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No one has done more for West Indian cricket than Clive Lloyd during his stellar career. But while 11 from the Caribbean have been knighted, to this point there has been no such honour for Clive Lloyd.

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How tragic is it to see West Indies cricket languishing in the doldrums.

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Roar reader Margaret Ward wanted to learn about cricketers who score runs right-handed but deliver the ball left-arm, or vice-versa.

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Here we are, on the eve of another spin on the international cricket merry-go-round. This time Australia stops off in the West Indies. But after an entertaining home summer, why should fans care about facing a team that now gets as little credibility as Bangladesh, Zimbabwe or even Ireland?

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I knew a little of cricket before 1968, but not much. On holidays in Australia from our then home in PNG, I saw a little of the 1967/68 series against India, but it didn’t really register with me.

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