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They say a week can be a long time in footy.

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Well, it was an extraordinary performance by the Broncos after their first-up loss to the Dragons.

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Do not miss another instalment of the greatest rivalry in modern-day rugby league as the Brisbane Broncos host the North Queensland Cowboys at Suncorp Stadium. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match from 8:05pm (AEDT).

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The Broncos face the Cowboys at home on Friday night and although it is too early in the season to suggest this is a vital match, it is true to say that a second crushing defeat would severely dent the confidence of the Broncos and their fans.

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If you’ve been following this series you’ll already be aware which teams have made my all important top five, but now it’s time to place them in order and list arbitrary reasons for doing so!!

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This is the first year since I began following the Broncos in 1993 that I cannot see them competing for the premiership.

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With a continued number of pre-weekend matches in the NRL, the editors at The Roar have charged me with the responsibility of identifying a few key moments and points of interest from the early games of each round.

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Rightly or wrongly, Matt Lodge the person has become the most controversial figure in rugby league. In fact, it’s difficult to remember an individual creating more of a storm before a ball was even kicked in an NRL season.

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Well, it was a very tentative start to what ended up a relatively high-scoring 34-12 win for the St George Illawarra Dragons as both sides took the option of penalty goals rather than attacking the line in the first quarter.

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So! The first game of our 2018 National Rugby League is run and done, and St George Illawarra Dragons have beaten Brisbane Broncos at famous old Kogarah-Jubilee, the suburban soul town near the Carlton Hotel.

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The St George Illawarra Dragons have kicked off the 2018 season on a winning note, smashing a poor Brisbane Broncos outfit by 22 points at Kogarah.

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Match result: The Dragons have won the season opener, belting the Broncos by 22 points at Kogarah.

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It’s an explosive start to season 2018 when Ben Hunt and the Dragons take on his former side, the Broncos, at Jubilee Oval.

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Matt Lodge says he “can’t be more sorry” for his drunken New York rampage in 2015 and has rejected his victims’ suggestion he is trying to escape justice by returning to the NRL.

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Brisbane skipper Darius Boyd has declared Matt Lodge is a NSW player-in-waiting as the controversial prop prepares to get his life and NRL career back on track.

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The Broncos performed well under Wayne Bennett since his return but failed to get over the past couple of hurdles in the finals.

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Once upon a time. That’s the usual start a fairytale.

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In many ways, the Dragons facing the Broncos has always been a grudge match. But with Ben Hunt playing in the halves for the Dragons, Round 1 of 2018 makes the opening match of this season extra special.

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It’s the game that still gives Broncos fans nightmares. The 2015 grand final.

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When I was younger, I had very strong and stubborn views on what should happen to rugby league players that misbehaved.

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