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How does being a Roarer work?

You’ve signed up and become a Roarer, eh? Or are you just thinking about it?

Well, here’s the basics on what being a Roarer is, and what it all means.

What is a Roarer?

Just like basically everything else, Roarer is the self-anointed name of our thousands of readers, writers, commenters and contributors.

If you use the site to talk sport, or just to read the news, you’re probably a Roarer of some level.

One thing you should do is sign up or an account if you don’t already have one. Then you can track everything you do on The Roar.

What are rookies, pros and gurus?

They’re the levels we give to our Roarers.

You start as a rookie, and as you get more and more involved you can progress up the ranks and get access to more and more features.


What can I do to be promoted?

Write more. Comment more. Read more. Get more involved. Read our tips on how to be a better writer.

It’s as simple as the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Should I put a picture on my profile?

Yes, absolutely, and it doesn’t have to be of you.

Not only does it help you by making you more recognisable, but it’s good branding. Do you want to show your team’s colours, or even just your face? Building your brand on The Roar starts with putting a picture on your profile. From there, go forth and comment, write and be a great member of the community.

When will I be a Pro/Guru?

Our levels are determined by an automated algorithm that runs nightly.


It doesn’t miss you, but if you think there’s a problem, let us know about it.

I’m not getting many comments on my articles, how can I engage with my fellow Roarers?

You can start by leaving a few comments. Read others’ articles, and let them know what you think of their work.

Then think about what might do better. Is your article about a timely, interesting topic? Do you have something to say that people will find interesting, or even controversial? Did you re-read your piece and make sure it was perfect?

That’s a start. Then, what about your headline? Did you spend a couple of minutes making sure it was the best it could be?

And if none of that’s enough, we have a page that can help you improve your opinion writing in 10 easy steps.

I don’t want to write articles, I just want to leave comments. Is that okay?

We have a few rules around here…


One of them is that you do you. Go nuts on comments! There’s absolutely no pressure to write articles. Do whatever makes you happy.

I prefer to make videos than write stuff. Can I still help on The Roar?


Get in touch and we’ll talk to you about the beautiful medium of video.

Can I be an expert?

If we think you’re good enough, we’ll be in touch.

If you think you’re good enough and we just haven’t noticed yet, then get in touch with us and tell us why you’re the right person.

Or live blog a sports game?



Get in touch about live blogging with our team by clicking on this link.

What about editing?

We’re always looking for keen people to get involved editing the huge number of articles and comments we receive each day.

Get in touch to tell us why you should be a member of the team.