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Ricky Stuart's reaction to the bizarre Joey Leilua incident

You don’t see this every day.

There were extraordinary scenes right before kickoff for Canberra’s incredible win in Melbourne against the Storm, with power centre Joey Leilua initially unable to take to the field after a spark from the pre-game fireworks got caught in his eye.

The moment didn’t deter the Raiders, with his replacement Bailey Simonsson scoring the opening try just minutes into the thrilling final.

Thankfully for their sake, Leilua was able to feature in the match after having “a piece of black pyrotechnic shell” removed from his eye by medical staff according to Fox League.

Raiders coach Ricky Stuart told reporters after the match just how thankful he was to have had Simonsson on the bench, and explained why his club will not be seeking to take the matter further with the NRL.