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James Harden dominated the NBA MVP voting last season, pushing the Rockets to the top of the league with a flurry of three-point shots, iso-ball and intimidating beard game.

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With LeBron James finishing his eight-year era of dominance in the east and packing up to head to the other side, who will be crowned the next champions of the conference?

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An “OK” Andrew Bought has underlined his all-round value to the Sydney Kings in a debut cameo, while fellow recruit Daniel Kickert hit the headlines for all the right reasons.

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One of Australia’s finest players, Mitch Creek, has signed a training deal with the Brooklyn Nets which could see the number of Aussies in the NBA grow this season.

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Highly-touted NBA prospect Brian Bowen has inked a deal with the Sydney Kings, becoming the first player signed under the NBL’s newly-created Next Stars initiative.

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While LeBron James is one of the best athletes ever – maybe even the tip-top of them all – his impact is actually felt across the planet.

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LeBron James is officially a Los Angeles Laker, having signed a four-year $153 million contract on 9 July.

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Recent third overall NBA draft pick Luka Doncic boasts a resume unlike any we have ever seen.

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For the longest time I was a ‘Bron hater. After The Decision he seemed to have this aura about him thinking that, to straight talk, his s**t didn’t stink. Every misstep he made there after was applauded, and every success coming with a reason to degrade it.

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The NBL have finally announced their fixtures for the 2018-19 season, with Andrew Bogut set to play his first game in the competition for the Sydney Kings against the Adelaide 36ers on Saturday, October 13.

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Every year, a handful of NBA players have a breakout season, vastly improving on their previous efforts.

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Loyalty is something that is so highly expected of the greatest players in the game, but when a player leaves he is labelled un-loyal and is criticised to such a large extent for doing what they believe is best for themselves.

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FIBA’s rulings after Australia and the Philippines’ massive brawl in Manila are not good enough and questions must be asked of the governing body. Questions like, do they even care?

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Thon Maker disagrees with the international match ban handed down by FIBA for his role in the basket-brawl against the Philippines, saying a lack of security at the World Cup qualifier meant he needed to protect his teammates.

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FIBA has issued a whopping 13 suspensions from the infamous ‘basketbrawl’ between Australian and the Philippines in their recent World Cup qualifier.

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Other than LeDecision out of Cleveland, it’s been the biggest story of the NBA off-season: just where will want-away San Antonio Spur Kawhi Leonard end up?

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Basketball Australia will find out penalties for Boomers players caught up in the infamous Philippines brawl as soon as Thursday.

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Back-to-back finals MVP, Kevin Durant is arguably playing the best basketball of his career and making a case to be considered as one of the legends of the game.

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The moment Donovan Mitchell threw shade at Ben Simmons with his “Rookie?” sweatshirt was the moment he admitted Simmons had a better season.

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Swansea City co-owner Romie Chaudhari has been awarded a licence for a new NBL team, with the location for the competition’s ninth franchise yet to be determined.

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