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There is only one thing a bidder needs to be in the running for an A-League expansion licence, and today I can present it to you.

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The A-League has finally announced that there will be two new teams come the 2019-20 season, long-awaited good news for Australian football fans.

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The head of Fox Australia has welcomed CBS’s takeover of Channel 10. Peter Tonagh said that CBS were in for the long haul and would bring plenty of free-to-air TV knowledge with vast experience from the US market.

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It’s a good thing we have the FFA Cup to distract us from our off-field issues, because Football Federation Australia’s laundry list of problems keeps growing by the day.

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A-League hopefuls, including South Melbourne, could be waiting until 2018 until they learn FFA’s criteria to enter the competition.

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FFA’s expansion criteria of having a market of a million people is creating a new wave of ‘multi city’ spreadsheet clubs clambering for A-League inclusion.

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Brisbane City FC has announced their intentions to join the top tier of Australian football, putting forth a bid for an A-League expansion license on Friday.

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Yesterday’s news of a bid for a new professional football side to be based in South Sydney was greeted by a reaction far more heated than the usual coverage of a new A-League bid.

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They’ve graced the TV screens of Australian football fans for years, now Craig Foster and Les Murray are attempting to bring a new A-League club into the competition.

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Lawyers by their nature are not gamblers and despite a few rash comments, Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallop doesn’t come across as a man who would be first in line if the organisation installed a roulette table in their headquarters.

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Who are the front runners for A-League expansion? The FFA savvy South Sydney team? The crowd favourite in Tasmania? Or the team who started the whole expansion debate, the Brisbane strikers?

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Socceroo great and Melbourne City striker Tim Cahill has added his voice to the cacophony calling for A-League expansion.

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Miron Bleiberg has urged Football Federation Australia to take full advantage of a surfeit of A-League expansion bidders and start planning for an 18-team competition now.

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The A-League is set to welcome at least one new side into the fold for the 2018-19 season, league boss Greg O’Rourke has revealed.

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A-League expansion has been on the cards for a while, but where should any new teams be based?

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Less than a year ago, FFA chairman Frank Lowy flagged the idea of expanding the A-League to 14 teams to coincide with the expiration of the current broadcast deal. Those plans have since been canned.

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Ever since the introduction of the Western Sydney Wanderers back in 2012, expansion has been a hot topic among football fans.

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Following on from Part 1, it is important in terms of the expansion debate to understand why North Queensland and Gold Coast failed.

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With the success of the Asian Cup and the rekindling of the romance between the Australian public and Socceroos, it is important the A-League picks up from this and runs with the momentum.

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Everyone at The Roar loves a good expansion topic, but where should the next teams come from? When will they enter the league and how should they go about collecting public input?

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