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David Gallop is fast approaching his first year anniversary as the FFA CEO. Former NRL supremo Gallop succeeded in the post after it was left vacanted from Ben Buckley, who resigned after negotiating the TV deal for the A-League and the Socceroos.

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Former NRL chief David Gallop has been introduced and he’s started work as the new CEO of Football Federation Australia (FFA), riding-in off the back of the wave of success that A-League has enjoyed this season.

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Departing Football Federation Australia chief executive Ben Buckley will be hoping record A-League attendance and broadcast figures translate into big bucks at the television rights negotiation table.

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It is essential that Football Federation Australia’s next media rights deal, which is in advanced negations, has a meaningful free-to air component.

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If Ben Buckley wants to leave the game in a healthier state than it has been under his guidance, then he would do well to obtain a free-to-air TV element for this season, capitalising on the arrival of Alessandro Del Piero.

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Coinciding with the announcement that former NRL boss David Gallop is to replace outgoing FFA CEO Ben Buckley in two months are reports on of fresh ‘football violence’.

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The recent appointment of David Gallop to the CEO position of Football Federation Australia might have seen his first day on the job go something like this.

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Who was the biggest winner out of a day that delivered the NRL a new billion-dollar media deal and Football Federation Australia (FFA) a new CEO, the NRL or the A-League?

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A new $1.025 billion TV deal for the NRL. David Gallop replacing Ben Buckley as the FFA’s chief executive. It’s fair to say it was a pretty big news day in sport yesterday.

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Football Federation Australia has cut the fat off the A-League schedule, for the betterment of the 2012/13 season draw.

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The FFA have a number big issues they’re dealing with, including the A-League, the next media deal and the upcoming Asian Cup, but promoting the Socceroos vs Japan is a big one they need to focus on.

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We all recognize that the A-League has a cash crisis. The ten clubs collectively lost $25 million last year, with some clubs obviously losing more than others.

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It’s the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship that could never be sunk. HMS Titanic was submerged by an iceberg in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, and hundreds lost their lives.

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Frank Lowy is a clever man under pressure. He and FFA CEO Ben Buckley have attempted to advocate a league that has difficulty communicating its message to club owners who are becoming rapidly disillusioned with the governing body’s aloofness.

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Surely it’s time for some heads to roll at FFA headquarters, after Newcastle Jets management came out on Friday and re-asserted their desire to take no further part in the A-League.

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“The day the west was won? Not today,” read Football Federation Australia CEO Ben Buckley’s statement announcing that Western Sydney will have a new club in the A-League next season. Not today, perhaps, but soon.

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Football Federation Australia boss Ben Buckley hopes indigenous players will ultimately make up at least 10 per cent of domestic and national teams, after unveiling a strategy he admits is overdue.

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Football Federation Australia boss Ben Buckley will announce a new western Sydney A-League team on Wednesday, it has been reported.

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So this is how Football Federation Australia believes the west will be won.

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The Roar exclusive:When the FFA unveiled the findings of the Strategic Review of the Hyundai A-League almost a year ago, there was one, clear mission – put more bums on seats.

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