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What does this mean?

Is it okay for refs to help teams in the review process?

Audio has emerged from last night’s NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and Parramatta Eels where referee Gerard Sutton tells the Broncos not to bother reviewing a decision.

Sutton was widely praised for how he handled the first game back. He was the sole on-field referee after the NRL opted for cut backs from the two-referee system.

Not only did Sutton have to deal with being the man in charge but he had new rules to contend plus the relatively new review rule where the on-field decisions can be challenged.

Early in the second half the ball was judged to have come off a Bronco player for a line drop out. After a brief moment Sutton alerted the players that it had already been reviewed upstairs and there was no point challenging the ruling.

It was a frank statement and it prevented the Broncos from burning a review. While it all worked out in this instance should referees have any influence on whether the players go upstairs or not?