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France might have won the 2018 World Cup title, but who were the real winners in the broadcast battle?

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The people have spoken. After one of the best World Cups in history, we asked you to select your team of the tournament, and you delivered.

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The 15th of July 2018, was the beginning of what could potentially become a French dynasty. The French side were too good in the end against Croatia winning 4-2 in the 2018 FIFA World Cup final.

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup is done and dusted, leaving us all with another four-year wait until the next instalment of the wonderful tournament takes place in Qatar.

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The final ball hadn’t even been kicked in Russia before some – mostly European media – started to get themselves into a lather over the fact Qatar will be the next host of the FIFA World Cup.

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Throughout Australia, sleep-deprived fans awoke this morning with the feeling that a good friend had been farewelled, not to be seen for another four years.

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If anyone expected to tune in to the World Cup final and watch a clinical and professional French victory against a battered, bruised and tired Croatia, how disappointed they must have been.

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Kylian Mbappe, Lance Franklin, John Isner, and Michael Kim share the sporting milestones from this past weekend, and they are significant.

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There is something not quite right about France’s World Cup win.

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Even before the single ball was kicked at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, there were threats, promises and suggestions from various governments about how best to cope with Vladimir Putin and his designated fiendish circle of authoritarians.

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That, we can all agree, was the best World Cup for quite some time. Possibly ever. And such a wonderful tournament needs a best XI to match.

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There was only one team in the World Cup final and they lost, as France recorded a barely deserved 4-2 win over Croatia thanks to a helping hand from the VAR.

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup has come and ever so quickly gone, with a memorable final topping off a memorable event, and leaving with us multiple talking points to come from the World Cup Final.

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This was a match that tossed and turned, as if stricken by a fever.

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After weathering an early storm, France have taken a two-goal victory in the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup over Croatia in Moscow.

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The Golden Boot award is given to the football player who scores the maximum number of goals in the football World Cup.

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Match result: France have won their second World Cup, beating Croatia by two goals in a highly entertaining affair.

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Juraj Vrdoljak of Telesport was convinced. “I think half the population didn’t show up to work on the morning after the win against England.”

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It has all come down to this: France vs Croatia for glory. The two nations will meet in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final and if you’re planning to watch the match, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got all the info you need right here.

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Add together the populations of Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, and Toulouse, and you get a figure larger than Croatia’s entire social sum.

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