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Olympics swimming schedule - Tokyo 2021 Games

Cate Campbell congratulates Emma McKeon. (Photo by Getty Images)

Swimming is one of the biggest sports at the Olympics, and the schedule of events for the Tokyo 2021 Games has been released in full.

The swimming program ran for nine days – Saturday, July 24 to Sunday, August 1.

All up, there were 35 events across the nine days.

Australia had a strong Olympics in the pool, collecting nine gold medals and 20 in total to finish second behind the USA.

2021 Tokyo Olympics swimming medal table

2021 Tokyo Olympics swimming results

Rk Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total

Full swimming schedule

Time Events
Saturday, July 24
8pm – 10:30pm Men’s 400m individual medley heats
Women’s 100m butterfly heats
Men’s 400m freestyle heats
Women’s 400m individual medley heats
Men’s 100m breaststroke heats
Women’s 4x100m freestyle heats
Sunday, July 25
11:30am – 1:20pm Men’s 400m individual medley final
Women’s 100m butterfly semi-finals
Men’s 400m freestyle final
Women’s 400m individual medley final
Men’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals
Women’s 4x100m freestyle final
8pm – 10:30pm Women’s 100m backstroke heats
Men’s 200m freestyle heats
Women’s 100m breaststroke heats
Men’s 100m backstroke heats
Women’s 400m freestyle heats
Men’s 4x100m freestyle heats
Monday, July 26
11:30am – 1:40pm Women’s 100m butterfly final
Men’s 200m freestyle semi-finals
Women’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals
Men’s 100m breaststroke final
Women’s 400m freestyle final
Men’s 100m backstroke semi-finals
Women’s 100m backstroke semi-finals
Men’s 4x100m freestyle final
8pm – 10:30pm Women’s 200m freestyle heats
Men’s 200m butterfly heats
Women’s 200m individual medley heats
Women’s 1500m freestyle heats
Tuesday, July 27
11:30am – 1:30pm Women’s 200m freestyle semi-finals
Men’s 200m freestyle final
Women’s 100m backstroke final
Men’s 100m backstroke final
Women’s 100m breaststroke final
Men’s 200m butterfly semi-finals
Women’s 200m individual medley semi-finals
8pm – 10:30pm Men’s 100m freestyle heats
Women’s 200m butterfly
Men’s 200m breaststroke heats
Men’s 4x200m freestyle heats
Men’s 800m freestyle heats
Wednesday, July 28
11:30am – 2:05pm Men’s 100m freestyle semi-finals
Women’s 200m freestyle final
Men’s 200m butterfly final
Women’s 200m butterfly semi-finals
Men’s 200m breaststroke semi-finals
Women’s 200m individual medley final
Women’s 1500m freestyle final
Men’s 4x200m freestyle final
8pm – 10:30pm Women’s 100m freestyle heats
Men’s 200m backstroke heats
Women’s 200m breaststroke heats
Men’s 200m individual medley heats
Women’s 4x200m freestyle heats
Thursday, July 29
11:30am – 2:10pm Men’s 800m freestyle final
Women’s 200m breaststroke final
Women’s 100m freestyle semi-finals
Men’s 200m backstroke semi-finals
Women’s 200m butterfly final
Men’s 100m freestyle final
Women’s 200m breaststroke semi-finals
Men’s 200m individual medley semi-finals
Women’s 4x200m freestyle final
8pm – 10:30pm Women’s 800m freestyle heats
Men’s 100m butterfly heats
Women’s 200m backstroke heats
Mixed 4x100m medley relay heats
Friday, July 30
11:30am – 1:10pm Men’s 100m butterfly semi-finals
Women’s 200m breaststroke final
Men’s 200m backstroke final
Women’s 100m freestyle final
Men’s 200m individual medley final
Women’s 200m backstroke semi-finals
8pm – 10:30pm Men’s 50m freestyle heats
Women’s 50m freestyle heats
Men’s 1500m freestyle heats
Women’s 4x100m medley relay heats
Men’s 4x100m medley relay heats
Saturday, July 31
11:30am – 1:20pm Men’s 100m butterfly final
Women’s 200m backstroke final
Women’s 800m freestyle final
Men’s 50m freestyle semi-finals
Women’s 50m freestyle semi-finals
Mixed 4x100m medley relay final
Sunday, August 1
11:30am – 1:25pm Men’s 50m freestyle final
Women’s 50m freestyle final
Men’s 1500m freestyle final
Women’s 4x100m medley final
Men’s 4x100m medley final

Marathon swimming

Women’s 10km event: Wednesday, August 4, 7:30am – 10:10am (Day 12)
Men’s 10km event: Thursday, August 5, 7:30am – 10:10am (Day 13)

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