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This week’s feature match is Collingwood versus St Kilda. The teams have played each other frequently in recent years, with their two most famous showdowns in the grand finals of 2010.

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The AFL season commences in five days, and as usual we’ve seen a mixed bag of preparations.

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The NRL may have Bon Jovi, but the AFL have gone home-grown and old school with AC/DC starring in their new season advertisement.

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There is no question the Collingwood Football Club holds a commanding presence and has influenced the history and direction of our great sporting code.

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Pop quiz time: Who was the last VFL/AFL club to go through an entire season without winning a single game? If you were a footy fan this time last year, you should know the answer – it was the Fitzroy side of 1964, who lost all of their 18 matches that season.

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In 2005, AFL chief Andrew Demetriou foreshadowed the arrival of a new team in Sydney. Much vitriol was hurled at the AFL Commission for the decision not just from rugby league circles, but plenty of criticism was available from within.

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‘The Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers’ described Leigh Matthews as “squat, short-legged and barrel-chested”. They didn’t mention he could also be a little scary. I still remember the day clearly, as would Andrew Demetriou who, if I’m not mistaken, was playing in the same match.

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And then there were four. After eleven rounds of the season, the top four sides have cleared away from those below. The winner of this year’s AFL premiership will be Geelong, Collingwood, Hawthorn or Carlton. Is it that simple?

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Hawthorn has won just ten games from 28 since its 2008 premiership victory. On that stat alone, serious questions must be asked of the entire club. How can a team with so much talent and ability be underperforming so badly?

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