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An NFL-style move by a club rugby player in England has created a stir and put the microscope on the laws of rugby.

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Lauina Fa’atau is one of the most versatile props you will see, mixing his size and destructive running power with a Percy Montgomery-esque kicking game off the tee.

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The Regshuis Rugby Team produced an incredible come from behind victory during the final of the University of Pretoria Koshuis League against Sonop in 2015.

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Just as the Wallabies were running out onto Cardiff Arms Park and the until-then invincible All Blacks were preparing to face Ireland in celebratory, baseball-loving Chicago last weekend a group of Wellington Kiwi old rugby players were remembering returning from an amazing grand world rugby tour.

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The ARU has made moves towards club rugby becoming a wholly amateur competition again in order to pave the way for a strong third tier in Australian rugby.

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Take a great old song, make it relevant and give it some spice. In the music industry it`s a tried and true formula for turning out a bankable hit song.

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They say that rugby crowds in Australia lack passion. They say that Sydney crowds in particular lack passion.

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How do we grow the mid-tier of rugby? We have this ARC discussion every couple of years. It’s dead and buried and best left where it lays, unfortunately.

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26 rounds of grueling Top 14 domestic French rugby came to an end over the weekend. It’s only fair we take a look back over this season and see if there has been any growth in crowds over this season.

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A Wellington club rugby player has been banned for life by the provincial union after punching a referee in the face during a match on Saturday.

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I have supported Eastwood Rugby Club ever since I can remember. My maternal grandfather played for them after the war. In fact, he died while watching them play in ABC television’s “match of the day” from his home in Mudgee, NSW.

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I got some of these ideas from reading comments in another post and I just went from there. Sorry if it seems like one big comment, but I just thought it was big enough to have its own post and a new conversation.

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I watched the game live last night at the ground and have just watched the replay. Drew Mitchell does not deserve to wear the gold jersey ever again.

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For anyone whose focus is as much on club rugby as the commercial game, last Saturday’s Sydney club results made alarming and depressing reading.

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For many years now I have watched a strange thing happen at rugby matches. Whenever a ball is kicked out near a line (halfway, 22 etc), the touch judge (assistant referee), invariably sets the lineout right on the line, with the two teams lined up either side.

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The photo on page 14, Sportsday in the Sydney Morning Herald on April 7, titled ” Who’s hue”, says it all about rugby in Australia today.

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The news in The Australian that the club rugby championship between 2009 premiers Sydney Uni and Brothers is off is a frightening sign of the problems facing rugby not just in Queensland, but NSW and Australia.

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If there’s one thing that the Roar’s rugby posters can agree on, it’s that they can’t agree on anything. Whether it’s the third tier, club versus province, the plight of the game, grass roots, ELVs, coaching, cash, JON, Robbie Deans or the tightness of modern rugby jerseys, all are fair game.

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The ARU needs to rethink the strength of our current third tier. At the moment, after the Super season, non-Test Super players are returning to the club ranks, mainly in Sydney, but also Queensland, ACT, West Australia, and (hopefully) soon to be Victoria, as well.

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Sydney University won their fifth consecutive Shute Shield premiership 24 – 19 by playing its traditional hard graft forward game and direct running in the backs, guided around the field brilliantly (until the last 15 minutes) by a cool, clever Daniel Halangahu.

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