men’s 4x100m medley relay team

Bronze: Katja Dedekind (100m backstroke S13, 400m freestyle S13), Tiffany Thomas Kane (200m individual medley SM7, 100m breaststroke SB7), Alexander Tuckfield (400m freestyle S9), Benjamin Hance (100m butterfly S14), Ruby Storm (100m butterfly S14), Keira Stephens (100m breaststroke SB9), , Matthew Levy (100m breaststroke SB6), Grant Patterson (150m individual medley SM3), Timothy Hodge (100m backstroke S9), Col Pearse (100m butterfly S10), Blake Cochrane (100m breaststroke SB7), Thomas Gallagher (men’s 400m freestyle S10) and the women’s 4x100m medley relay team

Table tennis

Men’s individual: Trevor Hirth (C6), Jake Ballestrino (C7), Nathan Pellissier (C8), Ma Lin (C9), Joe Coughlan (C10), Samuel von Einem (C11)
Women’s individual: Daniela Di Toro (C4), Rebecca Julian (C6), Lei Li Na (C9), Melissa Tapper (C10), Yang Qian (C11)


Melissa Tapper continues her incredible run in table tennis, having already represented Australia in table tennis at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well. She was part of Australia’s silver-winning C9-10 team, alongside Yang Qian and Lei Li Na.

Lei Li Na and Yang Qian also won gold in their respective individual events.

As for the men, Ma Lin and Samuel von Einem won silver in each of their individual events, while Lin won another silver alongside Joel Coughlan and Nathab Pellissier in the team event.


Women’s +58kg: Janine Watson

Watson won Australia’s first ever Paralympic taekwondo medal with a bronze.

Wheelchair basketball


Rollers squad
Michael Auprince, Jannik Blair, Tristan Knowles, Bill Latham, John McPhail, Matthew McShane, Shaun Norris, Tom O’Neill-Thorne, Kim Robins, Brett Stibners, Jeremy Tyndall, Samuel White

The Rollers finished third in their group with crushing wins over Iran, Algeria and Germany, before falling well short of the USA and being pipped by Great Britain. They were defeated by Japan in their quarterfinal, but claimed fifth place overall with a win over Turkey.

Gliders squad
Natalie Alexander, Shelley Cronau, Jessica Cronje, Hannah Dodd, Mary Friday, Isabel Martin, Amber Merritt, Bree Mellberg, Georgia Munro-Cook, Taishar Ovens, Ella Sabljak, Sarah Vinci

The Gliders, unfortunately, went winless in the group stage and were eliminated.

Wheelchair fencing

Much like the Olympics, fencing just isn’t Australia’s sport. We were not represented in wheelchair fencing at Tokyo.

Wheelchair rugby


Steelers squad
Ryley Batt, Chris Bond, Ben Fawcett, Andrew Harrison, Shae Graham, Jake Howe, Josh Hose, Jason Lees, Michael Ozanne, Richard Voris, Jayden Warn

Australia had a disappointing games in wheelchair rugby. A shock loss to Denmark got their campaign off to a bad start and, although they qualified for the semi-finals, they failed to claim a medal after losing to the USA in their semi-final and Japan in the bronze medal game.

Wheelchair tennis

Men’s singles: Dylan Alcott, Heath Davidson
Quad singles: Martyn Dunn, Ben Weekes

Dylan Alcott successfully continued his historic quest for the wheelchair tennis golden slam at Tokyo with a gold medal in the men’s singles tournament.

He was able to win silver alongside Heath Davidson in the quad doubles too.

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